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Managing the Cycling Renaissance in Bankside Sophie Tyler Better Bankside ECOMM San Sebastián/ Donastia 13-15 May 2009.

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1 Managing the Cycling Renaissance in Bankside Sophie Tyler Better Bankside ECOMM San Sebastián/ Donastia May 2009

2 Overview Background to Better Bankside Cycling related challenges Measures implemented - Cycle parking - Cycle maintenance - Research Conclusions

3 What is Better Bankside? UKs third ever Business Improvement District Set up in April business members Financed by levy on top of business tax Services include: Cleaning, Safety, Area Promotion, CSR and Travel Planning Focused on area south of the City of London around the Tate Modern

4 Better Bankside Master Travel Plan Key targets are to increase by 50% by 2010: 1.the share of people who walk to work, amongst those who live within a 2 mile radius. 2.the share of people who cycle to work, amongst those who live within a 5 mile radius. 3.the number of work related journeys made to locations within London on foot (2006: 20%) 4.the number of work related journey made to locations within London by bicycle (2006: 3%)

5 Cycling in London 91% increase in share of trips made since 2000 (from low baseline) Key recent initiatives include plans for Central London Cycle Hire scheme & cycling super highways BUT different level of provision throughout city

6 Challenges

7 Space for Parking Central London – generally lack of parking space New developments – planning restrictions on car parking Old(er) multi occupier buildings have no basements SO no space to adapt to cycle parking Plus… Limited space on street for visitor / short term cycle parking

8 Cycle Security and Maintenance Cycle theft from around the area (employees and visitors) New cyclists not hobby cyclists – not skilled at maintenance

9 Measures

10 Secure Cycle Parking Different options explored: Hire space in existing car park Hire space in new development (cycle parking or car park spaces) Set up temporary facility using re- fitted shipping container Issues to resolve: Security and access The aesthetics of shipping containers!

11 Cycle security on street Working with LB Southwark & TfL to install more on street cycle parking Piloting 12 cyclehoops Working with Better Bankside Rangers to inform cyclists where NOT to park!

12 Cycle maintenance Free basic check once a month. Over 190 cyclists benefited since June 2008 Regular free cycle maintenance training sessions (mixed and women only). 60 people trained since September 2008.

13 Research Part of development of vision for Bankside in 2015 Look at scope for increased rates of walking and cycling Ask: What has made a difference? What more could be done: - Infrastructure? - Training? - Marketing? Links with work on Bankside Urban Forest (public realm design framework)

14 Conclusions

15 Analysis Pressure on public transport means cycling must be part of Londons business travel mix Even now in recessions, still problems with overcrowding (Underground, Train, Bus) Requires partnership approach London cycling is changing - flexibility is key

16 Enlightened Business Approach Recognition that cycling part of business solution Facilities for staff (parking, showers, lockers) Time off in lieu for every cycle commute trip (Forster for Change) Pool bikes (Allies and Morrison) Allies and Morrison Architects

17 Transport for London Approach Central London Cycle Hire Scheme Cycling super highways Cycle parking near key destinations Cycling promoted to businesses via Corporate and Enterprise travel plan funding scheme Left to local Boroughs to put in additional infrastructure (cycle paths, contraflows, etc)

18 Better Bankside Approach 1.Find space! Secure parking and cyclehoops 2.Cycle security – working with Better Bankside Rangers 3.Recognise needs of new cyclists (e.g. cycle maintenance) 4.Folding bikes as pool bicycles 5.Research to inform future measures 6.Work together with Transport for London, Southwark Council, Southwark Cyclists and individual business Bicycle User Groups

19 Thank you Any questions? Sophie Tyler Travel Plan Coordinator Better Bankside

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