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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? By Jess Knight Question 3.

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1 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? By Jess Knight Question 3

2 Bauer Media Bauer Media is Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group. The group is a world wide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Their business is built on influential media brands with millions of personal relationships to engage readers and listeners.

3 Why would Bauer Media be suitable to distribute my magazine? Bauer Media would be suitable to distribute my magazine as they have a vast experience in magazine selling and they have sold rock magazines before, I feel that Bauer Media would be able to give my magazine a good initial reputation and the target market can then judge whether this particular magazine would be something they would be interested in, with out being put off by the publisher. Also, another reason I feel they would be suitable is that they like to connect to their readers and have them get interacting, and that is an element of my magazine that has a big impact on the overall theme as my USP is hot or not tattoos where the readers can send in their own opinions and photos. The way that Bauer Media like to be connected to their readers, shows me that they have a strong reader relationship which could be beneficial to the selling of my magazine as they can make sure the readers are getting what they are looking for.

4 Other magazines produced by Bauer Media Kerrang! Magazine is just one of the many magazines published by Bauer Media. Like my magazine, Kerrang! Is also of the rock genre so Bauer would be able to advertise my magazine as effectively as Kerrang!. Having published this genre previously, my magazine would not be out of place and would fit into Bauer Media’s portfolio.

5 Other magazines produced by Bauer Media Q Magazine is another example of a music magazine published by Bauer Media. Like my magazine, Q also has elements of the rock genre and also features new artists which my magazine has done. This also supports how my magazine would fit into Bauer Media’s portfolio of trusted, quality magazines.

6 My audience demographics My audience age range is from 16-20. I targeted this range as they will have the most disposable income to be able to spend on my magazine. I also targeted this age range as their disposable income will not be going toward the essential things in life such as mortgages and food bills, which means they are able to afford to purchase my rock magazine without having to substitute the important factors. My targeted audience social grade is C2DE working class, however I will mainly focus on the DE area of this market as this is where the ages of 16-20 will be statistically based. As this specific market is of working class, most of my targeted age range would have part time jobs which also adds to the amount of disposable income in which they could contribute towards buying my magazine.

7 How publishing companies make profits beyond selling copies of magazines To make sure their products are kept in the market, publishing companies will use the new technologies such as web 2.0 to ensure their magazines are kept up to date and with the times. They will use the different media’s within web 2.0 to keep readers active and it also helps to keep them informed of the latest magazine news. One example of a form of media they would use is Facebook. They can create a page specifically for their magazine and readers can follow the page and find out when the next issue is out, what content the next issue will cover ect. This will reduce costs of advertisement as the creation of the page is free and readers can follow it for continuous updates. This will increase the profits as less cost will go toward advertising and it is also a faster way of delivering the information. Another way of using these media forms to increase profits is by creating apps that readers will be able to purchase and get the magazine in their hands without even having to go and buy it from a store. This will increase profits as the money they make from the app purchases will be a profit increase, also the fact that readers don’t even have to leave their homes, may attract more readers as now any one will be able to obtain the magazine, whether it be because they don’t have a local store to collect it from or for personal self conscious reasons.

8 How my magazine will use technology to ensure it is profitable My magazine will use technology to ensure its readers are kept well informed of what my magazine contains. It will also take advantage of the way certain websites such as YouTube enable the magazine to show clips of songs discussed in the magazine which will allow the readers to have their own views on the reviewed songs and also listen to ours. My magazine will also rely on social medias to present most of the advertisement which will reduce costs from the magazine’s production and it will increase profits which could be later used to better the magazine in anyway readers may suggest. Another way my magazine can increase its profitability is by self advertisement. If the magazine is purchased, it will contain information on how to access our websites and social media pages, without paying to advertise these separately.

9 Why technological changes have resulted in a drop in sales of physical copies Technological changes have resulted in a drop of physical copies as the recent evolution of smart phones and computers have given the readers of these magazines the opportunity to purchase the issues virtually, instead of picking up a physical copy from a local shop. This means that less physical copies are being sold from the shops as people are buying them online or via an app which provides the magazine in a more practical, pocket sized form as it can be stored on your phone which you carry everywhere anyway so it will always be there for you to read.

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