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C2 TASER C2 Electronic Control Device Point of Purchase Training for Michigan Version 1. Released April, 2012 © 2012 TASER International Inc.

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1 C2 TASER C2 Electronic Control Device Point of Purchase Training for Michigan Version 1. Released April, 2012 © 2012 TASER International Inc.

2 How a TASER ® C2 Works A TASER C2 Electronic Control Device (ECD) uses the same patented technology, proven and trusted by Law Enforcement. Electrical pulses travel down conductive wires to a subject. These pulses are designed to temporarily disable an attackers muscles, allowing the TASER C2 user critical time to escape to safety and contact police. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

3 How a TASER C2 Works When fired, the TASER C2 launches two probes as far as15 feet The probes are connected to the C2 by insulated wires Both probes must contact the subject to cause incapacitation The electrical pulses from the C2 travel through the wires to the subject and stimulate the motor nerves between the probes causing involuntary muscle contractions, or what we call Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) © 2012 TASER International Inc.

4 How a TASER C2 Works The LASER sight indicates the approximate point of impact of the top probe The bottom probe drops down approximately one foot for every seven feet it travels from the C2 At maximum range (15 feet), the bottom probe will strike approximately 2 feet below the top probe © 2012 TASER International Inc.

5 TASER C2 Benefits 15 ft range allows the user to stay a safe distance away from an attacker. LASER sight and LED light come on when the safety slide is opened and can deter a potential attacker. Cycles for 30 seconds, designed to keep an attacker down and allow the user the time to get to safety. If the user cannot escape to safety, the TASER C2 is designed to repeat another 30 second cycle after the initial cycle ends, by pressing the firing button again. After the C2 is fired or when the ECD is not loaded, it has the back-up capability of a direct contact drive-stun device. Unlike a firearm, there is no kick or recoil when deploying a TASER C2. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (in the U.S.), when fired in self- defense (see the C2 Owners Manual for details). © 2012 TASER International Inc.

6 Potential Effects of a TASER C2 Subject may fall immediately to the ground and be unable to brace himself for the fall Subject may scream or yell Involuntary muscle contractions Subject may freeze in place with legs locked Subject may feel dazed for several seconds/minutes Temporary tingling sensation Subject may not remember any pain Potential vertigo *For a more complete list of risks and effects, please review the product manual and warnings packaged with the TASER C2 ECD. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

7 TASER ECD Electrical Facts Electricity can arc through clothing, jumping the distance of approximately two cumulative inches. Electricity follows the path of least resistance between the probes. Electricity must be able to flow between the probes or the electrodes to complete the electrical circuit. In other words, both probes must make contact with the subject. The greater the spread between the probes, the greater the effectiveness of the immobilization. Electricity will not pass to others in contact with the subject, unless contact is made directly between or on the probes or the wires. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

8 TASER C2 Features © 2012 TASER International Inc.

9 Read and Obey Read, study, understand, and follow all instructions, training materials, product manuals, and warnings before using the TASER C2 ECD. Failure to comply with the instructions, training materials, product manuals, and warnings could result in death or serious injury to the user, force recipient, and others. Minimize Repeated, Continuous, or Simultaneous Exposures Reasonable efforts should be made to minimize the number of ECD exposures. ECD users should use the lowest number of ECD exposures that are objectively reasonable to accomplish lawful objectives and should reassess the subjects resistance level before initiating or continuing the exposure. Sensitive Body Part Hazard When possible, avoid intentionally targeting the ECD on sensitive areas of the body such as the head, throat, chest/breast, or known pre-existing injury areas without legal justification. The preferred target areas are the lower center mass (below chest) for front shots and below the neck area for back shots. Avoid Misuse Use an ECD only for its intended purpose and in legally justifiable situations. Misuse can result in criminal prosecution or civil litigation. Never Confuse Handgun with ECD Confusing a handgun with an ECD could result in death or serious injury. Learn the difference in the physical feel and holstering characteristics between ECDs and handguns. This should help avoid confusion in the identification, selection, and discharge of the ECD during stressful situations. Minimize Risks *Review the full product warnings at © 2012 TASER International Inc.

10 Eye Injury Hazard If a TASER probe, electrode or electrical discharge contacts or comes into close proximity to an eye, it could result in serious injury, including permanent vision loss. DO NOT intentionally aim an ECD at the eye of a person or animal without justification. Incapacitation, Falling, and Startle Hazard ECD use may cause muscular contraction, Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI), startling, and falling, which could result in death or serious injury. LASER Light Could Result in Serious Eye Injury All TASER ECD models, 2011 or newer, use a LASER as a targeting aid. Avoid intentionally aiming the LASER at the eye of a person or animal without justification. NEVER aim the LASER at aircraft. Fire and Explosion Hazard ECD use could result in a fire or explosion when flammable gases, fumes, vapors, liquids, or materials are present. An ECD can ignite explosive and flammable clothing or materials, liquids, fumes, gases, or vapors (e.g., gasoline, vapor or gas found in sewer lines or methamphetamine labs, butane-type lighters, or flammable hair gels). Do not knowingly use an ECD in the presence of any explosive or flammable substance without legal justification. Note that some self-defense sprays use a flammable carrier, such as alcohol. Be Aware that an ECD or Cartridge May Fail to Fire, Operate, or Be Effective No weapons system, tool, technique, or ECD is always effective. If an ECD, cartridge, or accessory is inoperable, fails to function, or the intended ECD application is ineffective in achieving the desired effect, consider reloading and redeploying, using other force options, disengaging, or using other alternatives. The failure of the ECD to fire, operate, or be effective could result in death or serious injury. Potential Risks *Review the full product warnings at © 2012 TASER International Inc.

11 In Michigan, only Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders may possess a device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology like the C2 ECD. Possession of these devices is subject to all CPL restrictions, including blood alcohol restrictions, NO CARRY zones, and notification of possession upon contact with a police officer. All CPL violations have applied penalties and remedies. AN INDIVIDUAL SHALL NOT USE A DEVICE THAT USES ELECTRO-MUSCULAR DISRUPTION TECHNOLOGY AGAINST ANOTHER PERSON EXCEPT UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES THAT WOULD JUSTIFY THE INDIVIDUAL'S LAWFUL USE OF PHYSICAL FORCE. AN INDIVIDUAL WHO VIOLATES THIS SUBDIVISION IS GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT FOR NOT MORE THAN 2 YEARS OR A FINE OF NOT MORE THAN $2,000.00, OR BOTH. Legal © 2012 TASER International Inc.

12 Restrictions Buyers are encouraged to check their local laws regarding possession and use of the TASER C2 for self defense. Known state statutes can be found on Must be at least 18 years old to activate a TASER C2. It is illegal to carry or ship a TASER C2 across international borders or into any restricted states or municipalities. TASER ECDs are prohibited for consumer use in NY, NJ, RI, MA, HI and the District of Columbia. Other states, cities or counties may have restrictions on the use or possession of ECDs (including but not limited to Philadelphia and Baltimore). Always check your local laws! ATF does not classify the TASER C2 as a firearm. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

13 TASER C2 Trigger Safety Cover Safety Cover Closed (Safe). During loading and unloading, make sure the safety cover is closed and the TASER C2 is pointed in a safe direction. Safety Cover Opened (Armed) Turns on LASER Sight and LED Light Be careful not to push down on the trigger button while sliding back the safety cover Never point a TASER C2 at anyone or anything you dont intend to shoot. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

14 During loading and unloading, always make sure that the safety cover is closed and the TASER C2 is pointed in a safe direction. Loading a TASER C2 Cartridge Position the narrow end of the cartridge into the cartridge bay. Using medium pressure, load the cartridge into place by pushing the front of the ECD against a firm, flat surface. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

15 Unloading a TASER C2 Cartridge Cradle the TASER C2 as shown below and squeeze the sides of the cartridge firmly inward with your thumbs, and then force the cartridge forward and out of the TASER C2. During loading and unloading, always make sure that the safety cover is closed and the TASER C2 is pointed in a safe direction. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

16 Firing the TASER C2 POINT POINT the C2 directly at the target. SLIDE SLIDE the Safety Cover open to arm the C2 and expose the trigger.. The LASER and LED will come on. FIRE FIRE the C2 by pressing the trigger button. POINT, SLIDE, FIRE Unlike a firearm, there is no kick or recoil with a TASER C2. NEVER point a TASER at anyone or anything that you dont intend to shoot! © 2012 TASER International Inc.

17 After the TASER C2 has been fired, it is designed to be immediately able to function as a direct contact stun device. There s no need to remove the fired cartridge. A drive stun is designed to affect the sensory nerves and cause pain but it does not usually cause NMI. Back-up Drive Stun Capability When a TASER C2 is not loaded, it can work as a direct contact stun device. When the firing button is pushed the electrical current will cycle for 30 seconds or until the safety cover is closed. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

18 What To Do After you Fire the C2 After you fire the TASER C2, while the subject is incapacitated (approximately 30 seconds), place the TASER C2 carefully on the ground and flee to safety. If you cannot escape immediately, press the trigger button again when the cycle ends and it will repeat. Notify local law enforcement as soon as you get to safety. File a police report and send TASER International a copy. TASER International will replace your TASER C2 (free of charge) if its left behind after being used in self defense and the police do not recover it (in the U.S.). © 2012 TASER International Inc.

19 A TASER C2 is sold in a non-active state. The customer is required to complete a free background check after purchase using a public records portal on the TASER website or over the phone with a TASER representative. Although a CPL is required in Michigan, the codes to unlock the C2 ECD are provided only through a database at TASER. Because a TASER ECD is not a firearm, TASER cannot utilize the NIC system. The background check requires the buyer to provide their date of birth, address, last 4 digits of their social security number, and drivers license or state issued ID number. Once the background check is completed, the customer is given a unique 5-digit code to enter through the firing button that will activate the TASER C2. These codes will not be released to any person with a felony record or for any ECD which has been illegally transported to a prohibited state or outside of the U.S. The background check process, along with serialized tags in each TASER cartridge, discourage the misuse of TASER C2 ECDs. Background Check and Activation © 2012 TASER International Inc.

20 TASER International strongly supports independent reviews of its products. A number of independent reviews have affirmed the life- saving value of TASER technology as a safer, more effective use of force. TASER International confidently stands by the safety and effectiveness of its products through research, proven field results, risk management review, education and the lives that are protected by TASER ECDs. To learn more visit C2, X26, Protect Truth, Protect Life and symbol are trademarks of TASER International, Inc. and TASER® is a registered trademark of TASER International, Inc. registered un the U.S. All rights reserved. © 2012 TASER International Inc.

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