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FISPA Annual Conference

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1 FISPA Annual Conference
Atlanta, Georgia AT&T Mobility - Fred Roper & Mark Pearce July, 2013

2 AT&T Mobility Account team
Rob Dapkiewicz Vice President – AT&T Wholesale Solutions Rick Chapes Director of Sales AT&T - Wholesale Solutions / ISP Lisa Whiteside Director of Sales AT&T Mobility / Wholesale Solutions Chris Vicens Sales Manager Mark Pearce Mobility Applications Consultant Fred Roper Strategic Account Manager Sivam Namasivayam System Engineer (510) Ken Fichter Strategic Account Manager

3 AT&T Mobility Resources Guide
National Business Ordering Monday – Friday (7 AM to 7 PM Central Time) Authorized Order Placers can call to order new service, process upgrades, migrate their service, order accessories, check the status of their orders, as well as process returns or exchange on their equipment (ordered within 30 days). National Business Services/Select Care (NBS) Voice Support Monday – Friday - (8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Eastern Time) National Business Services provides specialized business care services to support the wireless management needs of program administrators (Telecom Managers and Key Contacts). Contact NBS Voice Support for rate plan changes, address changes, upgrades, billing questions, account splits/consolidations, suspend/cancel, basic WIN support, problem resolution. NBS - International Wireless Care from domestic location or from International location 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week International Wireless Care provides 24x7 support. Provides voice and data technical assistance to international roaming customers. Premier Support Center (866) Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Premier Web Technical Issues/ Web site issues. The Wireless Management Center has a comprehensive set of web based management tools designed to increase productivity, enable controls and manage wireless costs. Business End User Care or 611 from a wireless phone Business End User Care supports business end users. Our knowledgeable BEUC Representatives provide customized service and have access to your company's profile - including AT&T Mobility programs, pricing, and offers specific to your company. BEUC can assist with service and/or account level changes, billing inquiries, technical support, equipment orders, and overall wireless information. Change of Financial Responsibility , option #2, option #5 The Change of Financial Responsibility team supports requests from Nationally Contracted Customers who need to change financial responsibility from corporate liability to employee liability. Company must submit permission in advance for release of wireless number. Warranty Exchange: (800) Warranty Exchanges after 30 days ©2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.

4 FISPA - AT&T Program Overview
FISPA – master agreement Member Companies – participation agreement Benefits and Offers Monthly service discounts (varies by product) Applicable for voice, data & messaging products Equipment discounts / free devices Online portal for adds, moves, changes and billing Members can select any Mobility product / service offering Currently negotiating agreement with FISPA M2M / WWAN Separate agreement negotiated with each member company M2M / WWAN – primary / fail over capabilities

5 AT&T Mobility Voice & Data Rate Plan Overview

6 Mobile Share voice, text and data plans
Flexible data plans to accommodate usage requirements 24 groups per account Unlimited voice and text (SMS, MMS) included Add features as needed to individual mobiles e.g., international roaming, ePTT, navigation

7 Mobile Share data plans
Data only devices Flexible data plans to accommodate usage requirements 24 shared groups per account Add features as needed to individual mobiles e.g., international roaming

8 Pooled Voice Plans Manage voice usage across the enterprise
Balance high usage with low usage Eliminate domestic overages Add features as needed to individual mobiles e.g., international roaming; ePTT; messaging

9 Pooled Data Plans Data only devices
Manage data usage across the enterprise Balance high usage with low usage Eliminate domestic overages New – 10 GB data plan option Add features as needed to individual mobiles e.g., international roaming

10 Individual Data Plans Options to accommodate all users
Smartphones, tablets, data modems Tethering / Hotspot capabilities Add features as needed to individual mobiles e.g., international roaming

11 The AT&T 4G / LTE Network Expanding, Evolving and Innovating…
Enabling You to Transform Your Business This document is not an offer, commitment, representation or warranty by AT&T and is subject to change. © 2013 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.

12 Safe Harbor Statement Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking Statements Information set forth in this presentation contains financial estimates and other forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results might differ materially. A discussion of factors that may affect future results is contained in AT&T’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. AT&T disclaims any obligation to update and revise statements contained in this presentation based on new information or otherwise.

13 Today’s Mobile Devices
Mobile Device Evolution Driving Data Growth More capable Smartphones means more engagement with devices Legacy Mobile Devices Today’s Mobile Devices Phone Calls Limited Web Browsing Complex Applications Streaming Video Extension of Office PC Smartphones, Branded Computing Devices, and Emerging Devices AT&T has experienced unprecedented mobile Internet growth … 25,000% wireless data increase over last 5 years As smartphones have become more capable, customers have enjoyed using their devices more Older mobile devices didn’t have as many capabilities and were used mainly for placing calls, there was some functionality, but there were no compelling applications. They had lower processing speed, smaller capacity, and they were more bulky. Today, phones have incredible processors, great resolution, and can support vary innovative applications and can even be used as an extension of an office PC. The increased usability and functionality of these devices combined with a proliferation of data driven applications has resulted in huge data consumption. This is confirmed with the data traffic on our network up around 25,000% over the last 5 years between 2007 and 2012.

14 Investing in Our Future…and Yours Evolving the network to provide you the best mobile Internet experience Investment >$98 billion invested in our wire line and wireless networks over the past five years ( ) In 2012, invested nearly $20 billion, including more than 160,000 wireless network improvements Expect to invest in the range of $21 billion in 2013 In 2012, announced three year $14B investment plan with Project Velocity IP ( ) To support increasing data consumption and continuing network evolution, AT&T continues to invest in our wireless network. -$98 billion wireline and wireless investment over the past five years, more than any other public company In 2012, we invested nearly $20 billion in our wired and wireless networks, including more than 160,000 wireless network improvements, including: (T-Mobile only $4B in Added 766,000 Square Miles of 4G coverage Installed 849 Distributed Antenna Systems (public and enterprise) Deployed 81,000 new antennas Grew to more than 33,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots in service Launched an initiative to deploy more than 10,000 macro sites, 1,000 distributed antenna systems Investment in our wireless and wireline networks is expected to be in the range of $21 billion in 2013, with about 60 percent of that to be spent on wireless. In late 2012, AT&T announced Project Velocity IP, which included plans to significantly expand and enhance our wireless and wireline IP broadband networks to support growing customer demand. As part of the investment plan, AT&T will boost capital spending by about 16 percent to $22 billion a year for the next three years to upgrade the wireless and wireline networks. AT&T's Project VIP consists of several initiatives, including: Enhance and expand wireline IP network to 57M customer locations, covering 75% of customer locations in wireline service area by YE 2015 Expand fiber network to reach an additional 1M business customer locations by YE 2015 And from a wireless perspective, initiatives include 1) 4G LTE expansion, with plans to expand to cover 300 million people by the end of 2014 Spectrum Densification & Small Cell Technology Wireless is our number one investment priority and we are working relentlessly to provide our customers with the most capacity, best coverage, and highest mobile Internet experience.

15 Now Available in 325 Markets
The Nation’s Fastest 4G LTE Network Dual-layered 4G technologies for the best overall broadband experience Now Available in 325 Markets AT&T 4G LTE reaches more than 200 million people* More than double number of people covered in 2012 (vs. year-end 2011) Expect to cover 300M people by year-end 2014 4G network covers more than 292 million people Nation’s largest 4G network Virtually 100 percent of AT&T’s wireless network covered by HSPA+ Over 90 percent of mobile data traffic runs over enhanced backhaul Customers still have access to fast 4G speeds with HSPA when they go outside of a 4G LTE area AT&T delivers 4G using two complementary technologies — LTE and  HSPA+ with expanded backhaul – to deliver a widespread, ultra-fast and more consistent 4G experience. LTE: Deployed the nation’s fastest 4G LTE in 325 markets, reaching more than 200 million people. -More than double the number of people covered in 2012 vs. year-end 2011. -Plans to expand 4G LTE to 250 million people by year-end 2013 and to 300 million by year-end 2014. -AT&T LTE supports average data rates of 5-12 Mbps in the forward link, and 2-5 Mbps in the reverse link. -LTE technology also offers lower latency, or the processing time it takes to move data through the network. HSPA+: Complementing our 4G LTE network is HSPA+ with expanded backhaul, which enable 4G speeds. Typical download speeds range from approximately 2 Mbps up to 6 Mbps where AT&T has enhanced backhaul connections in place. Virtually 100 percent of AT&T’s wireless network is covered by HSPA+ We are rapidly expanding Ethernet and fiber to cell sites nationwide -- adding new cell sites weekly – and almost 90 percent of our mobile Internet traffic on expanded backhaul.  With LTE and HSPA+, AT&T has the nation’s largest 4G network covering more than 292 million people as well as the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network. As our 4G LTE footprint continues to grow, customers with compatible devices outside of 4G LTE areas will still have access to consistently fast mobile Internet speeds through HSPA+ for a widespread, ultra-fast and consistent 4G experience from AT&T. * Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. 4G speeds are delivered by HSPA+ (with enhanced backhaul) or LTE, where available. Compatible device and data plan required. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Learn more at

16 AT&T plans to begin deployment of LTE-Advanced in 2013
LTE - Advanced Advancing and Evolving the AT&T 4G Network Heterogeneous Network Topology Carrier Aggregation Higher peak data rates More efficient use of spectrum Increased number of simultaneously active subscribers Improved performance at the cell edge Features Advanced MIMO AT&T plans to begin deployment of LTE-Advanced in 2013 Carrier Aggregation increases transmission bandwidths in order to achieve very high data rates; allows operators to bond multiple downlink channels (different types of spectrum) to create higher throughput. Advanced MIMO (Multiple In/Multiple Out), a radio antenna technology that uses multiple antennas to increase capacity and improve range; instead of 2 antennas at each end there can be 4x4 or even 8x8. Heterogeneous Network Topology uses network intelligence to enable small cells and Wi-Fi hotspots to tightly integrate with the wider (macro) network without risk of interference. It also provides enhanced coverage and capacity and allows us to target capacity to demand. This combined network is commonly called a hetnet.

17 AT&T Antenna Solutions
Augmenting Your Wireless Access Experience Providing you flexible network access methods for enhanced coverage AT&T Wi-Fi AT&T Antenna Solutions Nation’s largest Wi-Fi network* Deployed Wi-Fi hotzones with expansion plans 30K – plus domestic Hotspots Targeting locations that typically experience high- volume data usage with distributed antenna systems Wi-Fi AT&T has the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network* with more than 32,000 hotspots in the US, and access to nearly 402,000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements Virtually all new AT&T smartphones come equipped with Wi-Fi technology, and Wi-Fi use doesn’t count toward customers’ smartphone data plans. In addition, AT&T has deployed Wi-Fi hotzones to supplement mobile Internet in urban areas with consistently high mobile Internet use. Hotzones enhance the broadband experience for AT&T customers who use Wi-Fi enabled devices. Wi-Fi hotzones provide another fast and reliable way for customers to stay connected from their mobile devices, adding data network capacity in high traffic areas. AT&T deployed Wi-Fi hotzones in NYC’s Times Square, near Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral and along Park Avenue. Wi-Fi hotzones are also available in downtown Charlotte, N.C., Chicago’s Wrigleyville, downtown Indianapolis, San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center and in Silicon Valley on Palo Alto’s University Avenue AT&T plans to deploy additional hotzones in other urban areas across the country with consistently high data use AT&T also formed Antenna Solutions, which is charged with building antenna distribution systems in hundreds of large public venues around the country. The team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to customers in locations that typically experience high-volume data usage, such as sporting events, concerts, and convention facilities to provide exceptional service *Largest based on branded and operated hotspots. Wi-Fi enabled device required

18 Meeting our Customers’ Demands
Final Thoughts Continuing investment Driving innovation Advancing network enhancements Increasing quality Improving the end to end business experience Meeting our Customers’ Demands AT&T - The nation’s fastest 4G LTE network.

19 AT&T Mobile Applications
M2M / WWAN Mobile Resource Management Business Messaging Enhanced Pushed to Talk (ePTT) Mobile Device Management 19

20 Driving Innovation – Broadest Mobility Portfolio Available Transforming your business by mobilizing your business processes Machine to Machine mHealth Mobile Enterprise Management Communications and Collaboration Mobile Applications and Services Mobile Marketing and Messaging Mobile Professional Services Critical Communications Field Service Solutions Mobility is transforming how we live and work - all enabled by a rich variety of endpoints and applications. Mobile apps seem to be everywhere and they are quickly becoming the indispensable everyday tools that allow your employees not only to communicate, but also collaborate and problem-solve real business problems in real time. And AT&T has a broad array of mobile applications to solve business problems. [See App categories] AT&T has also set up Innovation Centers to help venture capitalists, developers and startups meet with AT&T and help fast track approved projects to market. AT&T Foundry innovation centers - environments designed to foster collaboration and improve project cycle time from idea to market by threefold

21 AT&T Mobile Application Alliance Engagement Model
1 2 3 4 5 DevCentral Certified Joint Sales & Marketing VAR AT&T Network Integration (NI) Third party application certified through devCentral Minimum requirement for any sales and marketing engagement Certified network compatible devices. Joint sales and marketing engagements and client support AT&T bills for wireless services Third party bills for application and/or professional services Formal co-sell relationships through IMAP (alliances drive AT&T activations) Software + Device + Bill + Support = Solution Vendor packages the end-to-end solution; acts as a reseller of AT&T services; works in isolation from AT&T channels AT&T packages applications, and or professional services in custom bill. Supplier provides solution to customer. AT&T sells end-to-end managed (often hosted) solutions for clients AT&T may add value to offer AT&T bills for software / device AT&T provides tier 1 support 21

22 Wireless WAN Connectivity Service: Solutions to Meet Business Requirements
Telemetry (Industrial/Monitoring/ATM/Kiosk) Primary WAN (Temporary/Disaster Recovery) Mobile (Public Safety/Transportation/Workgroups) Backup WAN (Primary Circuit Outage) Challenges: To get connectivity where and when needed To maintain reliable network connectivity To build a cost effective solution Wireless WAN Connectivity provides: Diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications Good ISDN alternative for T1 backup Quick deployment for new applications, remote locations, or mobile workers Consistent network connectivity Primary connectivity for low-bandwidth / telemetry applications Devices to meet specific application needs WWAN solutions include three main elements: A cellular enabled router (CER) a.k.a. Wireless router / WWAN router or Cellular modem A cellular IP connection Connectivity to a network-based WAN solution or IP/Frame/MPLS port at customer host site WWAN solutions can be implemented as backup connectivity to WAN circuits for low-bandwidth connectivity when wireline solutions are unavailable. It can also provisioned temporarily when wired services will take too long to install. The focus on backup rather than primary applications is due mainly to the fact that rate plans for WWAN connectivity are usage based or metered, rather than unlimited. Wireless may not be suitable for applications requiring low latency Because of this, alternative transport technologies may be more cost effective for bandwidth intensive applications Location Flexibility - transmit/receive information from virtually anywhere True Diversity - avoid wireline cut/outage/repair issues Economical - Less costly than landline for lower bandwidth applications Rapid Deployment – deploy incremental devices in days Customizable – flexible connectivity and configuration options Alliance Ecosystem - dependable support and alliances with leading hardware vendors AT&T provides customers the benefit of integrated wireless and wire line primary and backup connectivity solutions through a single provider. 22

23 Wireless WAN Cellular Connectivity to Corporate Resources and Applications
AT&T Mobility Network Primary WAN Backup WWAN Connection Cellular Enabled Router Standard Router Primary Connection Backup Connection AT&T Mobility Network Primary WWAN Connection WWAN solutions include three main elements: A cellular enabled router (CER) a.k.a. Wireless router / WWAN router or Cellular modem A cellular IP connection And connectivity to a network-based WAN solution or IP or Frame port at the customer host site WWAN solutions can be implemented as Backup connectivity to WAN circuits or as Primary Low-bandwidth connectivity when wireline solutions are unavailable, will take too long to install, or are too expensive. The focus on backup rather than primary applications is due mainly to the fact that rate plans for WWAN connectivity are usage based or metered, rather than unlimited. Because of this, alternative transport technologies may be more cost effective for bandwidth intensive applications. WWAN Router connects remote devices to cellular IP Network 1 2 Traffic is sent across high-speed cellular IP network 3 Remote locations connect to host applications 23

24 Mobile Resource Management
Providing workforce management tools that enhance the productivity of mobile workers. Features of Mobile Solution: GPS tracking and reporting including geofences and alerts Wireless forms with barcode capability Job dispatching Wireless timecards for individuals and teams Signature and image capture for proof of delivery GPS Navigation Automated reporting and safety alerts Potential Benefits: Improve productivity by routing workers appropriately or improving workflows Control costs by simplifying and improving time and labor management or by replacing paper-based processes with customized wireless forms Show compliance and meet regulatory needs Use intuitive web portal for access to detailed location maps, tracking, alerts, and both real time & historical reports. AT&T’s Mobile Resource Management solutions combine the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web interfaces to turn a Smartphone into a complete Mobile workforce and asset management solution automating antiquated manual workflow processes. These solutions extend your back-office systems to the field using back-office integration providing management with real-time visibility of field workers. Features include: GPS tracking and Navigation, Wireless timecards, Wireless forms and signature capture, Job Dispatching, Proof of delivery and instantaneous billing capabilities. Complimentary to our MRM solutions, AT&T also provides persistent connectivity VPN solutions to keep mobile workers authenticated while accessing different networks, across coverage gaps and can suspend and resume device activity without having to re-login. Measurable impact on operational efficiencies and green initiatives: Save time Save paper Reduce errors Streamline information flow TeleNav Track Premium includes mobile forms for capturing information. 24

25 Business Messaging Enhanced Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform xxx
Features of Mobile Solutions: Delivery confirmation & longer msgs 24/7 Enterprise Technical Support 2-way group notification & response Use with all AT&T devices w/ SMS Connect via SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, TAP Connect w/ VPN, frame relay or MPLS* Integrates easily with most applications Potential Benefits: Enables large group notification via SMS without spam controls Provides delivery confirmation Price: $9.99 per user /month for unlimited messages or $3.00 per user /month for basic access (recipient pays for each message)* Compatibile with a wide range of applications, devices and solutions xxx Business Messaging is an SMS gateway solution designed to enable enterprise and government organizations to upgrade from their existing consumer SMS messaging gateways to an enterprise grade platform for the same price. This new enhanced platform provides a more secure and reliable method of communication to your field workers and offers the following features/benefits over existing consumer gateway utilization. • Critical alerts - (network, disasters, technical issues) • Removes consumer gateway latency- offers 97% delivery under 2 minutes • Ability to filter out unwanted SMTP messages • Two-way remote worker notification and response • Large group notification without traditional blocking • Application to Mobile - (Applications: Outlook, BNC, Remedy, HipLink) (Protocols: SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, TAP) • Delivery confirmation and longer messages (420 Characters) • Compatible with any device capable of receiving text messages • 24/7 technical support-Pricing plans for most usage scenarios • Business Notification Center website for group notification 25

26 AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk
Communicate Instantly with ePTT Features of ePTT: Large contact lists - up to 1,000 contacts Group calling - up to 250 people simultaneously with the push of a button Broad selection of smartphones, rugged phones and specialty devices Talk and use productivity applications simultaneously See who’s available to talk immediately with AT&T Enhanced PTT’s presence status indicators Supervisors can override PTT calls to communicate important to their teams Access to AT&T’s 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks Use mobile applications, GPS or cameras on your phones during PTT calls Potential Benefits: Save time on calls Integrate with MRM and fleet solutions for improved productivity Replace EOL iDen solution Compatibile with a wide range of applications, devices and solutions AT&T Enhanced PTT is an IP-based end-to-end communications and applications platform that offers fast, sub-second performance, advanced features, a broad portfolio of compatible smartphone and rugged phone devices, integration with an array of advanced mobility applications – and expansive coverage on the nation’s largest 4G network. Superior PTT features and user experience Sub-second latency, Fast call setup times, View real-time presence/status of your talk group members, Instant Alert, Supervisory override functionality, Optional interoperability with LMR systems. Broadest choice of devices and Platforms We are taking a smart phone centric approach to PTT that differentiates us from competition. We will have feature phones but we are leading with smart phones. We can aggressively upgrade the platform with smart phones. Can layer application on top of service for future upgrades. VZW/Sprint are tied to CDMA and feature phones limiting upgradeability. Downloadable client on smartphone is easily updated. We are the only carrier offering PTT over LTE. It doesn’t require LTE. Its going to work on 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 4G HSPA and EDGE. Large contact lists (up to 1000 contacts) and increased group sizes (up to 250 participants per talk group and up to 100 talk groups) xxx 26

27 Good for EnterpriseTM from AT&T
Good for EnterpriseTM from AT&T is a secure messaging and mobility device management solution. Features for Mobile Solutions: Good Mobile Messaging Good Mobile Control Good Mobile Access Potential Benefits: Secure device management through portal or web console Overcome security concerns with Good Technology’s “Containerization” to keep enterprise data separate from personal data Helps companies integrate various devices into the corporate space to reduce IT breaches and increase productivity Price: Pricing is based software server purchase, tiered Client Access Licenses needed, and related Support Options chosen An Enterprise Data plan is required with this solution Good for Enterprise is applicable to all business segments Usually 50+ users, but there are no restrictions Average deployment is 500+ users Vertical Markets that are a “Good” fit include: Federal Government Local/State Government Healthcare Education Finance Today’s enterprises are more mobile than ever with a multitude of operating systems, carriers, smartphones and tablet devices, many organizations risk being overwhelmed by the complexities of their mobile inventory. IT departments face significant disruptions to traditional information security due to: Rapid introduction of new devices – smart phones, tablets and PCs Multiple mobile operating systems Employee requests and trends In addition to concentrating on traditional core requirements, IT departments are not fully equipped to handle mobile device activation and deactivation, device security and support, application deployment, security and the demands of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Meanwhile, enterprises are pressed to deliver better and faster access control, compliance and self-governance, and policy deployment and enforcement. (Good for Enterprise Application) Good for Enterprise can be used on handheld devices and tablets with a variety of OS’s including iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile 6.5

28 AT&T Enterprise Mobile Device Management – Mobile Iron
Making Smartphones Enterprise Ready Features for Mobile Solutions: Multi-OS, multi-carrier device management Advanced Security Remote Control Provision, configure and troubleshoot with minimal user interruption Potential Benefits: Get smartphone operations under control Protects sensitive corporate data on smartphone devices Monitors and prevents unauthorized devices from accessing the corporate network Price: ~$4 - $7 per month per subscriber; Professional services (installation, training) starts at $3000 Application Management Security Management Enterprise Management Loss & Theft Management Expense Management Remote Management

29 Controlled by the Business
AT&T Toggle - Advanced Mobile Workspace Management Solution Separates, protects and manages a corporate Workspace on an employee’s personal Android device (Smartphones, Tablets) regardless of carrier Dual Mode Personal Space Personal side stays “personal” Toggle Workspace Controlled by the Business Business Mode Controlled by the Business Not touched by the business Personal activities remain private Protected access to personal apps: Social media Multi media downloads accounts Shopping sites Gaming Encrypted , contact and other EAS features Prevent apps from writing to SD card Access to corporate-approved applications PIN/Password protected workspace and applications Remote wipe only Toggle workspace Highly Secure storage and policy-based secure networking Corporate policy management via the Toggle Administrative Management Console AT&T Toggle is a cloud-based Workspace Management platform. It provides a secure mobile workspace on employees’ mobile devices that can be centrally managed by enterprise IT administrators. It allows businesses to easily separate, control and manage business apps, content and data on today’s most popular mobile devices and operating systems, while leaving personal data alone. The newest version of AT&T Toggle can be used on smartphone or tablet devices running Android™ OS versions 2.3 through 4.1.x, and iOS™ versions 5.0 through 6.0.x on virtually any service provider. One Device AT&T Toggle

30 Q & A 30

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