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2013 CHSAA All-School Summit Thursday, August 1, 2013.

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1 2013 CHSAA All-School Summit Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 NFHS Summer Meeting: Denver Denver School of the Arts Comedy Presentation (VIDEO )

3 Opening Session – CHSAA Board of Directors President Curt Wilson

4 CLOC & What It Means for Your School Paul Angelico

5 6-Classification Proposal Bud Ozzello (Classification Committee Liaison) Mark Kanagy (Classification Committee Chair)

6 Classification Overview Commissioner Angelico challenged our committee to: Define measurable data for factors that might affect classification Speak with leagues and get their feedback and input Identify what specific schools will be impacted by a new system Communicate with other states and see what other systems might already be in place Make recommendations for new bylaws

7 Classification Overview Major factors that were discussed Socioeconomics ELL/Special Education/Age eligibility Rural vs. Metro Geography Finances and funding Participation % A schools entry or selection process Winning/Losing percentages

8 Classification Overview Findings There is not a cookie-cutter classification system out there The vast majority of schools are satisfied with their current classification Concerned about geography and travel Concerned about the perceived competitive imbalance between schools that can have enrollment restrictions and public schools that cannot. Concerned about the gap in enrollment numbers between the largest and the smallest schools in the 4A classification How will these concerns magnify as CHSAA membership continues to grow

9 6-Classification Proposal Plan for growth while addressing concerns When does a sport need to add another classification? Boys Lacrosse Footballs proposal – 6 classes of 36 Is 384 schools the magic number Who makes that decision and how? CDE enrollment Other criteria When is the right time?

10 Proposed Bylaw Changes 1500.1 - The Legislative Council will determine when there is need to increase the total number of classifications based on growth of the CHSAA membership. CLOC Committee 1500.11 - The determination as to whether the total number of classifications should be increased is based upon total number of member schools participating in a given sport.

11 Proposed Bylaw Changes Q1: When should a classification be added to a sport? A1: When the total number of schools participating the sport warrant the addition of another State Championship to preserve equity in playoff participation and number of State Championships awarded. Boys Lacrosse added a second classification when they approached having 70 schools participate. With a post season field of only 16 teams, having two classifications of roughly 35 schools each was equitable when compared to other sports with a post-season field of 16. The total number of classification for a given sport should be increased to 6A at some point between the time when the sport has 330 school participating (5 classifications with 66 schools in each) and 384 schools participating (6 classifications with 64 schools in each)

12 Proposed Bylaws Changes 1500.21 -Classification of schools shall be based upon the CDE Student Membership Counts to address competitive and classification balance the CLOC Committee will also consider other factors. Once the CDE Student Membership Count number that will serve as the separation point between classifications has been determined, CLOC (with final approval of Legislative Council) will have the ability to consider the following Equity Consideration Factors if the school falls within the upper or lower 10% of a given classification: Socio Economics of the schools population (Free and Reduced Lunch Rate) Demographics of the schools population (ELL/Sped/Transition Programs) Geography Schools participation rate in CHSAA sponsored activities Schools enrollment trend Schools Competitive History Entry or selection process of the school

13 Proposed Bylaw Changes Q1: How many schools would be eligible to participate at the 3A level even if their enrollment count places them as a 4A school? A1: It would depend on how many schools are in the 4A classification. Example 1: If there were 54 schools identified as being 4A, then the 5 schools with the lowest enrollment numbers would be eligible to be considered by the CLOC committee to have their classification change to 3A based on the Equity Consideration Factors for the school Example 2: If there were 59 schools identified as being 4A, then the 6 schools with the lowest enrollment numbers would be eligible to be considered by the CLOC committee to have their classification change to 3A based on the Equity Consideration Factors for the school

14 Thank you! Questions? Mark Kanagy 970-686-8119

15 Classification & League Breakout Discussion

16 Classification/League Questions (Next Cycle): 1. What concerns/issues/problems do schools your size encounter that we need to address? 2. Specific sport issues to discuss (formats)? 3. Ideas on 6-Classification Proposal? Would this help with your sport concerns? 4. *Who will have more/less students and automatically move up or down? 5. *Who is applying to move down (25%)? 6. *What schools are considering playing up? 7. Are there any [new] school requests to enter your league? 8. Who is leaving your league? *Please answer for Football and then for all other Sports*

17 Break: BAGGO Tournament Semi-Finals and Finals

18 CADA Presentation Mike Hughes, CADA President, Telluride HS

19 New CHSAA Website: Ryan Casey

20 Setting the Bar High For Sportsmanship Diane Shuck, Air Academy HS Mike Hughes, Telluride HS Jim Thyfault, Jefferson County SD

21 Closing: Goals & Direction For This Year Paul Angelico

22 Closing – Thank You For Attending Good Luck this Year!

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