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Agenda Unpack and Assemble Install Software Create Label Status Monitor Maintenance/Troubleshooting.

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1 Agenda Unpack and Assemble Install Software Create Label Status Monitor Maintenance/Troubleshooting


3 Printer Setup Printer and base ship separately Base is inside wooden crate Remove outer crate using ½ socket 5 bolts on front/back and 2 on each side Lift top off as one piece

4 Printer Setup

5 To remove base from crate Detach boards on right and left with Phillips screwdriver Lift out using base using nylon lifting handle

6 Printer Setup Attach unwinder/rewinder chucks Partially remove screws on chucks Place 2 drops of Loctite on each screw Line up holes in the chuck with flat edges on the drive shaft Tighten screws with 3mm Allen wrench

7 Printer Setup

8 Place printer on the base 3 people are recommended to move Align pegs with holes on printer bottom

9 Printer Setup Final Steps – Remove all packing tape – Removes clips – Remove shipping protection devices – Pull down feeder door – Connect 6 pin mini din cable – Power up

10 Software Installation Required install – CX1200 print driver – PTPrint – Status Monitor Installation disc walks through the step by step process

11 Software Installation Crossover vs network connection may require additional setup Each install disc will be unique to the printer – The license file will be included on the disc – USB dongle is no longer required

12 Loading Stock Power up unwinder, printer, and rewinder Place stock on unwinder chuck – Max outer diamerter of 12 – Stock must be 8.5 wide – No die cut label stock – Must be laser rated material

13 Loading Stock Turn the tension knob to secure the roll Feed stock under dancer arm through the cutter

14 Loading Stock Feed stock into feeder tray under the green guides Stop feeding when leading edge has covered the red stop block

15 Create Print File Launch PTPrint from desktop shortcut Print layout wizard will appear – Browse to find the label you want BMP, EPS, JPG, GIF, PCX, PNG TIFF Size and DPI will automatically appear – Resolutions above 300 DPI unnecessary

16 Create Print File Image format recommendations – Save to EPS format – Save fonts imbedded – Resolution = to 300 dpi or vector based – Save in CMYK color mode – Page of the file should match image size

17 Create Print File Step and repeat are automatically calculated per page – You can changes rows and columns Adjust interlabel spacing Change position of target mark Click OK and the wizard will layout the label

18 Status Monitor Automatically starts when label is printed Can also be manually launched – Start-All Programs-PTPrint-Status Monitor Used for following tasks – Monitor Toner Status – Monitor Label Supplies – Estimate Cost per label – Track used toner usage levels – Print supplies sheets

19 Status Monitor Quote Tool – Cost is based on last label printed – Print a proof is extremely important – Adjust toner costs – Adjust paper costs – Verify accuracy of labels per page – Print or Save Quote

20 Status Monitor Ability to edit quote – Instead of reprinting just adjust variables – Note percent usage and labels per page Check the override values box Click 'Edit' to adjust individual values

21 Status Monitor

22 Managing Used Toner Levels – Keeps track of carts in system and used – When toner runs low the job will be cut – Make sure you have enough for the job Print a stock stick to track all toner levels – Attach stock sticker to toner – Manage cartridge library

23 Status Monitor

24 Finding appropriate cartridges – Proof print is extremely important – Check cartridges button in status monitor – Display current cartridges and fills – Display cartridges in library and fills Check stock sticker or cartridge SN – Depends on if stock stickers were printed

25 Status Monitor

26 Other functions – Edit header and footer lengths – View current job status – Generate tech support report

27 Media Recommendations Print Quality Color Accuracy Solid Color Saturation Label Feed Label Wrap Fuser Heat Tolerance Water Tolerance Scratch Tolerance Cut quality Lamination Quality

28 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Matching Pantone Colors – The CX1200 is a CMYK printer – Pantone colors must be approximated Calibrated look up tables\swatches Look up table text Application Support files – Label stock can affect color output

29 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Color/Alignment Calibration – 500 pages – Change carts – Change ITU Force the printer to calibrate from the control panel

30 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Print Head Alignment – Pixel shifting cause by misaligned cartridge – First try an auto alignment – If that fails a manual process can be performed – Accessed from the Diagnostic Menu of the CX1200

31 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Cut Alignment/Stretch Factor – Printed output is stretched so the size does not match the original file – Caused by fuser pulling paper during printing – Status monitor has built in procedure for setting the stretch factor

32 Troubleshooting and Maintenance



35 Stop/Cut Button – Used if you quickly need to stop a job – Do not use for non-emergencies Deposits large amounts of toner on ITU – Repeated use will cause wear on ITU belt – Non-emergencies use cancel job on the control panel

36 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Error Messages – Slow beep from rewinder Indicates rewinder dancer arm is engage – Rip Software Service 900 Appears on LCD control panel Occurs after system has stopped in the middle of a job – require power reset

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