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Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! West Clayton.

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1 Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year! West Clayton

2 This will be my third year teaching 2 nd grade at West Clayton. I was born in Fayetteville, NC where my father was stationed in the army. I eventually relocated to Clayton where I lived until I attended college at East Carolina University. Three years ago I was blessed to marry my best friend. We have 3 fur babies and a newborn baby boy.

3 In our classroom we use a clip chart. Each day your child will be given an S+ to U on their Behavior log that will let you know how they did for the day. ***Most of the time your child will be on S. This is where they will start each day and THIS IS GOOD! If your child reaches outstanding they will receive a card. 10 cards and they get to pick a prize out of our class treasure box at the end of the day. S+ = Outstanding (Students must go above and beyond) S = Good Day (Start of the day) S- = Slow down N = Think about it- Child will receive a form to fill out on their behavior to take home and get signed. U = Parent/Office Contact

4 All Second Grade students follow the same list of rules. R = Respect yourself and others U = Understand others’ differences L = Listen to Learn E = Engage and stay on task S = Show responsibility

5 Our school uses the PAWS system. Each time we receive 45 red paws our class earns a letter from the word PAWS and they are rewarded as a class. P = Practice responsibility A = Always be safe W = Willing to learn S = Show Respect

6 Your child will have a red homework folder that will come home. This will have their homework, behavior log, reading log, and sometimes important papers that need signed and brought back. I look through folders each day for notes, but collect folders every Friday to check homework and students will get their folders back on Monday. SEND THIS EVERYDAY SIGNED There will also be a blue communication folder sent home every Friday with school work to keep at home and papers to be signed and brought back to school on Monday.

7 Homework will be given each night in Math, Reading, and Spelling. A paper with spelling responsibilities will be stapled in your child’s homework folder. Math and Spelling are due on Friday. Reading Calendars are turned in at the end of each month and filled out daily. Reading awards will be given at the end of each quarter for the students who are reading 20 minutes every night. Students must have these logs filled out in order to receive reading award.

8 All lunch money is due MONDAY. Lunch has changed to $2.10. Ice cream is 60 cents. Snacks must be sent from home. If you can, please donate extra snack for our class. This is for students who forget to bring it.

9 I will conference with each parent during the second quarter. If you would like to conference before or after this, please contact me in advance and we will set up a time.

10 The best way to contact me is through e-mail If you need to contact me by phone, I am available at these times: 7:45 am – 8:20 am 4:15 pm – 4:30 pm Phone Number: 919-553-7113

11 Spelling tests will be every Friday. Math and Reading tests will be given at random times. Check the classroom webpage to see upcoming tests. Students will be given timed tests for their addition and subtraction facts in math.

12 My webpage is updated each week. You will find upcoming events, dates, homework, useful links, etc. Please check this frequently for updates. You will also find a link to order books from scholastics. Students will have until the 15 th of each month to place orders on books they would like to purchase either online or through the paper order form. A code for scholastics online ordering access for our class is placed on your child’s communication folder and on our classroom webpage.

13 Google Search West Clayton Elementary Choose Students link on top Choose teacher web pages Choose second grade Choose Courtney Severance

14 Math will be very hands on through math centers and partner/group activities. Whole group lessons will be taught to introduce new skills. Tests and Quizzes will be given on different skills.

15 Reading will be fiction and non-fiction stories from textbooks and other sources. Small groups and centers will be implemented using the Daily 5 Program. Read to Self *Tests will be given on comprehension Read to Someone Listen to Reading Word Work Work on Writing Meet with Teacher

16 We will be using the 6 Traits writing program. Slowly introducing each skill until all are learned. 1.Idea 2.Organization 3.Voice 4.Word Choice 5.Sentence Fluency 6.Conventions/structure

17 The second grade team has decided to do spelling words a little differently this year. We really wanted to focus on students learning a particular skill each week and then forming words based on those skills. For example, the skill of short i and short a (pig, dig, cat, rat..) First, we will learn the skill and then as a class come up with a list of words. As a class, we will choose 5 of those words that they MUST learn and know how to spell on Friday's test. Students will then individually pick 5 more words to add to their list so that they can practice for homework. On Fridays test, they will spell the 5 words they had to learn and then I will randomly call out 5 more words that use the skill that was taught. This way, I will be able to tell if they learned the skill and that they didn't just memorize the words.

18 Science and Social Studies will be alternated in our daily schedule. The following topics will be learned in Science: Matter Weather Life Cycles Sound Genetics Social Studies: Government environment rainforests economics culture We will be using our textbook as well as other hands on approaches and activities.

19 We will need parent volunteers to help with classroom parties. We will also need parents to volunteer in working with students and getting materials ready. Make sure to fill out volunteer form first! Go to Volunteer in our Classroom!

20 Please remember to sign the sign-in sheet in the Hallway by our classroom. I will need to know how your child will be getting home from school the first day and how each day after that. (Student information card) Car Rider Numbers are located in the Media Center. Bus Rider information is located in the Cafeteria.

21 From Office Staff: -Buses may be early or late the first week. Buses will be running routes until 5:00. -Transportation changes must be handwritten and turned into the office first thing in the morning. -Transportation changes will only be accepted by phone only in emergency situations. -If your child is a car rider, and they are not picked up by 4:30, they will be sent to After School Care until picked up (this will cost $10.00)

22 Please visit my website and complete the student information survey for classroom files. You can find this on the 4 th link from the bottom of my webpage. Please complete this ASAP. Thanks!!!

23 If you would like to donate something extra to our classroom, please take a ladybug from the board. There will also be a complete wish list written out included in the forms on your child’s desk. Thank you for all of your help and support!

24 for taking the time to attend Orientation! I look forward to working with you and your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!

25 About remembering all this information at once! You can find a copy of this power point on the front page of my classroom webpage!

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