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Expose Training How to Make Killer Enablis.

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1 Expose Training How to Make Killer Presentations! @ Enablis

2 About 5 Pebbles About 5 Pebbles Vision We build profitable connections for entrepreneurs across Africa Mission To provide solutions that will continuously achieve sustainable results for our clients.

3 About 5 Pebbles 5 Pebbles Advisory brings together professionals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds who are committed to working with SMEs and other business to achieve sustainable and profitable returns. 5 Pebbles Advisory adopts a practical approach that allows our clients and teams to participate in creating solutions. We bring to the table our experience gained over the years in the business world. Our focus areas include Business planning and building, Market development, Strategic planning and implementation, Innovation performance and sustainability and Training.

4 Topics to be covered:  Preparation time  Attention span  Mechanics  Text tips  Marketing elements  Call to action


6 Preparation time Product : Know your product Benefits : outline the benefits of product according to customer needs Target Market: structure your presentation according to level of people attending. CEO, CFO, staff, Members of public Know your audience Use language customer understands..avoid technical jargon, TLAs

7 Attention Span The average person has the attention span of 7 minutes Have a clear title Keep slides short and uncluttered Avoid technical mumble jumble People will drift off if they cannot understand what you are saying Less is better..use key words

8 Mechanics? Use a good tool for your presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Use humuor, anecdotes, tell stories Do a dry run with a neutral audience Do not rush through…give your audience time to process

9 Text tips Use Legible text Use friendly colours. Avoid useless graphics….graphs, pie charts Spell check Minimal number of slides Use bullet points or short sentences Keep slide background subtle and consistent Use high contrast between background colour and text colour

10 Marketing elements...... Product Variety, Quality, Design, Features, Brand Name, packaging, size Price List price, discounts, allowances, Payment period, credit terms Price represents the amount a customer is able and willing to pay for a product or service

11 Elements.......... Promotion Sales Promotion, advertising, sales force, PR, Direct Marketing Promotion is about the communication that is done around and about the product Place Channels, coverage, locations, inventory, Transport Place refers to where the product can be found.

12 ..........elements..........elements Processes Refers to the procedures and policies in place to ensure delivery on the brand promise People Ensure that the people are well trained, equipped with the right and correct tools to deliver on the brand promise Customer service is critical in delivery to the consumer

13 ..........elements Productivity Is about the cost of production and whether the customer is getting a good deal If the cost of production is too high then consumers may opt for better competitor offerings

14 Call to Action Prepare your media pages …website, Facebook, twitter Ask those present to visit your website, like you on Facebook and follow you on twitter Ensure your content matches Make your offers known. 10% off to anyone who comes on board/ buys NOW!

15 Best Skills Best Skills Practice,Practice,Practice! Preparation Passion Be interested in what your are saying!

16 T hank You!

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