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Steps to Success with Team National

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1 Steps to Success with Team National
Check off List Steps to Success with Team National

2 Steps to Success with Team National
1. Make a list-get to 500 people 2. Get 3-way calling on your phone 3.Order your website Get on autoship-$40 per month. Be a product of the product 4. Own 2 business system kits, one for you, one for sale 5.Have a tool inventory. This is a business, a business needs inventory

3 6.Sign up for John Maxwells’ Road to Personal Growth
7. Understand the difference between reasons and excuses 8. Read 3-4 books at a time. Have one by the bed, one at work, one in the car 9. Decide to master the Team National 4 step system 10. Have faith and ask for help 11. Think Different 12. Have vitamin A (Attitude) and vitamin E (Excitement) 13.Be teachable 14. Desire change 15. Be willing to work 16. Attend ALL events within a 4 hour area

4 17.TRUST YOUR LEADERS 18.Have WRITTEN goals, both personal and team 19.High priority. Put Team National as one of the top 6 or 7 priorities in your life 20.Have a dream board. Written and seen goals come true 21.QUIT LISTENING TO IGNORANT PEOPLE 22.Meet Dick Loehr 23.Have posture-get the confidence that you need 24.Be relate-able. Not a freak 25.Edify and promote each other and the company

5 26. Have a date book or calendar
27.Focus-do not be easily distracted 28. Look forward and provide vision for your team 29.Order business cards 30.Get to the NATIONAL events. Three a year. 31.Be a great servant 32.Be honest and ethical 33.Get a great speaker phone 34.Program 800 numbers into your cell phone 35.Get to know your upline Team 36. Familiarize yourself with the VOD’s 37. Attend all overviews in your area. You need them and they need you. 38. Write your testimony down and start giving it 39. Get on the conference calls 40. Get a separate checking account for your business 41. Keep great tax records. You own a business

6 Does it make sense to focus on Team National for 2-5 years and be set the rest of your life or to work 30 years and retire broke???

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