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Dr Wyn Hughes Associate Director – Capital Developments 18 November 2010 Travel Planning in Action.

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1 Dr Wyn Hughes Associate Director – Capital Developments 18 November 2010 Travel Planning in Action

2 Welcome to Addenbrookes 62 acre site, 2 miles south of City Centre bordering Green Belt Site shared with University and MRC 9,000 staff employed on site Over 20,000 trips to and from site each day 3416 on-site car parking spaces Over 1200 residential units

3 Development pressure due to: –Scientific research –Increasing demand for healthcare –Higher expectations of healthcare quality Potential need for huge expansion for car parking No demand management No funding to improve infrastructure Non-car access very poor Road network at capacity 1993 – 3,992 staff


5 Phase 1 – Doing our own bit Staff car parking charges introduced – 20p a day Patient and visitor charges introduced S106 signed with city – 3365 ceiling on car parking spaces Commitment to undertake annual monitoring Trust Board steering group established Interest-free loans introduced for cycles and motorcycles Ad hoc bus promotions Car parks resurfaced and CCTV/ lighting installed 1999 – 4,856 staff

6 Phase 2 – Managing parking Staff car parking charges – 30p a day Patient and visitor charges – city centre levels S106 re-signed with city – 3900 ceiling on car parking spaces S106 target for reducing car alone trips to site - staff 300 additional cycle parking spaces – showers, cycle lanes Car park management introduced Babraham Road Park & Ride opens one mile south of site 2001 – 4,631 staff

7 Segregation of Parking Staff parking Entry barriers - smart card entry 2358 spaces - 30p a day (2000) Staff priority parking groups Patient and Visitor parking Entry barriers - pay on foot 820 spaces - scaled parking charges

8 Priority Staff Groups Consultants and Executive Board Shift Workers Childcare (7 years and under) Liftshare Senior Clinical Residents

9 2 mile exclusion zone Applies to: All staff not in priority groups Applies between 00:00 and 15:30 Monday to Friday operation

10 2000 Staff Target 1 - Reduce % of staff travelling to the site in single occupancy cars from 50% in 2000 to 45% by

11 Phase 3 – Partnerships Staff car parking charges – 50p a day in 2003 Improved public transport network New bus station Closure of 119 staff parking spaces Discounted weekly bus tickets with Stagecoach Trumpington Park and Ride opens 1.5 miles west of site with new bus link Cambridgeshire Travel For Work Partnership 2003 – 5,676 staff

12 Stagecoach East Cambridge University Hospitals Cambridgeshire County Council Partnerships

13 Phase 4 – Communication Staff car parking charges – £1.40 a day (2006) On-site staff parking charges same as Cambridge P&R by 2007 S106 target patients & visitors Publish travel plans New multi storey car park opens Launch of Space programme New Addenbrookes Shuttle Upgrade remaining bus stops 10% train ticket discount National Cycle Network – 10,000 th mile opens New Security Contract - APCOA 2004 – 5,588 staff

14 Visitors and Patients Target 2 – To reduce % of visitors and patients arriving at Addenbrookes by car from 90% to 86% by – 9,639 visitors

15 Objectives To reduce the need to travel To improve travel choices and make them safe and accessible for all To reduce demand for car parking and traffic congestion on the site and on the surrounding road network To encourage healthy travel options To reduce the environmental impact arising from the travel needs of the Addenbrookes campus


17 National Cycle Network – Route 11 Opened September 2005 Partnership SUSTRANS, Cambridgeshire County Council and Trust Harlow (Essex) to Kings Lynn (Norfolk) Stripes represent 10,257 genetic letters of Human Genome BRCA2 Current Usage (2009) about 700 cycle trips / day


19 Phase 5 - Carbon Management Sustainability Manager Appointed Increased patient and visitor charges Think Green Campaign launched 2138 staff parking spaces New staff survey – understanding carbon impact BUG-WAG re-formed Cyclescheme, Liftshare, Streetcar 210 cycle parking spaces – PFI and Rosie 1055 space NCP multi storey car park opens Free bus travel (over 60s)



22 Phase 6 - Carbon and Health Management Staff car parking charges £2 a day (Comparable to Cambridge P&R) Addenbrookes Life Programme Work with MRC on research into Health & Commuting OWL Cycle Surgery on site Improved pedestrian routes and 150 additional cycle stands (300 spaces) Development of healthy, sustainable travel incentives Addenbrookes A bus service Patient Courtesy Bus Planning Permission – Cambridge Biomedical Campus


24 AAR Ph1 (£6m) AAR Ph2 (£19m) CGB (£97m)




28 Challenges ahead Integrated travel plan for Cambridge Biomedical Campus Targets for Clinical Targets for R&D Targets for MRC Targets for CR-UK Procurement of new infrastructure Carbon Reduction Commitment Premises Assurance Model (PAM) Business Mileage Goods and Services

29 Summary Commitment from the Board Strong leadership in introducing unpopular car park management Linked to Development Control Plan - a Vision Innovative procurement Partnership Ring-fenced income Union support

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