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Index Letters to the Head-teacher 1 212 English courses Scientific article: Natural Science Museum of TurinNatural Science Museum of Turin Sport Choir.

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2 Index Letters to the Head-teacher 1 212 English courses Scientific article: Natural Science Museum of TurinNatural Science Museum of Turin Sport Choir School Canteen Games Horoscope

3 Can you spend some minute of your very precious time for us?

4 We are Vittorio D. and Anthony M., two students from the 3° E class and we have a request:

5 Six lessons hours are too long and heavy!! So our attention falls during the last two hours… Tired and sleepy, we listen very little, so… If it is possible, could you make the second break five minutes longer? Thank you for attention, Best wishes Anthony M. and Vittorio D.

6 Dear Madam, We are the students of the class 3E and we write to you because we would like to tell you some our considerations on the break We think than the break must be of 15 or 20 minutes and not of only 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, we have only the time to go to the toilet and to eat our snack but we also need to talk to our friends and to relax. In such a short time, we cant do it and on the next lesson we are still tired. Especially if we have just done a test or we are going to do a test or an oral test. To do it we need more concentration to give the best and to have beautiful marks. For this reason we ask you kindly to lengthen the break to 15 or 20 minutes to collect our energies and to prepare us for the following lessons. With the hope that you can satisfy our request, we wish you a year with a lot of beautiful things. All the best, For the class 3E Ilaria and Giulia

7 The lion The lion The lion The lion The hare The hare The hare The hare The whale The whale The whale The whale The rhinoceros The rhinoceros The rhinoceros The rhinoceros The elephant The elephant The elephant The elephant The hawk The hawk The hawk The hawk

8 The lion is a carnivorous. It eats big mammalians but also hares and birds. His habitat is the savannah. The life of the lion during about 16 years. The hare is an herbivorous. It eats clover, grass, cabbages and turnips. It lives in hills, woodlands and in plains. The hare lives about 10/15 years.

9 The whale is a cetacean. It eats plankton. It weights 200 ton. It lives in oceans. It sleeps about 8 hour per day. The rhinoceros is a big herbivorous. It eats branch of the trees. His habitat is the savannah. It weights 2 ton.

10 The elephant is an herbivorous. It eats foliage of the trees. It lives in the savannah. The elephant is the biggest terrestrial animals in the world. The hawk is a rapacious. It eats rodent, insect, lizard and birds. The hawk builds nests on trees and rocks. Eleonora, Francesca, Barbara

11 for students from 12 to 14 Attendance to classes: 1st period: Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm 2nd period: Wednesday at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm The course will be held: from 24 September 2008 to 03 June 2009 once a week. It costs 120,00 Euro Teachers: Language Assistant coming from Great Britain and selected by the Ministry Attend in great numbers… …and English wont have secrets any more for you!!! Arianna

12 SPORT In the hours of the P.E. students play basketball, volleyball and crazy-ball. These sports are very funny but I want to play football. The teacher Mr. Ferrero is very good but he doesnt like playing football. Dante Alighieri School organize games called OLIDANTIADI… Last year my class went to PARCO RUFFINI! During the competition there are many students. Riccardo S.- Alessandro B.

13 This activity is on Wednesday from 14.15 to 15.45 At school

14 The school canteen Dante Alighieri Torino Do you like canteen food? The menu at Dante Alighieri is wide: spaghetti ham vegetables fruit dessert. On Tuesday and on Thursday there are many students eating at the School canteen. The canteen has three rooms and a big corridor where there is food

15 Behaviour at the canteen The canteen regulation isnt very difficult: you cant run in the corridor you cant speak loudly you can ask for more food only after you have finished what you have on your tray you have to eat at the table Should be Can be Matteo V.- Davide D.- Gabriele T.

16 Every Thursday afternoon the students of the class 3E go to gym for the lesson of PE. with the teacher Mr Ferrero Mauro. After wearing sport clothes we make some exercises and sometimes we play volleyball. The teacher divides us into three teams and there are three captains. So we begin a tournament, each game lasts ten minutes. Each of the three teams have to play against the others, the final victory to the team that has won all the games. Volleyball is a team sport, the single person doesnt win but it is the team that wins: everybody is useful but nobody is essential. Stefano R - Alessandro S.

17 by Chiara e Giulia

18 Friends: you have a good rapport with your best friend. You can trust in him/her. Love: You will meet a new and amazing person. Money: Dont forget money! Maybe you will need it.

19 Friends: It is the moment for a new experience with your friends... Love: In this period you arent lucky in love but after Easters holiday a person will arrive… Money: You can spend your money for a present to a special person.

20 Friends: Pay attention to false friends because in a difficult moment a true friend will help you but a false friend wont do it. Love: It isnt a good moment for love: be concentrated on your friends. Money: Buy only things you need.

21 Friends: the situation is steady with your friends. Love: It is time to decide what you really want. Money: You can spend a little part of your money for an afternoon with friends.

22 Friends: You only meet with your usual friends, try to meet new people. Love: Go, go, go! It is the moment to meet the girl/the boy for you. Money: Attention because you shouldnt spend too much.

23 Friends: Lately you are very committed, why dont you stop for a day? Love: You will realize that a person consider you not only a friend… Money: Save money because a thing what you want is very expensive…

24 Love : This week you will meet an interesting person. Health: Take care of draughts. Money: You spend to much money! Pay attention for your future life.

25 Love: A person that you thought only as a friend will show to be something more. Health: You are really fit. Money: Be careful with bad business.

26 Love: The relationship with your partner is difficult. Health: You must do some medical check. Money: You will win some money.

27 Love: He loves you. Dont be jealous. Health: You shouldnt undervalue a bad cold. Money: Time of sales. But dont exaggerate.

28 Love: You must decide, you cant stay in two shoes. Health: A troublesome pain will torment you during the week. Money: An advice! Dont lend money.

29 Love: You must decide to say him yes. Health: You are eating too much. What about some exercise? Money: Remember! You shouldnt spend all.

30 Note per far funzionare lipertesto: A questo giornalino hanno partecipato gli allievi della 3 E con articoli differenti. Ogni pagina presenta licona che permette di tornare all indice Basta fare click su qualsiasi parte della diapositiva per andare avanti. La pagina indice permette di spostarsi direttamente sulla pagina che si desidera vedere usando le parole calde (alcune prevedono la connessione ad Internet). Possono essere utili alla navigazione anche alcune immagini, riconoscibili come icone per spostarsi da una pagina allaltra. Licona segnala che ci sono più pagine sullargomento. BUON DIVERTIMENTO!

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