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County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency Prepared by Jackie Werth Special Projects Coordinator Office of Business Intelligence, HHSA.

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1 County of San Diego, Health & Human Services Agency Prepared by Jackie Werth Special Projects Coordinator Office of Business Intelligence, HHSA

2 HHSA is large agency combining health, behavioral health and social services, serving a diverse community Bold, 10-year strategy, Live Well, San Diego! Critical to success is addressing fundamentalsstrong work systems and processes to meet customer needs 2

3 Vision: Healthy, Safe, Thriving Communities Action Framework Build a Better System Support Positive Choices Pursue Policy & Environmental Changes Improve the Culture Within Advance Operational Excellence 3 An Agenda for the Future

4 4 Motivation, Rewards & Recognition Motivation, Rewards & Recognition Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Operational Planning Operational Planning Monitoring & Control Monitoring & Control Functional Threading Functional Threading General Management System Are we sharing goals & encouraging success? Where are we going? How do we plan to get where were going? Are we on track? Are we working together?

5 5 Malcolm Baldrige criteria for performance excellence

6 Approach is effective, systematic, fully responsive to multiple item requirements Deployment of approach is complete, without significant weaknesses or gaps in any areas or work units Learning through innovation, ongoing improvement efforts, analysis and sharing Integration of approach to address current and future organizational needs, and across all process items 6 Malcolm Baldrige criteria for performance excellence

7 Lean is about reducing waste in processes so that you get the right result in as few steps as possible Six Sigma is about reducing variation so that you consistently produce a high quality product, service or outcome Both sets of tools can make a difference! 7

8 D efine Using the voice of customer, the Big Y is defined M easure Process mapping and control charts are key here A nalyze Hypothesis testing and pareto charts help you get to root cause I mprove Evaluating, selecting and testing solutions is next C ontrol This is how you ensure improvements take and you get the results you are after 8

9 We dont always think of what we do as a collection of processes We tend to want to go fix a problem before taking the time to determine the root cause There is always the fear of what L6S will find or reveal We often lack the data, analytic capacity, time and discipline to undertake this type of analysis, much less do it routinely We fail to effectively communicate project findings and follow-through by testing and implementing improvements 9

10 10

11 All 5,000 staff introduced to L6S basics: Interactive with comic book theme DMAIC explained Illustrated by current Green Belt Projects Resource sheet Features Agency Director who solicits improvement ideas 11

12 All 300 managers get additional training to encourage use of L6S and help getting solutions implemented: Lots of team exercises using the tools Guest Green Belt highlights project Affinity exercise on change management priorities: What gets in the way of process improvement at HHSA? 12

13 Green BeltBlack Belt Apply with Executive approval 5 months, 5 full days of class5 months, 13 full days of class Pass assessment Conduct project (process within own department) using DMAIC Conduct major project (major process, multi-departmental) using DMAIC Deliver final presentation to Project Sponsors Deliver final presentation to Executives Project deck reviewed and approved by Master and Agency Black Belts 13

14 ACSAIS/EastBHSCentralCWS 3 Green5 Green 3 Green5 Green Exec OfficeFirst 5FSSDHRN. Central 3 Green 1 Black 1 Green5 Green1 Green 1 Yellow 2 Green N. InlandPAPGPHSSouthSPOS 3 Green1 Green 1 Yellow 7 Green2 Green7 Green 1 Black As of May 2012; 1 Black Belt class and 1 Green Belt class in progress.

15 15 Public health Child welfare Behavioral health EligibilityAging services Admin services Improve public health lab reporting accuracy Reduce time it takes to connect CWS clients with service providers Increase primary care referrals to substance abuse treatment Reduce wait times in family resource center lobbies Increase accuracy of the intake process for In-Home Supportive Services Reduce time it takes to process a travel claim

16 ROI Benefits just beginning to be realized Mostly timeliness, accuracy and service quality improvements Anticipated ROI of $1.8 million for FY projects; modest monetary benefits reported so far Costs kept to a minimum: Master Black Belt trainer consultant for all training Conduct training on site at HHSAs The Knowledge Center Use own Black & Green Belts staff to mentor, train in future 16

17 New pool of Green Belt staff to task to solve sensitive and complex problems New Black & Green Belt expertise to tap to look at systems and operations with a whole new perspective Address major risks/problems as emerge Start building L6S into into operations 17

18 18

19 Union concerns Solutions are often not fully implemented ROI takes time to show; more service quality benefits than financial benefits No mechanism in place now to ensure Black and Green Belts are being maximized, or put to best use to advance the vision 19

20 20

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