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“Recycled Car” Project

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1 “Recycled Car” Project
Due March 23, 2012

2 Objective Students will be able to:
design and build a working car, with recycled material, safe enough to carry and protect an egg during a crash. evaluate the design of the recycled car by comparing its features with those of cars made by other teams.

3 Requirements Work individually or in group (max. 4 students per group). If working in a group, each member must participate/work and present. The recycled car must be unique and well design (presentable). The recycled car must work (run properly and protect an egg in crashes). Conduct an experiment to determine the average speed of the car (see Activity 74, p. E7). Run at least 5 trials. Your car must have an original name.

4 Rules Your car must work properly and all the parts must stay together. You need to use, at least, three different recycled materials. You need to build the frame and add axles and wheels. Wheels, axles and frames from other cars are not permitted.

5 Rules Your car must carry an egg safely down a race track and protect it during a crash against a barrier. The design must allow for easy setting, removal and inspection of the egg (driver). Your car must have the following dimensions: Width = max. 6.5 cm (including axels and wheels) Length = max cm.

6 The Project The Recycled Car
Presentation (includes report and car test in class) Written Report

7 Written Report Content
Recycled Car Name and Team members Purpose of the Project Materials Procedure Sketch, diagram or picture of the car showing its parts, dimensions and the recycled materials used. Data table “Recycled-Car Speed” (show all calculations). “Safety Test” results (egg survives the crash). Discussion (answers to questions with complete sentences).

8 Presentation All group members present. Present your car by name.
Show that your car works. A ramp will be provided for the crash test (egg). Answer the questions proposed for discussion. The project with the highest score will represent the class on the competition to celebrate “Earth Day” (April 23, 2012).

9 Discussion Questions How did you come up with the idea for your car?
How did you create the name of your car? What inspired the name? Did your vehicle work the first time? Why do you think it happened? Did you have to change the design of your car at any point? Why? Explain. What did make your car safe to carry and protect an egg during the crash? What makes your car unique?  How could you improve your car design?

10 “Recycled Car” Project Rubric
Scale: 4 Above and Beyond 3 Complete and Correct Incomplete 1 Incorrect Science 0 No answer Research: Project shows an experiment was done with at least trials. Includes complete report. Accuracy: Car works and is safe. It includes at least three recycled materials and drawing with labels. Creativity: Model is unique, well designed and has an original name. Grammar: Correct spelling and punctuation is used. Presentation: All members participate in the presentation and answer all discussion questions. TOTAL (20)

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