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Beth Francis, M.Ed., M.S. Gifted Intervention Specialist Felicity Franklin Schools.

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1 Beth Francis, M.Ed., M.S. Gifted Intervention Specialist Felicity Franklin Schools

2 * You will learn what the Engineering Design Process is by experiencing it. * You will interpret data and you will be able to use this data to make design decisions, specifically for designing a parachute. * You will be able to compose detailed sketches of possible designs that effectively communicate the design’s intent and use these sketches to make prototypes and the final product. * You will be able to evaluate your preliminary design, and you will be able to design and execute an evaluation plan to evaluate your prototype models. * You will know how to predict problems in final production by creating prototype models of your designs. * You will know how a team works together in construction, and you will be able to construct your parachute and evaluate it for the design constraints.

3 Design a parachute that will safely deliver its cargo to the ground according to the following constraints: * The parachute must be made from the materials provided or materials you provide that are approved by the instructor. * The goal is also to obtain the maximum hang time and minimum hang time of 1.5 seconds. * The parachute must safely deliver the cargo(egg) when dropped from a height of 2 stories. * Cargo container: *Cannot involve liquids, helium, food, or glass *Weight cannot exceed one pound *Cannot exceed one foot in length or width *Must be able to place egg into your container just prior to the drop

4 Identify and Define Gather Information Identify Alternatives Select Best Solution Implement Solution Evaluate Solution Communicate Solution Communicate Refine Engineering Design Process

5 Restate the purpose of the design challenge. * What does the prototype have to do to be successful?

6 Guiding Questions * What is the main purpose of parachutes? * What forces will be acting on the parachute? * Include a definition of air resistance. * What is hang time?

7 Research: * How does the size and shape of the parachute affect its fall? * How do the weights and properties of different materials affect the way they behave? * How do the number, placement, and type of supports affect the effectiveness of the parachute?

8 Considerations: * Brainstorm many ideas and pick three that your team likes best. * Your design must include how you will attach the parachute to the load. The load will be attached with a metal ring. * The cargo must land safely.

9 * Prepare three sketches of possible parachute designs. * Include rough dimensions. * Include notes on fasteners, attachments, and construction ideas.

10 * Explain why you chose the design that you did * Give 3 reasons. * Give several complete sentences that gives the teacher enough information to understand your choice. * Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation

11 * Design a plan for evaluating the prototype (procedure) * Design tests to ensure your design is valid, reliable, and possible. * Determine how you will record your findings.

12 Construct a prototype of your parachute. * Execute the designed tests and record the results * Update all sketches and drawings to show the results of the prototype testing.

13 After testing: * Upon completion of construction we will evaluate your parachute according to the design constraints and evaluation plan you created.

14 * Modify prototype if needed and re-test. Continue refining until the design is ready for the challenge.


16 Present parachute to the class. Presentation must include: * A display which explains their findings and explains the choices they made using the evaluation plan created earlier in unit and the challenges they faced. * The display can be a poster, PowerPoint, Prezi or medium of choice approved by teacher.

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