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North Paulding High School AP & Honors Parent Night May 16, 2013.

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1 North Paulding High School AP & Honors Parent Night May 16, 2013

2 NPHS AP/Honors Parent Night Agenda Courses offered AP and honors level classes Rigor and expectations Making an informed decision Release to departments for summer material s

3 AP & Honors English Courses Honors 9 th Literature (9 th ) Honors World Literature (10 th ) Honors American Literature (11 th ) AP Language/Composition (11 th ) Honors English Literature (12 th ) AP Literature/Composition (12 th )

4 AP & Honors Math Cou rses Accelerated Coordinate Algebra (9 th ) Accelerated Analytic Geometry(10 th ) Accelerated Math III (11 th ) AP Statistics (11 th or 12 th ) AP Calculus (12 th )

5 AP & Honors Social Studies Courses Honors World Geography (9 th ) AP Human Geography (9 th ) Honors World History (10 th ) AP World History (10 th ) Honors U.S. History (11 th ) AP U.S. History (11 th ) AP Psychology (11 th or 12 th ) AP Government (12 th ) AP Economics (12 th )

6 AP & Honors Science Courses Honors Biology (9 th ) Honors Chemistry (10 th or 11 th ) Honors Physics (11 th ) AP Biology (11 th or 12 th ) AP Physics (12 th ) AP Chemistry (11 th or 12 th )

7 AP & Honors World Language & Fine Arts Honors Spanish II* Honors Spanish III Honors Spanish IV AP Spanish Language Honors French III AP Studio Art

8 Courses Requested Students received their acceptance letters from their middle school or from their first period teacher at NPHS.

9 AP & Honors AP & Honors classes are designed to provide more depth and breadth of material to students that are both academically prepared and willing to work harder. Expectations are higher in these classes. Students are given the opportunity and the means to move to a higher level of knowledge and/or skill than the regular curriculum allows.

10 AP & Honors – Rigorous Curriculum Students will read, write, and perform calculations at a higher level than the standard curriculum. Students will have more frequent out-of-class assignments. Tests and quizzes will assess students at a higher knowledge and/or skill level than the regular curriculum.

11 The Advantages of AP & Honors Students are cognitively challenged and become more prepared for future courses. Competitive colleges and universities look for students who take these rigorous courses in high school. Students in these courses are typically more motivated creating a more stable learning environment.

12 More AP Advantages The possibility of college credit. Students earning a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam may be eligible for college credit which saves the related tuition costs. The AP exam is recommended for all AP students but not required and does have a fee (currently $89). Be sure to research the college or university you are interested in to verify their credit policy.

13 More AP Advantages Research shows that taking AP courses in high school is related to future success. AP Students graduate college on-time at a higher rate. AP students outperform their peers who did not take AP. For more information on the AP Program, visit

14 AP & Honors Grade Point Weighting Students receive added points for these courses: Honors Courses – 5 points is added to the final average of 70 or above. AP Courses – 10 points is added to the final average of 70 or above.

15 GPA & The Hope Scholarship The weight for honors courses is removed for Hope Scholarship purposes. The weight for AP courses changes. Instead of adding 10 points to the 100 point scale, Hope adds.5 to the 4.0 scale. For example, An 80 in AP Human Geography (weighted to 90 in the local 100 point GPA) becomes a 3.5 for Hope (80 = 3.0 then add.5)

16 Helpful Hints for Success Time Management Organization Responsibility-meet deadlines STUDY!

17 An informed final decision We do hope your student will take the AP & honors courses he or she is willing and prepared to take. It is important to make a final decision soon as we must plan carefully for next year in order to serve all students to the best of our ability.

18 An informed final decision We cannot allow students to change an AP or honors class after June 1, 2013. We also cannot accommodate changes once school starts. Unfortunately, our setup does not allow trial periods. We must know by June 1, 2013 if your student will take the course(s).

19 How to Make Changes If the form you received tonight is incorrect or if a change is needed, please contact Mrs. Tierce via email at by June 1, 2013. Any questions about the courses can be answered tonight by the department representatives after we dismiss from this session.

20 Signature for Attendance Tonight The form you received as you arrived this afternoon will be used to verify attendance. We ask that you sign the form acknowledging that you attended this meeting, understand the June 1 deadline, and pickup summer material for all classes. You may drop this signature form off with any department as you pick up summer materials, or you may drop it off with Mrs. Tierce as you leave this afternoon.

21 Contact Information Guidance Counselors: Mrs. Woellner- works with student last names A-D; email- Mrs. Phillips- works with students last names E-K; email- Ms. Outland- works with students last names L-R; email- Ms. Mosier- works with students last names S-Z; email-

22 Department Chair Contacts English Language Arts- Mrs. Windi Born ( Math- Mrs. April Byrne- ( Social Studies- Mrs. Brandy Long ( Science- Mrs. Tammy Brown- ( World Language- Annaleise Davis- ( Fine Arts- Anne Aurand- (

23 Summer Information Pick-up Dismissal to Departments for Summer Information: Please meet department representatives in the cafeteria at this time. All summer information and the presentation from tonight’s program will be posted the NPHS website. Thank you for attending AP and Honors Night!

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