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Sutton Town Centre and Cheam Village Business Travel Networks

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1 Sutton Town Centre and Cheam Village Business Travel Networks
14th May 2009 ECOMM San Sebastian Jakub Bojczuk, SWELTRAC On behalf of Smarter Travel Sutton

2 Introduction Smarter Travel Sutton is a 3-year project, which encourages people to consider the most sustainable mode of travel for their journey. The project aims to reduce residents car trips by 10% by September 2009. So what’s special about Sutton? - Car ownership is one of the highest in London - Trips to work by car are high – 50% - Outer London Borough with a green reputation.

3 Sutton and Cheam within Greater London
Sutton Town Centre Cheam Village

4 Context Criteria Sutton Cheam Existing travel patterns
46% of journeys to work made by car 36% of households do not own the car 57% people live 5 km away from their workplace 57% of journeys to work made by car 14% of households do not own the car 42% people live 5 km away from their workplace The highest car ownership in the borough Public Transport accessibility PTAL: 6a One of the key rail stations in South London 26 bus stops served by 13 bus routes PTAL: 2 Conveniently located rail station 9 bus stops served by 4 bus routes Cycling/Walking Shared pedestrian/cycle space on High Street and cycle routes in surrounding area Numerous cycle racks Good pedestrian facilities No dedicated cycle paths Sheltered cycle parking outside the railway station Controlled Parking Zone Yes Business Office space and retailers The largest employment in the borough Community spirit Planning applications A few large new developments planned One development

5 Sutton Cheam

6 Methodology Appoint a consultant on performance related pay.
Target 50% of businesses in Sutton Town Centre with 20+ employees and 50% of businesses in Cheam Village with 10+ employees Working group established – TfL, Enterprise, CEN, LBS, SWELTRAC Refine the business list Work with existing business networks such as Sutton Chamber of Commerce, Town Centre Manager, Economic Renewal and Regeneration team Networks promoted at business events as well as directly to businesses via letters/ , telephone and face-to-face contact. Registration and engagement with businesses


8 Methodology (2) TP networks launched in October 2007
Baseline TP surveys undertaken in February/March 2008 – 30% response rate – prize draw to encourage participation – I-trace compatible Area wide travel plans drafted Site specific travel plan statements completed – including site audits Measures and initiatives implemented Follow up surveys undertaken in February/March 2009 Future surveys in February/March 2010.

9 Measures & Initiatives
Enterprise and Corporate Free cycle stands including installation Match funding Free signs Discounted pool bikes Workplace engagement events Liftshare and car sharing promotion Free cycle training

10 Measures & Initiatives (2)
Secure bicycle marking kits Led walks Free showers at the Holiday Inn “Try Cycling” programme Dr Bikes Local travel advisors Personal safety courses


12 Communication A club newsletter is sent out every 1-2 months to all business champions Businesses are sent A3 posters to display for staff with the latest offers An offers’ page has been set up and updated regularly on Businesses receive our help in updating their intranets and websites Sustainable transport events have been held at medium and larger organisations to make sure staff are aware of their travel options

13 Web pages

14 Results Sutton Town Centre Network covers 60 businesses (5000 employees) Cheam Village Network covers around 30 businesses (800 employees) The preliminary results suggest that 25% of staff travel more sustainably than they did a year ago. 50% increase in cycling in the whole borough 17% decrease in cycle theft. 13% increase in bus patronage. The first London Borough to have 100% of schools covered by a travel plan. Over 16,000 employees covered by a workplace travel plan in LB Sutton. 29% of residents aware of campaign. Nearly 25,000 residents reached by STS at events in Sutton.

15 Lessons Learnt Know your target audience
Agree on performance related pay Listen to stakeholders and businesses Be aware that response rates may be difficult to achieve Launch the BTN with business support Use the BTN to disseminate information Keep it simple

16 Contact details Jakub Bojczuk 020 8891 7665
Kathryn McLauchlan

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