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2 Waiting While Riding in the Car This Social Skill Story begins on the following page. Before using, please read the notes for parents on the last page. Thank you. Text © 2011. Visit and http://daily-autism- for more autism teaching resources.www.PositivelyAutism.comhttp://daily-autism-

3 Waiting While Riding in the Car

4 Insert picture of your child or student here. My name is _________________. © 2011.

5 Sometimes, I ride in the car with my mom or dad. © 2011.

6 The car is moving most of the time. But sometimes, we have to stop and wait. © 2011.

7 There might be lots of cars on the road. This is called a traffic jam or being stuck in traffic. © 2011.

8 A traffic jam means that there is not enough room for all of the cars to drive fast. We drive slowly so that we can share the road with other cars. © 2011.

9 Another time we stop and wait in the car is at a stop sign or red light. © 2011.

10 At a stop sign or red light, the cars take turns driving. My mom or dad knows when it is our turn to drive. © 2011.

11 Another time we wait in the car is if there is road construction. © 2011.

12 Road construction means that people are fixing something on the road. © 2011.

13 Cars have to slow down or stop to drive by the road construction workers and vehicles. © 2011.

14 I will try to be patient while I wait in the car. I can read, listen to music, or draw while I wait. © 2011.

15 I am learning about waiting while riding in the car. © 2011.

16 (c) 2011. ________________s Waiting in the Car Points

17 Visit for autism teaching materials and training. Most things are free! Behavior Strategies ABA and Autism Online Tutorials Online Autism Training Classes for Parents and Teachers Social Skill Stories Lessons and Learning Activities

18 Notes for Parents/Teachers It is best to customize this story for each individual child by incorporating the childs name and photos and altering any words and pictures to best meet your childs learning needs and preferences. The point chart on the last page of the story can be printed and used to reward the child for appropriate waiting behavior. Explain to the child before you ride in the car what this looks like by reading the story, and telling the child what he or she could do to show good waiting behavior. Examples might be using polite words, waiting quietly, or drawing, reading, or engaging in another preferred activity while waiting. Change the picture at the bottom of the chart to reflect something the child would like to earn. Give points (in the form of stickers, checkmarks, etc. on the chart) frequently while the child is waiting nicely. When each box on the chart is filled, the reward is earned. You can alter the number of boxes as needed. The term Social Stories TM is trademarked by Carol Gray. Every effort has been made to write this story according to Carol Grays guidelines, but no guarantee can be made. Carol Gray has not specifically endorsed this story. For more information about writing Social Stories TM, please read: The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome, and their Peers (c) 2011.

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