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AHTD Symposium - Direct Drive Motors April 4-5, 2006 Tom England The Differentiators.

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1 AHTD Symposium - Direct Drive Motors April 4-5, 2006 Tom England The Differentiators

2 2 Todays Lineup Direct Drive overview New Cartridge DDR Additions 3 new smaller frames GOLDLine DDR Application wins New indexing offering to take on CAMCO DDL Update Whats the first slide always for Direct Drive?

3 3 To gain Benefits of Eliminating Mechanical Transmissions Why Customers Use Direct Drive Clean mechanical assembly Lower parts count Reduce assembly time Improved servo performance Increase accuracy up to 50 times Eliminate resonance and oscillation problems No need for inertia matching Zero maintenance No Belts to tighten or adjust No gears to lubricate or leak Reduce machine down time – no mechanical transmission parts to break Hollow shaft option Quiet performance…up to 20db reduction The Differentiators

4 4 DDR Product Formats As the leader in DDR product technology, Danaher Motion provides 3 DDR solutions to match best with your machine DDR Product FormatBest Application Fit Frameless DDR parts set Significant integration, best package fit Apply where performance is King Easy to integrate, package size fixed Apply for indexing or where load needs to be supported Fully housed GOLDLine DDR Easy to integrate, package size fixed Apply where bearings already exist in machine Cartridge DDR

5 5 Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR Award Winning DDR technology made even simpler to apply!! …..and at a great price! The Differentiators

6 6 Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR Torque range of 4.6 - 59 Nm 3 frame sizes 4.25, 5.4 and 7.4 square Speeds to 2500 rpm Mounting tolerances required: very forgiving for wide application.005 TIR…2.5 times as much as large frame CDDR.004 perpendicularity.004 shaft mis-alignment Simple coupling arrangement Very simple mounting process Sine encoder feedback…524K counts per rev The Differentiators

7 7 Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR Where to Sell Where mechanical transmissions: Limit performance Are the wrong package size Printer drum drives Drums for flexo printing Rollers die cutting Feeders Incremental motion press feed Large ballscrews Vertical press XY stages…high performance but less $ than DDL solution How to sell CDDR Sell the differentiation of the CDDR Unique servo solution Causes the customer to think about the design of their machine Locks you in to motor/drive business Sell as alternative to frameless competition Strategy: Get one axis with CDDR and pull through additional AKM axes The Differentiators

8 8 Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR CDDR Value Proposition: The SFCDDR will provide: superior servo performance (accuracy, bandwidth, noise) save up to 40% in overall length of the servo package eliminate maintenance …and do it at about the same purchase price as the combined motor/transmission/labor of a conventional servo system The Differentiators

9 9 Cartridge DDR Sales Tools Website The DDR story Animation System performance curves Motor CD sheets 3D CAD drawings Application Success Stories Animation for large frames Installation CD for large frames Selection Guide The Differentiators

10 10 Kollmorgen GOLDLine DDR Technical Information Four frame sizes: D06, D08, D10, D14 Three lengths for each frame size Continuous torque from 5 to 340 Nm Peak torque from 13 to 1340 Nm Index speed up to 800 RPM Load inertia mismatch up to 800:1 Options Sine encoder or Resolver 115Vac, 208Vac, 380Vac, or 480Vac operation Through bore IP65 or IP67 Sealing

11 11 CAMCO Mechanical Indexers Mechanical Indexers Fixed # of index points Fixed index angle Backlash affects accuracy Requires regular maintenance

12 12 Note: move customers to (2) –0512 magnet ways and away from -1024 (2) –0512 are less $ than (1) -1024 Green is core product offering (90%+ of sales) 5 day lead time!! (PD target by June 2006) for core product

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