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1 Hay

2 The verb form "hay" has two meanings:
there is there are

3 Por ejemplo: Hay un libro en la clase. There is a book in the class.
Hay unas plumas en la mesa. There are some pens on the table.

4 When used in questions, "hay" has two different meanings:
Is there? Are there?

5 ¿Hay un lápiz en la mochila?
Is there a pencil in the backpack? ¿Hay plumas en la clase? Are there pens in the class?

6 Practice on your own: 1. There is a sheet of paper.
Hay una hoja de papel. 2. There is a folder and a pen. Hay una carpeta y una pluma. 3. There are scissors in the office. Hay tijeras en la oficina. 4. Is there a pencil in the class? ¿Hay un lápiz en la clase? 5. Is there a calculator in the backpack? ¿Hay una calculadora en la mochila?

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