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Online Permit to Carry Training Certification. This permit will grant you an Iowa Permit to Carry You will be able to carry in over 25 States This Permit.

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1 Online Permit to Carry Training Certification

2 This permit will grant you an Iowa Permit to Carry You will be able to carry in over 25 States This Permit is good for 5 years You can carry multiple weapons at a time Capable of carrying long guns in your vehicle loaded and uncased Learn proper techniques on how to use a firearm What to do when confronted by others

3 With your new Permit you will be able to carry multiple weapons/firearms. Your not restricted to one per person, you may carry or transport as many as you want. This Permit isn’t just for pistols, it is also for long guns, both rifles and shotguns. So if you decide to carry a long gun instead of a pistol you may legally. You may carry anything that the law defines a weapon, including Knives, Batons, Pepper Spray, Mace, or Swords. It is all personal opinion what to carry and how much to carry.

4 A valid permit holder cannot carry in any government buildings such as the Post Office, Town Hall, and Capitol Building. Cannot carry in any form of law enforcement facility, like Sheriff’s office or local Police Departments. Schools; Pre-Schools, Kindergarten, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities. State law does say that since some Universities’ campuses are so vast that you can travel through them by foot or car as long as you take the most direct route with out deviating from the route. Failure to comply with these laws can be punishable by a class D felony

5 You cannot carry a weapon on any State grounds; State Parks, State Fair Grounds, State Buildings. You cannot carry a weapon on School Busses or Public School Transportation. You cannot carry a weapon in a Casino. You are not permitted to carry firearms or weapons concealed or in the open on any type of ATV or a Snowmobile. To transport them they must be cased, unloaded, and the ammunition must be separated from the firearm.

6 Some areas around Iowa have posted signs saying, “Weapons Free Zone,” or “No Firearms.” Since they are not governed by the State they have no formal backing. Weapon Free Zones are rules put in place by the facility and governed by the facility. Thus if you break that rule you will be charged with trespassing. Same rule goes with some one’s private residence, if they don’t want firearms or weapons in their home you don’t have the right to break their rules. It is your Constitutional right to be able to carry a firearm in these places, legally you can carry in these places as long as the businesses don’t know you have a weapon. They can’t come up to you and ask to see your weapon if they don’t know you are carrying one. Since they are a private organization and not backed by the State’s laws, however breaking the law of the weapons free zone will be subjected to fines double the regular limit.

7 If you transport your firearms or weapons and you leave one of them in your vehicle and some one else takes that vehicle they are then responsible for that weapon. They must have a valid permit to be able to transport any weapons in the car, and it is their responsibility to know of such weapons in that car. With this permit you can go into establishments that serve beer or liquor, and you are able to consume those drinks. State law has deemed that you can have 3 drinks or until legally intoxicated,.08, which ever comes first.

8 Iowa Law states that you or your family’s life must feel threatened before you can react to take someone else’s life. If some one comes at you or your family, You must make the decision if the use of deadly force is needed or not. Iowa doesn’t have a Castle Doctrine, which saves us from more civil charges. We have more of a, “Fight or Flight Theory.” Fight if you have to, if given the chance you need to run and save your own life. No need to be a hero, so save your own life.

9 In your residence if a burglar was in your house, just his presence isn’t enough to take his life. You have to feel like your life or your family is at risk. You can use other forms of force just not deadly force. If that burglar did have a weapon and he threatened to take your life then you can be justified. Your best line of defense is dialing 911 The Police are there to help you and to catch the bad guys, so give them as much information as you can. Tell them your address, what you are wearing, and the location of the burglar, and do it all from the safety from your home.

10 If and when you are carrying a weapon, no matter where it is or what it is, getting pulled over by an officer shouldn’t be a nightmare. Give the officer your driver’s license, registration, insurance, and also your concealed carry permit. Also, you may want to inform the officer were the weapon is so he/she can take the situation in to their hands. Every person is different and every situation is different so there is no good answer to this. If you do not have your concealed weapon permit on you and you are questioned it will be a misdemeanor charge.

11 When choosing the firearm for you, make sure it fits your needs, Don’t purchase something that you don’t like or doesn’t feel comfortable. If you don’t like it, you won’t carry it. Always be prepared to use it, so make sure its loaded with ammunition you can trust. Keep your gun is clean and in working order. Carrying a round in the chamber is all a personal opinion, but whatever you decide, make sure you practice your option of carry.

12 Always have a firm grip on your firearm, if not it can cause problems with feeding and loading. Have good sight picture and know what your target is. Always know what is beyond your target because you are responsible for every round that leaves your firearm.

13 Once you get your Training Certificate you will take it to your local Sheriff’s Department and they will run a back ground check to make sure you are eligible to carry a weapon. The county has to have your permit to you within 30 days. There will be a 55 dollar surcharge for issuing the permit, some counties give a hard plastic ID card for an additional 5 dollars. When you pick up your permit make sure everything is correct on it, name, address, and make sure you have what is called a NTN number. This number gives you the ability to purchase firearms including pistols.

14 Once you have finished this power point training session, please submit your 55 dollars through the Payment link. You will then email your full name and address where your permit can be sent. Use the Promo Code Shoot99 in your email. Once your payment and code are received, your Training Certificate will be shipped out.

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