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Easylube ® RFID Patrol Management Automatic Lubrication System Present by Hornche Corporation Software System Service 3S Revised 2010/07/16.

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1 Easylube ® RFID Patrol Management Automatic Lubrication System Present by Hornche Corporation Software System Service 3S Revised 2010/07/16

2 About Hornche Corporation 1988 established on importing particular lubricants to straighten out equipment maintenance. In 2009,Hornche decided to launch its MQL Software and RFID management, which is the only route to solve the challenge on bearing lubrication. 1992 started in manufacturing and marketing an extensive line of Single Point Automatic Lubricator. So far we supply all over 30 industrial countries in worldwide.

3 Our Mission C ontinuously striving to be the major automatic lubrication system supplier for machinery maintenance and to provide a total solution of excellent lubrication services for industrial manufacturers. Innovation – Consistently dedicate in R&D for upgrading Hardware and Software designs and applications. Trustfulness – Quality promised, in- house manufacturing from production, inspection, packing to shipping. Responsibility – Provide fully after service and technical support.

4 Labour-intensive Temperature Load & Speed Keys to Optimize Bearing Performance Routine Replacement Routine Replacement MQL Calculation MQL Calculation RFID Electromechanical Lubricator RFID Electromechanical Lubricator RFID Patrol Management Software RFID Patrol Management Software Guardwatch Software Guardwatch Software Routine Inspection Routine Inspection Lubrication Analysis Lubrication Analysis Moisture Contamination Vibration Easy to put MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) into practice RFID management to be true cost-saving for maintenance Skilled labour

5 The Disadvantages of Manual Lubrication Unable to control excessive pressure and re- greasing rate in right volume & right time No warning alert for any abnormality, causes machines easily be over or under lubricated Manual re-greasing volume always in a guesswork, causes inconsistent lubrication result Heavy maintenance labor work with skilled labors are required Mass Grease wastage and contamination No risk management to control high potential machinery damage

6 3 key solution to make you easy... Scientific Calculation & Maintenance Record Easylube ® RFID Patrol Management Automatic Lubrication System 3S Software Mechanism of Auto- Regreasing RFID Patrol Monitor System Service Computerized Maintenance Management

7 MQL Program Software Scientific Calculation & Maintenance Record This software provides the calculation formula to help maintenance men to determine the correct Re-greasing volume & interval. Successfully function this program is fundamental base on putting Minimum Quantity Lubrication into practice. Guardwatch Program This software provides the RFID Near Field Communication (NFC) in importance to track the specific Re-greasing Rate being truly implemented in each single lube-point on site.

8 Preventing pre-mature failure of equipments. Provide an excellent Automatic & Labor-Free lubrication maintenance. System -1 Mechanism of Auto-Regreasing Regulate & control a proper re- greasing rate by its individual period setting switches. Consistently to keep bearing lubrication at a sufficient level. Built in a LED pre-warning light for monitoring abnormality occurrence.

9 MQL software (for PC) The Content of Patrol Management Kit System -2 Computerized Maintenance Management 2 pcs of Smart Lock (for PC management) - Maintenance management controlled by MQL Program Guardwatch software (for PDA) - Each lube-points re-greasing rate and condition will be tracked by Guardwatch Program * R&D Technical Guidebook depend on availability - Keep maintenance data & records for each lube-point for after-service. RWD145B-EL RFID reader (for applying to PDA) - Collect lube-points data to handheld PDA by RFID Near Field Communication (NFC).

10 Service RFID Patrol Monitor Quick Setup Here are six easy steps to get the process in action. By following these simple steps, tracking these large maintenance issues can be easily obtained. As the result, TPM initiative becomes more approachable. Step 1 Install the synchronization software Step 2 Setup inspection routes for Easylube RFID lubricators or RFID tags. Step 3 Compile each lube point data to handheld PDA Step 4 Upload the data to MQL software with necessary calculation and record. Step 5 Always maintain an up-to-date report on handheld PDA before performing inspection routes for accuracy purpose. Routine Patrol Inspectio n Carry out regular replacement Step 6 Monitor updated report and check abnormality at MQL software.

11 Download up-to-date lube point data to hand-held PDA Site inspection Upload collected data to MQL system Site inspection Service RFID Patrol Monitor Site inspection Site inspectionSite inspection Site inspection Monitor updated report and check abnormality

12 Advantages Working conditions and risk management are improving. No more uncertainty in Grease interval and Grease volume on each single rolling bearing. Built-Up RFID technique with Pre-Warning LED lights (green & Red) when abnormality occurred in machines operation. No more lube point is missed during inspection patrol. No more human errors in re-greasing operation and inspection patrol. Enable easy tracking of bearing root cause. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice, thus to reduce in maintenance cost. The cost- effective replaceable grease cartridge and battery allows unit to be used repeatedly. Easylube ®

13 Appropriate Industry-wide category Power generation Petroleum products Automotive manufacturer Iron & Steelmaking Heat processing Tile/Cement manufacturer Chemical industries Glass & Textile industry Semiconductor/Electronics Military/Government Public transportation Crematoriums Amusement park Mining Papermaking Pharmaceutical factory Canning industry Rubber & Plastic Beverages & Brewery Food processing Machinery manufacturer Flour mill Hospital & Hotel Waterworks Sewage treatment plant Shopping mall Elements E lectric Motor W ater Pump C onveyer & Agitator B lower & Kiln A ir Handling Unit A ir Conditioner C ooling Tower E xhaust Fan V entilator A ir Compressor H oist E scalator & Lift... etc, equipments

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15 Easylube Lubricator Introduction Replaceable grease cup allows unit to be used repeatedly. Easylube is battery-operated to meet a wide range of applications. Easylube is more user-friendly for continuous lubrication on lubricant-required equipment. Regulated re-greasing rate is essential to good operation and maintenance. Dispensing time can be set from 1 to 12 months and power can be turned off for machine downtime. Quality stand for Vibration, Corrosion, Dust and Moisture resistant, it is also UL Listed for using in hazardous areas to meet both lubrication and safety requirements.

16 RFID Introduction Easylube RFID (Radio Frequency identification) c ontains two parts... RFID tag composes of passive m icrochip and antenna for transmitting the ID number. While when receiving the radio frequency from reader, the tag will make an ID response back to the reader. The device of RFID reader provides electromagnetic induction current in order to record each lubricator identification and condition into PDA for future tracking and maintenance. This application and usage is for maintenance men to carry on patrol in inspecting lubricators which installed at remote, outdoor or difficult-to–access locations.

17 MQL + RFID Program Download the latest data of each RFID number from PC to PDA BEFORE service people out to patrol the installed lubricators on sites PC (MQL installed ) TO PDA (Guardwatch installed ) Out To Patrol via USB cable Upload the collected data from PDA to PC once AFTER service people is back from the patrol. Compile each lube point data to handheld PDA. Setup inspection routes Install Easylube RFID lubricators or label RFID tags. Upload the data from PDA to MQL software with necessary calculation and record. Back from Patrol Monitor updated report and check abnormality at MQL software.

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