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1 New Model 25 replaces Model 20 50% more Capacity

2 New Model 25CF 25CF Housing New 12 Bolt Mounting Pattern Will Mount In Place of Model 20CF Using Six Mounting Bolts

3 New Model 25FF 25FF Housing No Mounting Changes

4 New Model 25AF 25AF Housing New Mounting Option In Prototype

5 New Model 25 replaces Model 20 90% Of The Components Have Been Redesigned

6 New Shaft Seals & Seal Carrier One Design For Both Inner And Outer Seal Eliminates The HP Seal Option

7 New 25CF Mounting & Bearings New Timken Bearings Significant Thrust Capacity Increase Ideal for Vertical Boring Applications

8 New M25 Planet Carrier Assy 100% New Hefty Design High Capacity Components

9 New 25 Ring Gear & Spring Pin New Spring Pin - Front Housing To Ring Gear Extends Life in Applications With Reversing And Overrunning Loads by Relieving Shear Loads On the Assembly Bolts

10 Superior Features Ductile Iron Housings – Lighter Weight O-Ring Seals - No liquid Gasket Preloaded Timken Bearings Higher Capacity & Longer Life Pinned Housings – Eliminates Sheared Bolts

11 Revised Technical Specifications Torque Speed 4.8:1 Ratio 1,200 RPM Input 6.0:1 Ratio1,500 RPM Input ContinuousIntermittentPeak 85,000 in-lbs110,000 in-lbs135,000 in-lbs 7,080 ft-lbs9,160 ft-lbs11,250 ft-lbs 9,600 Nm12,428 Nm15,250 Nm –Model 20 - 60,000 in-lbs

12 Speed Reducer Life Curve Reducer Life is Dependent on Torque And Speed High Torque – Low Speed Low Torque – High Speed

13 Model 25DCF Upgrades

14 Model 25DCF Upgrades The Double Reduction 25DCF Incorporates The New Model 16 Primary Gear Components

15 Model 25DCF Upgrades New Pinned Rings & Housings New Material Specification For Intermediate Gear New Model 16 Planet Carrier Assembly

16 Model 25 Parts & Service Seal Kits Change in kit numbers SK 25-1 Buna SK 25-1V Viton SK 25D – 1 Buna SK 25D – 1V Viton Planet Carrier Kit Upgrade all models to new design planet carrier 250004 4.8:1 Ratio Planet Assy 250005 6.0:1 Ratio Planet Assy

17 Pricing Price Increase January 2005 Last Price Increase June 1, 2001 Approximately 3 ½% Model 20 Phased Out July 2004 Model 25 Introduction July 2004

18 Model 25 Questions ?

19 New Lubrication Specifications The Oil Used in the Gear Box Does Make a Difference Up to 20% Longer Life Oil Recommendations SAE 85W – 140 Gear Oil ISO 68 Hydraulic Fluid W/Additives

20 Special M25/POCLAIN

21 Special Wheel Drive


23 New HECO GEAR Model 25 50% more Capacity

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