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Strategy managers / Curriculum managers network meeting 4 th November 2009.

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1 Strategy managers / Curriculum managers network meeting 4 th November 2009

2 Programme for the day 9.15 Updates Implications of the new framework (T&L) One to One tuition update 10.30 Refreshments 10.45 KS3 teacher assessments Core consultant input re. The story so far and next steps (APP) and subject developments 12.15 Lunch and networking 1.15 14 – 19 updates Foundation learning 3.30 Plenary




6 Grant 1.8 Secondary Strategy targeted funding Main allocation transferred April 2009 Additional AfL funding transferred September 2009 Additional core funding for targeted departments MEDIUM TARGETED SUPPORT (equiv. to 3 days TLC support + £1500) INTENSIVE TARGETED SUPPORT (equiv to 6 TLC days+ £3000) Funding to support and encourage collaborative working. Funding to be transferred on completion of contract*

7 Other funding SEAL Phase 1 schools(3) will become Lead in specific aspects (£2000) Phase 2 schools (7) will receive £500 to help resource Funding to be transferred in November Grant 1.5 One to One tuition ( additional funding to be transferred in November)

8 Getting Involved: helping your child make a good start to their secondary education. DVD reissued, content unchanged. For use with parents or carers of Year 7 (or potential Year 7) Offers advice and guidance to parents to encourage them to continue to be involved with their children's education. Copies available.

9 One to One tuition Grant 1.5 ring fenced at LA level to support pupil progress in English and Mathematics. Funding covers costs of tutors and their training, participation and LA central management. Evolved from the Making Good Progress pilot. First phase for East Riding took place in the Spring term with the Early adopter primary schools ( involved 228 pupils in KS2)

10 One to One tuition From September 2009, all Primary and Secondary schools are involved and have received funding to support named pupils. The East Riding received funding to support One to One tuition for 941 primary pupils (KS2), 789 secondary school pupils (KS3) and 30 KS4 pupils in our Secondary school supported by the National challenge initiative.

11 One to One tuition This is a closely monitored programme at school, LA and DCSF level with a high degree of accountability. Pupils may receive tuition in English and /or Maths. Every LAC in KS2 or KS3 is entitled to receive One to One tuition in English and Maths. Every pupil / student receiving One to One tuition will be tracked to monitor progress and the impact of the work The East Riding has employed a Primary and a Secondary One to One tuition coordinator (both on a part time basis) working at an operational level to support the schools implement this initiative

12 One to one tuition is not a replacement for: - existing intervention strategies - quality first teaching Provision of tuition does not detract from the overriding need to ensure quality first teaching is the key driver to improving standards.

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