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W ELCOME to Dupont Circle Chiropractic Dr. Robert Feier Palmer Graduate Home of

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1 W ELCOME to Dupont Circle Chiropractic Dr. Robert Feier Palmer Graduate Home of

2 2 Chiropractic Chiropractic is a natural system designed to optimize your health.

3 Keeping your spine Keeping your spine in proper alignment will enhance your bodys ability to heal, repair and maintain your health at its highest level.

4 Your brain sends signals down the spinal cord and nerves to all parts of your body.

5 Digestion Breathing Sleeping Hormones Headaches Skin Vision Hearing Tension Focus Clarity Balance Mood Depression Allergies Thyroid Circulation Immune system spine is out of alignment, nervous system When your spine is out of alignment, it causes tension on your nervous system.

6 Stiffness Pain Swelling Tenderness Posture Movement Arthritis Walking Standing Sitting spine is out of balance, joints When your spine is out of balance, it causes stress on your joints.

7 Normal Subluxation

8 Our exam will focus on your spine and nervous system as we try to find out what is causing your problem.

9 9 We will check your nervous system for proper function proper function … proper structure. …and your spine for proper structure.

10 10 Based on your findings Based on your findings the doctor will recommend a simple plan to help you achieve your health care goals.

11 11 The spine should be maintained from birth for optimum health potential. If the spine is not maintained it will develop a problem. Problems develop silently without symptoms. Over time, damaged tissue accumulates and you will develop symptoms and possibly permanent damage. Maintaining your health…

12 12 Handle the crisis. Maintain your spine in proper alignment. One or two visits a month works well for most people. Correct the underlying spinal problem. A practical approach…

13 13 Remember - Remember - an optimal spine allows a normal flow of life energy over the nerve system, resulting in the highest level of health possible.

14 14 The Key to Optimum Health: Spinal Maintenance

15 Office Policy Doctor

16 The Adjusting Room This is a small, but busy office. As with many chiropractic offices, we have an open adjusting area. This enables us to communicate the chiropractic paradigm quicker and easier. Chiropractic is not a medical procedure done in secrecy behind closed doors. It is a lifestyle. We will not talk about your personal health problems in the adjusting room. We only talk about your spine, posture and performance.

17 Please turn off your cell phone.

18 Sign in and get your Travel Card. Travel Card

19 Place your Travel Card on the center of the desk. Travel Card Adjusting Room

20 Prepare yourself. Remove earrings, necklaces, sweaters, jackets, hats, ties, cell phones, capes, masks, crowns, etc.

21 Put your personal belongings in the trays on the side of the desk. Adjusting Room

22 Stretch on the wobble chair.

23 Perform any additional exercises or stretches before you get adjusted.

24 When ready to get adjusted, have a seat on the chair, the adjusting table, or the waiting bench.

25 Get checked and adjusted.

26 Perform traction after you get adjusted.

27 Return travel card to the front desk. Travel Card

28 Schedule at the front desk or online at Doctor

29 If you miss your visit, we will call to reschedule. Or… you can call us or schedule online.

30 Message from the Doctor Study and learn chiropractic. It is the largest natural health care system in the world. Keeping your spine strong and aligned is the single best method to keep your health and resistance at its highest level throughout your lifetime. Medicine makes no such claim. Chiropractic does. Robert Feier, D.C. Palmer Graduate

31 A Note about Insurance… Doctor Some insurance companies will mail you a form and ask if your chiropractic problem was caused by an injury… ANY injury. CAUTION: If you reply YES, they will deny coverage.

32 Doctor

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