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The 3DayCar Programme ICDP Cardiff University University of Bath.

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1 The 3DayCar Programme ICDP Cardiff University University of Bath

2 Summary Information Project History Innovative Manufacturing Initiative - Land Transport – set framework Team responded to Nov 1997 IMI tender invitation Concept agreed Dec 16th 1997 Full proposal submitted Feb 8th 1998 But: more time required Scoping Study: May-July

3 Summary Information Research Team A three member consortium … … with a unique range of research experience across the new car value stream … … reinforced by their existing research partnership ICDP Solihull LERC Cardiff School of Management Bath

4 Summary Information The project headline To develop an organisational & process framework within which a customers need for a vehicle can be fulfilled in 3 days, from order placement, manufacture & delivery

5 Summary Information Project Objectives i Identify the methods needed to meet a 3 day goal – product technology, production, marketing, distribution Examine the impact of 3 day production methods – upstream & downstream

6 Summary Information Project Objectives ii Consider the roles & competencies required throughout the chain Identify the scope for new entrants in a 3 day market Examine the environmental & resource impact of a large scale move to 3 day cars

7 Summary Information Research Methodology Investigations centred around topic streams – Finance – Technology – Organisation – System – Marketing – Environment

8 Summary Information Finance Development of a total value stream costing model – including marketing & distribution costs Cost implications of flexible production – including trade-off between factory flexibility & distribution cost Using sponsor data ICDP Solihull Costs, value, profits, waste

9 Summary Information Technology Product & process technologies needed to produce a 3 day car – including product development implications of customer order fulfilment Drawing on Foresight Vehicle Programme Bath Design & buildability

10 Summary Information Organisation Processes & responsibilities in the 3 day value stream – management & organisational implications – new relationships between independent partners Information flows & systems architecture LERC Cardiff The key relationships

11 Summary Information System Time based system model of the customer fulfilment process – including key decision & decoupling points Building on LERC & ICDP simulation experience – new cars, spare parts LERC Cardiff The process dynamics

12 Summary Information Marketing Understanding customer needs Marketing & selling processes needed to optimise customer value – transferring customer wants throughout production & product development chain Identification of processes needed to match heightened customer expectation ICDP Solihull The voice of the future customer

13 Summary Information Environment Total environmental impact & resource utilisation forecast – economic, infrastructure & employment impact of the 3 day cycle Examination of the role of the distribution channel in reconfiguring, rebuilding & recycling The voice of society Bath

14 Marketing Environment System Organisation Technology Costs Dissemination Summary 199920002001 modellingtesting/validationdissemination conference web siteVideo etc Cust modellingCust inputsaftersales Deliverable dissemination Project Plan Summary

15 Summary Information Communication & Dissemination i Sponsors conferences – Major annual & mid year conference Web site Sponsors bulletin Academic journal & conference papers Comprehensive results communication during the final year

16 Summary Information Industry Support Broad base of support covering all sectors – Component Suppliers – Logistics Services – Distributors – Professional Bodies – Car manufacturers – Service organisations – IT, communications Forward thinking companies

17 Summary Information Sponsor Benefits Involvement in leading edge thinking – Key staff can work with research team – Direct access to researchers Ability to shape research priorities Participation in cross industry networks Involvement in private seminars – Privileged presentations of findings

18 Summary Information Sponsors Thyssen Krupp Automotive Axial BEA Systems Ford Honda Goldman Sachs Inchcape LEIG Nissan Peugeot NFDA Vauxhall Wallenius Cap Gemini Bundy Institute of Logistics & Transport

19 Summary Information Funding £1.5 million over 3 years Half from EPSRC Two funding levels for sponsors – £18k pa – £9k pa In-kind support important

20 Summary Information Project Organisation

21 Summary Information Project Management Team Project director – John Whiteman – Prof Jonathan Brown, deputy Senior research centre directors – Profs Graves & Hines Project Managers – Simon Elias, Geoff Williams

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