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General Safety Overview and Information

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1 General Safety Overview and Information
Grinder Safety General Safety Overview and Information

2 General Safety Information
Peterson grinders must only be used to do the work for which they was designed. Do not operate the 4700B/6700B with loads containing materials it was not designed to process or with accessories, modifications, or attachments not approved by Peterson. Do not attempt to defeat any safety system.

3 General Safety Information
The information in the following presentation is an overview of the 4700B/6700B Safety Systems and is not designed to replace proper safety procedures, training, or the Owner/Operator manual. Refer to the Owner/Operator manual provided with your machine for more detailed information. If you do not have an Owner/Operator manual, please contact your servicing dealer to purchase one.

4 Main Control Panel

5 Emergency Stop The ‘Emergency Stop’ button at the main control panel on the right side of the machine is the primary means for rapidly shutting down the entire machine in an emergency.

6 Emergency Stop

7 Radio Controlled Machine Stop Button
The ‘Machine Stop’ button on the radio transmitter can stop the machine by shutting down the engine. It is not an ‘Emergency Stop’ as it depends on radio transmission to function. The switch on the radio labeled ‘Power On/Off’ does not shut down the engine, this only affects the power to the radio.

8 Radio Controlled Machine Stop Button
Power On/Off

9 Safety Lockout/Tag out
Peterson grinders are equipped from the factory with a safety lockout device for the entire machine. Never perform maintenance, cleaning, or leave machine unattended without locking the machine out to prevent accidental start-up to help avoid damage to the machine, serious bodily injury, or death.

10 Main Disconnect Switch
Use the Main Disconnect Switch to turn the machine’s electrical system On or Off by connecting or disconnecting electrical power from the batteries. In the lockout condition, a hinged, lockable latch covers the keyhole with the key removed. With the switch in the Off position, all electrical systems are disabled.

11 Pinching or Crushing Hazards
Peterson grinders many points during operation and maintenance that can pinch or crush. Some of these include the Compression Roll Housing, Anvil Housing’s moving parts, Latching Detent System, Feed Chains, Belt Rollers, and the Rotor while it is coasting to a stop.

12 Pinching or Crushing Hazards
The 4700B/6700B is designed with Safety Locking Pins for the Compression Roll housing to secure it in a lifted position to perform maintenance. Use these Lock Pins any time a person is going to be near the rotor with the housing up. Ensure the machine is locked out and all stored energy is released. If the Pin becomes stuck and can not be removed, never go inside or under any component to remove or loosen the Pin.

13 Pinching or Crushing Hazards
Safety Pin Safety Pin Operation Handle

14 Pinching or Crushing Hazards
Refer to the Owner/Operator manual for complete safety information regarding pinching and crushing hazards. Failure to follow the safety guidelines can result in serious bodily injury or death!

15 Stored Energy Release Some systems retain stored energy after the engine is shut down and the Main Disconnect Switch is locked out. Accidental release of this energy could cause serious injury or death. Some sources of stored energy are: rotor while coasting to a stop, compression roll while lifted, pressurized gases and fluids, batteries, and hot engine surfaces.

16 Fire Safety and Hazards
Regular cleaning and maintenance is the primary means of reducing the risk of fire hazard. Frequently clean combustible materials from the engine, exhaust system, and other hot surfaces. Daily cleaning is essential to avoiding fires and extending the life of operating components.

17 Fire Safety and Hazards
Ignitable materials that are likely to be present include wood dust, chips, diesel, gas, hydraulic oil, lubricants, and rubber products.

18 Fire Safety and Hazards
In addition to daily cleaning, ensure all fire suppression equipment is present and serviceable. Ensure all personnel working around the machine are trained in fire prevention and the use of fire suppression equipment.

19 Fire Safety and Hazards
All new Peterson grinders come equipped with a fire extinguisher, hand operated water can, water spray sprinkler system, and a self contained water pump spray system.

20 Fire Safety and Hazards
The fire extinguisher can be used to put out small electrical, combustible liquid, and wood product fires. The hand operated water can is not intended as a fire fighting tool, it is designed to help reduce the risk of fire by soaking combustible material. Do not use the water can for electrical or combustible liquid fires.

21 Hand Operated Water Can

22 Fire Safety and Hazards
The water spray sprinkler system is a preventative measure in fire safety. It is designed to spray water on material as it is being processed by the machine. The system is not designed to wet the material sufficiently to prevent it from burning. It is supplied from a regular garden hose and is not self contained.

23 Fire Safety and Hazards
The self-contained water pump spray system is comprised of a tank, gas powered pump, and a hose with nozzle. Do not use this system to fight electrical or combustible liquid fires. It is designed to fight fires in organic material and used to wash wood debris, dust, and other combustible materials from the recycler.

24 Self-Contained Water Pump Spray System

25 Job Site Safety Moving machinery, flying objects, noise levels, and eye injury hazards are all present around the 4700B during operation. Do not allow personnel to enter the area without being trained and aware of these dangers. Make available and enforce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

26 Job Site Safety PPE includes but is not limited to, eye protection approved for flying debris impact, hearing protection, heavy soled shoes with toe protection, hard hats, and high visibility vests or other highly visible clothing. Check with local authorities as there may be additional safety equipment required depending on location.

27 Job Site Safety Be aware of the Operating and Hazard Zones as described in the Owner/Operator Manual. Set up your job site with these zones considered to help avoid injury or damage to persons or property nearby.

28 Refer to the Owner/Operator Manual!
For complete Safety Information, refer to the Owner/Operator manual provided with your Peterson grinder. If you do not have this manual, contact your servicing dealer to purchase one. Follow all Safety procedures and train all operators and maintenance personnel on Safety Guidelines to prevent damage to the machine, serious bodily injury or death.

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