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2007 Current Issues. 2.7 Transfer Eligibility Domicile –Place where parents have established their home Age – 19 After August 1 - eligible Foreign Exchange.

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1 2007 Current Issues

2 2.7 Transfer Eligibility Domicile –Place where parents have established their home Age – 19 After August 1 - eligible Foreign Exchange –Application for Waiver –Recognized Foreign Exchange Program –J-1 Visa Enrollment Option Transfers – March 15 –The student would, however, become ineligible for 90 school days the next fall if the student were to change his/her mind and decide not to transfer.

3 2.8 Undue Influence The use of undue influence by anyone causing a student in one school to transfer to another school or attend a school for activity participation purposes shall render that student ineligible.

4 2.12 Coaches and Sponsors In order to serve as a head or assistant coach or sponsor of any activity sponsored by the NSAA, the individual must possess a valid NE Teaching Certificate or NE Administrative and Supervisory Certificate and have a written contract of employment as a coach or sponsor with the school in which he/she is to perform these duties.

5 Rules Meeting Attendance All head coaches are required to attend an NSAA Rules Meeting annually before the season begins. Failure to do so will result in possible suspension penalties. From time to time, there may be extreme situations that require a head coach to miss a required NSAA Rules Meeting. Head coaches should contact the NSAA in advance of the rules meetings to seek possible approval to be excused from such attendance.

6 Rules Meeting Penalties First Offense in 3-year period The head coach is suspended from coaching in any competition until 1. Attends make-up rules meeting, if available; or 2. Successfully completes the open book test for officials of that activity (70%) Second offense in 3-year period 1. First offense penalty and 2.The head coach will be suspended from coaching in all NSAA end-of season play (subdistricts, districts, playoffs, and state competition).

7 Cooperative Sponsorship Deadlines Fall Activities – June 1 Winter Activities – September 1 Spring Activities – January 1

8 3.1.2 December Moratorium For five consecutive days in December, there shall be no practice and no interschool competition by individuals or teams in any athletic activities sponsored by the NSAA. Saturday, December 22-Wednesday, December 26, 2007

9 3.2 Out Of Season Programs No coach or school representative may directly or by implication direct a student to attend as a condition for membership on the high school team or restrict the level of team participation with the high school program.

10 3.3.10 Supervision The superintendent, principal, or an authorized representative of the faculty shall accompany and supervise the team or individuals to all contests. Handling & Care of Officials

11 3.4 Physical Examination Preparation Physical Evaluation Name Sex Age Date of Birth ❏ Cleared without restriction ❏ Cleared, with recommendations for further treatment for: ❏ Not cleared for ❏ All sports ❏ Certain sports: Reasons: Recommendations: Name of Physician (print/type) Date Address Phone Signature of physician, MD or DO Copyright 2004 American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicne, and American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine Clearance Form Emergency Information Allergies Other Information Immunizations ( eg, tetanus/diphtheria; measles, mumps, rubella; hepatitis A,B; influenza) ❏ Up to date (see attached documentation) ❏ Not up to date Specify

12 3.5.1 Outside Participation Any student who participates in any athletic contest other than as a representative of his/her high school during the season of the sport involved becomes ineligible to represent his/her school in that sport for one or more contests or the remainder of the season.

13 3.5.2 Individual Instruction During a season of a sport, a student is permitted to take individual instruction from a person other than the high school coach at times other than scheduled high school practice sessions, but such instructions shall not interfere with, nor be substituted for the high school coaching, practice sessions, or contests.

14 3.11 During the season, a school shall not permit a student who is not a member of the high school team, an adult, a college student, or alumni to participate in any practice session, drill, scrimmage, game, or contest in which a school team or an individual who is a member of a school team is involved.

15 Sports Schedules Once the season has begun, schools CANNOT add games to their regular season schedules. (Excludes Baseball and Track)

16 Reimbursement Checks sent to schools at the conclusion of the fall activities season, the winter activities season and the spring activities season. Over $400,000 was reimbursed to member schools last year.

17 Submitting a Proposal for Legislative Change Deadline: November 1 Submitted to the NSAA electronically, accessed through the administrator’s secure page on the NSAA web site

18 NSAA Committee Weather Issues Contingency Committee

19 Third place games at state Discussion to take place at the May Board of Control Meeting Contact Dr. Tenopir or your board of control member with input

20 Class A Districts 6 District Assignments determined by wildcard using serpentine method 7 th Western District (excluding baseball) Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer One Wildcard Determined within 2 weeks prior to first district

21 New Activities Directors meetings Mandatory August 1 – Lincoln August 2 – Kearney August 7 – North Platte August 8 - Omaha



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