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Alternative Therapy Clinic Re-claim Your Health Now!

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1 Alternative Therapy Clinic Re-claim Your Health Now!
A Holistic and Natural Healing Approach for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

2 No Side effects Fast Relief Drugless Therapy Natural
Introduction: Our MISSION at Alternative Therapy Clinic is two fold. On the first front is Preventive Healthcare which is specially focused on developing lifestyle to prevent chronic or lifestyle diseases and on the second front is alleviating or ease the pain and other chronic ailments and train you to manage it , so, you can return to a normal, productive life-style free from disease.

3 Electro-Acupuncture, Acupressure

4 Sujok Therapy, Moxabustion

5 Yoga Pranayam

6 Reiki Healing

7 Meditation Theta Healing Chakra Healing

8 Hypnosis

9 Magnetotherapy

10 Bach Flower Aromatherapy

11 Food Therapy Hydro Therapy

12 Sun Therapy Chromotherapy

13 Biochemics

14 Pyramid Therapy Crystal Therapy Rudraksh Therapy Stone Therapy

15 Music Therapy

16 are some of the non-drug therapies which are making their presence felt in the alternative medicine scene. These therapies are becoming the treatment choice of everyone because of ease of practice and unbelievable results. These non-drug therapies are economical with no side effects and gives immediate relief. Alternative Therapies can give you a sound mind and healthy body, as it improves blood circulation, unblocks nerve impulses and relieves stress and tension. Patients of all ages can benefit by it. It does not take much time and has no side effects. At our clinic, we have adopted holistic approach to alternative methods of treatment which are safe and are really beneficial for everyone. ATC

17 Diseases Covered: Almost all the ailments are covered and our Alternative Therapy system has given excellent results in many chronic conditions like All Types of PAINS, Joint pains, Arthritis, Sciatica, Cervical spondylosis, Slip disc, Frozen shoulder, Hand and Legs joint problems, Skin diseases, Allergies, Sinusitis, Female diseases, High Blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Asthma, Headaches, Vericose vein, Anxiety, Stress, Behavioral problems, addictions, Obesity, Parkinson, Prostrate enlargement, Hair loss, Progressive muscular distrophy, Head, neck and spine problems, Backache, Snoring, Speech problems, Tennis elbow, Jaundice, Constipation, Piles, Pimples, Insomnia and other psychosomatic and physical problems. ATC

18 Personal Consultation Clinic
Personal consultation can be taken by visiting any of the clinic or through phone or e mail. In case of you have to send your reports and problem details. Personal clinic consultation services can be availed through prior appointment only.

19 School Health Clinic The vision of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to see India as a developed nation by 2020 is great but we are ignoring a major and perhaps the most crucial aspect of life and it's “HEALTH.”. Economic growth, excellent education facilities are good indicators but we are deteriorating in the quality of healthcare. The major reason for this is that our health policies & infrastructure is based on disease management approach and not based on preventive healthcare. Our education quality is growing but the biggest worry is our health quality and especially health issues of our young children. Even children are facing those health problems which were considered till recently, the problem related to aging e.g. obesity, lack of immunity, stress, anxiety, aggressive behavior and other psychosomatic disorders, eye problems, general weakness, diabetes, orthopedic problems, body posture problems including cervical spondylosis, backache, headache, slip disc problems, joint problems, kidney problems etc. This was the bad side of healthcare scenario but the good side is that the problems can be prevented and cured with the help of easy to apply natural therapies (the procedure approved by WHO) and that too without any side effect. We at Alternative Therapy Clinic are using natural therapies with the sole aim of achieving optimum health. Our experts have designed a special healthcare program with the name “Health in your hands” for your students. The content of this program is as follows: . 1. Creating positive attitude for successful career and growth. 2. Science of breathing for complete health. 3. Meditation for stress, anxiety, memory weakness, restlessness, irritability, aggressive behavior & addiction. 4. Art of concentration for improving concentration & will power. 5. Yoga for physical fitness. . 6. Acupressure Therapy for your endocrine system & immunity. 7. Lifestyle for healthy future. All your students will get personalized consultation with prescription for them and they can discuss their health issues on individual basis under our PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE PROGRAMME.

20 Corporate Health Clinic
Alternative Therapy Clinic have developed healthcare solutions for the corporate sector keeping in mind their healthcare needs. Our therapies are 100% natural/safe with no side effects and are a simple and effective way to preventive healthcare and disease management approach. We use following therapies in our treatment plan : Yoga & Pranayam, Meditation & Healing therapies, Hypnosis ,Reiki, Sujok therapy, moxabustion, Acupressure & Needleless acupuncture, Magnetotherapy, Aromatherapy, Colour therapy, water therapy & sun therapy, Physical exercises, Twelve salt therapy, Crystal & Pyramid therapy. The biggest health issue faced by today's corporate world is STRESS/TENSION/Sedentary life style and wrong food habits which give rise to further problems, psychosomatic disorders like frustration, depression, addiction, aggressive behavior, suicidal tendencies, anger, nervous breakdown etc and physical problems like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, thyroid, heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, joint problems including cervical, backache, slip disc etc., kidney problems, various types of cancers. This is of course bad news but the good news is that all these diseases are preventable and manageable through the use of alternative therapies (Therapy based on ancient wisdom for health and longevity) . Health of your executives directly affect productivity, efficiency & economics of organization. We, as natural healthcare consultants can provide healthcare solutions to your executives customized to the needs of individual issues. Alternative therapies are approved by WHO, the highest body on health &if given an opportunity, Alternative Therapy Clinic can help your executives in maintaining a good health status which can improve the economic health of organization through improved productivity.

21 MEET THE TEAM Dr. Manika Kaushik : Chief Consultant
Dr. Manika Kaushik is M.D. in Alternative Medicine and is a qualified Reiki Master, Sujok and Acupressure therapist. She is a trainer, a writer, a researcher and alternative therapy practitioner. She has assisted thousands of patients in managing their health issues including psychological, mental & physical deformities. Her main research and practice topic is brain & spine problems including Cervical, backache, slip disc , varicose veins, sciatica, head aches and diseases related to women & children. She is providing personal consultation, training & treatment with the help of more than 30 types of alternative therapies.

22 Dr. Neeraj Kaushik: Founder and Senior consultant
Dr. Neeraj Kaushik is M.D. in Alternative Medicine and is qualified in Reiki, Sujok and Acupressure therapy, Sukshma Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing,Chakra Healing, Magneto therapy, Hpnotherapy, hydrotherapy, crystal therapy, Rudraksh therapy, stone therapy and other more than 30 Alternative therapies. He has worked under the leadership of Dr. K. K. Aggarwal in Heart Care Foundation, Healthy Hospitals, Cardiac Lab- Moolchand Hospital, “Body, Mind & Medicine” project in Apollo Hospital. He is organizing Alternative Therapy Clinic at Corporate Level, school level, government level through consultation, lectures, practice sessions. He got an opportunity to learn Yogic Kriyas from Yogiraj Lal ji Maharaj. He has also assisted thousands of patients in managing their health issues including psychological, mental & physical deformities. His main research and practice topic is brain & spine problems including Cervical, backache, slip disc , varicose veins, sciatica, head aches and diseases related to sedentary life style like chronic pain management, Blood Pressure, Heart, diabetes, obesity, thyroid, paralysis, stroke, cancer etc.

23 Dr. R. K. Bhardwaj- Sr. Consultant A world known expert in Sujok Therapy, Dr. Bhardwaj learnt sujok – the korean acupressure from the founder of Sujok Therapy-Dr. Park, Jae Woo himself & is a specialist in Chronic Pain Management. Dr. Indra, Dr L. N. Vashisht, Dr S V Sharma -Sr. Consultants- Homeopathy Practising for the last three decades, experts in chronic disorders. Dr. Namrata- Consultant Physiotherapist A post graduate in Physiotherapy Dr. Namrata is a specialist of Neurogical Rehabilitation.

24 Annual Membership Benefits: - Daily distance reiki healing.
- Daily distance Chromo (colour) healing. - 20% discount on treatment. - Free quarterly newsletter. -Free personal health advice through . -Membership covers your family. Family includes you, your spouse, your children and your parents.

25 Alternative Therapy Clinic
Consultation Alternative therapies Rs. 1,000 USD 100 (online) Treatment INR USD One week treatment at clinic: 5000/- USD 900 One week treatment at home visit: (South/West/New Delhi/ Gurgaon) 21,000/- - 21 days distance healing : (Reiki/Chromo) 7,500/- USD 200 Annual membership 11,000/- USD 500 Membership benefits : Distance Reiki Healing for one year. Distance Chromo Healing for one year. 20% discount on all treatments. Free consultation through . Quarterly e-newsletter free. Free Alternative Therapy Clinic kit for self help.

26 Training Acupressure Rs. 5000/- 3 days Magnetotherapy
Sujok/ other alternative therapy Rs. 5000/- each 3 days Reiki Healing (Usui) First Level Rs. 5000/-(1 day) Second Level Rs. 7,500/-(1 day) Third level (a) Rs. 11,000/-(1 day) Third level (b) Total Rs. 34,500/- If pay in advance all Reiki Levels Rs. 25,000/-

27 Vastu & Numerology Solutions
Visit Our Office Online India(INR) Online (outside India) Vastu Rs. 10,000-50,000 Rs. 5,000 USD 500 Numerology Rs. 3,000

28 West Delhi: 9990964947 South Delhi:8750003113
Banking Details: Alternative Therapy Clinic IndusInd Bank, B-23, B-1 Community Centre, New Delhi (India) C/A 0044-AW IFSC Code : INDB West Delhi: South Delhi: Gurgaon/Dwarka: Web:

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