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Welcome to: Transforming Assessment Pilot Scheme First Targeted Forum 23 April 2013.

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1 Welcome to: Transforming Assessment Pilot Scheme First Targeted Forum 23 April 2013

2 Fire procedure. Cloakrooms. Refreshments and catering. Administration and staffing. Wifi code: nrmpublic/Password 123. Car park code: 5618. Housekeeping

3 Dr Helen May, Academic Lead, HEA Dr Erica Morris, Academic Lead, HEA Professor Sally Brown, HEA Associate Professor Brenda Smith, HEA Associate 3 Welcome and introductions

4 Enhanced understanding of the holistic nature of the six tenets and their inter-relationship. Improved understanding of the relevant tenets and how to apply such tenet to practice. Development of the planning process, helping to prevent duplication of effort across participating institutions. 4 Objectives of the forum

5 Mutual respect, trust, support and encouragement Remain open minded and non-judgemental. Confidentiality Work within Chatham House Rule. Consent Obtain permission prior to disclosure of data, materials or other information. Reminder: Rules of engagement

6 10.30Transforming assessment through the tenets 12.45Lunch (and train spotting) 13.30The process of transforming assessment 14.45Addressing key considerations 15.45Plenary 6 Programme

7 Helen May The Process of Transforming Assessment 7

8 Change is complex and emergent Successful, enduring change is enabled by being divergent as well as convergent; being creative as well as practical Successful change working groups comprise a diagonal slice of the institution Successful change is a result of generative, collaborative working. Some assumptions:

9 9 Levels and Forms of Change ALPHA LEVEL CHANGE: Gradual, incremental, planned approach to change that cumulate over a period of time which focuses on changes to particular arenas within the university BETA LEVEL CHANGE: Gradual, incremental emergent approach to change that develops over a period of time to cumulative and comprehensive change in the university GAMMA LEVEL CHANGE: Revolutionary, transformational and comprehensive planned attempt to create change across the whole university. Requires a paradigm shift.

10 Ensuring a Transformational Process Change strategy and policy Change systems and processes Change resource and evidence base Change attitudes, assumptions and practice Whole institutional change Policy Practice

11 Transformative change requires…. Enhancing the quality of the experience of all students Changes to policy Changes to practice

12 Working in mixed groups, record all the approaches you are planning to use (or potentially could use) to take forward tenet one and tenet two Your group is addressing one of the following: 1. Change strategy and policy 2. Change systems and processes 3. Change attitudes, assumptions and practice 4. Change resource and evidence base. Use different colours to distinguish between the two tenets. 12 Task:

13 13 References James R. Terborg, George S. Howard and Scott E. Maxwell (1980) Evaluating Planned Organizational Change: A Method for Assessing Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Change. The Academy of Management Review Vol. 5, No. 1 pp. 109-121 May, H. and Bridger, K. (2010) Developing and Embedding Inclusive Policy and Practice. HEA.

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