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Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher

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1 Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher
4/1/2017 BTEC IT Unit 43 - Lesson 03 Business Objectives Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher

2 Objectives Know different common business objectives,
4/1/2017 Objectives Know different common business objectives, Be able to describe how interactive multimedia products will help businesses meet their objectives.

3 Business Objectives A business objective is a clearly defined target,
4/1/2017 Business Objectives A business objective is a clearly defined target, Plans can then be made to achieve these targets and an interactive multimedia product could help, The “mode” of the business will determine what business objectives are.

4 Common Business Objectives
4/1/2017 Common Business Objectives

5 Objectives Brainstormed 2013
The typical business objectives will be:- To increase market share To make as much profit (sell as much) as can Improve customer service / reduce customer complaints / staff training Increase customer base Keep up with competitors Expand – market share / locations Expand product range Minimise expenses Increase advertising Be environmentally friendly / ethical Employee satisfaction Increase brand awareness

6 Objectives Brainstormed 2012
The typical business objectives will be:- To increase profit and sales To increase awareness To satisfy the customers Increase product portfolio Give the best customer service possible- Attend customers faster To expand the business Target a larger market Reduce complaints as much as possible Increase the shareholders of the business Build a better reputation of the business Minimize expenses Change management – keeping update Sustainability/survival – making sure your business is still here at a later date Improve staff training

7 Key Business Objectives
4/1/2017 Key Business Objectives Increased Profitability - Making a profit is the main objective for most businesses Increased Sales – selling more goods or services Customer Service – Businesses should aim to have good customer services because it is important to keep customers happy. Staff training – Businesses must keep all their staff adequately trained for the job they are doing. Customer base – A business aims to increase the amount of customers it has in order to increase profit. Public profile / Reputation – Businesses need to have a high public profile to get new customers. Sustainability – Economic survival is very important to businesses and they must plan ahead to ensure this. Minimise Business Expense – cutting down and wastage to reduce costs Increase Product Awareness – giving people knowledge of your products

8 4/1/2017 8 e.g. Expanding Markets -
Could use an interactive DVD and send it to foreign clients who don’t speak English. Not only will the IMMP have features including video and animation to encourage them to purchase products (see increased sales) it will also have the facility to translate the product into the nations language by clicking on their flag. Product benefits will then be fully understood by the potential clients and lead to a wider customer base. It would be potentially harder without an IMMP because we would have to visit the potential clients one at a time (increased cost) and use the services of a translator – however this method would guarantee they speak to us and don’t throw the DVD in a bin which is a potential problem. All in all it could be an effective method for gaining new international clients. 8

9 Group Work Summary Increased Profits / Sales 4/1/2017
Self service Kiosks CD/DVDs/BluRay Increase product awareness Billboards – transitions Quick kiosks Interactive bus shelter App Satisfy customers, reduce complaints, improve reputation Kiosks - help locate products Self service EPOS – no queues Kiosks / Apps – to model what products will look like e.g. sofas / glasses Staff training Optical disk – sales info, customer service tips, how to use, quiz at end to show learning Expanding business Online ordering – is this an IMMP perhaps app Order from billboards Minimising business expenses Interactive POS, Self checkout Flash apps – booking tickets

10 4/1/2017 P1 Requirements P1 requires you to write a report which explains how interactive multimedia products can help businesses meet their objectives, Start off by choosing 6-8 different objectives and explain under each how IMMPs can help businesses achieve each (use the notes made in your groups to help), REMEMBER you are explaining, so you need to include: Examples of other companies use the IMMPs to meet the objectives, The features which are particularly of use / benefit Comments when looking at other existing solutions stating if they are suitable for purpose and audience, The benefits using an IMMP brings compared to other methods.

11 P1 - explain how multimedia is used to meet business objectives
4/1/2017 P1 - explain how multimedia is used to meet business objectives For P1, learners must explain how multimedia is used to meet business requirements. This could be evidenced by a presentation with the explanations of the media backed up with examples of different uses in business contexts. Reference should be made to how the media meet the business objectives and are fit for purpose in terms of meeting the needs of the intended audience. A good range of different audience types should be included.

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