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1 Best Practices in PeopleSoft Mobile GreyHeller LLC ©GreyHeller, LLC All Rights Reserved

2 Session Scope Learn strategies for getting started with Mobile and PeopleSoft –Customer Use Cases –Challenges –Architecture –Project Management –Support and Lifecycle management Demonstration intended to support topics

3 Agenda Introduction Customer Stories / Use Cases Mobile User Experience Supporting Mobile Securing your Mobile Application Managing a Mobile Implementation The Future

4 Company Highlights Founded by the people who ran PeopleTools PeopleTools strategists and developers since 1994 Deep PeopleSoft software development skills and DNA Nearly 100 customers (US; Canada; UK; EU; Australia; Asia; Africa; South America) Beta test partner: PeopleTools 8.53 & Applications 9.2 2011 & 2012 Oracle Customer Advisory Board PeopleSoft ecosystem – Blog; Webinars; Conference training

5 Software Solutions Mobile for PeopleSoft –Any PeopleSoft page / customization….Automatically –Single code version: iOS; Android; Blackberry; Windows 7 –Highly secure Single Signon ERP Firewall Version Control Excel Add-in

6 Customers UnileverUS. Dept of StatePfizer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of ArkansasCambridge University Philip MorrisChesapeake EnergyLazard, Ltd. Texas Christian UnivQVCArizona State University US Dept. of EnergyHealthSouthRobert Half International MMI HoldingsStony Brook UniversityMethanex Univ. of Oklahoma – Health Sciences Center University of Central FloridaBCD Travel Jones Lang LaSalleUniversity of MontrealRyerson University Berlin PackagingFrostburg State UnivUniversity of Kansas University at BuffaloAgFirst BankIncyte AmedisysQuintilesDLA Piper GEICOLogistics HealthBarnabas Health

7 Mobile Enabling PeopleSoft

8 Common Mobile Use Cases HR / Benefits Procurement Financials Campus Solutions Administrative Access

9 Recruiting Add Candidate Search Candidates Post Jobs Interview Evaluation

10 Employee Self Service Performance Management Time Entry / Web Clock Absence management Life Events Benefits Enrollment Paychecks and Payslips

11 Manager Self Service Job / Personal Info –Transfers –Retire Employee –Promote Employee –Terminate Employee Performance Management HR Transaction Approval

12 Procurement Approvals –Purchase Order –Requisition –Contract Receiving

13 Financials Both Transaction Entry and Approvals of –Travel and Expense –Treasury / Cash Management –Service Request –Budget Search

14 Administrator Access Run (re-run) batch Processes Monitor Batch Processes Query Security Admin

15 Additional / Custom Cases Nursing Qualifications Management Messaging Center Residence Management What do I owe Time Entry – Custom UI, also integrated with GPS

16 Customer Stories –HealthSouth –MMI Holdings –University of Cambridge –TCU –Stony Brook University

17 HealthSouth Largest owner and operator of inpatient rehabilitative hospitals 22,000 employees with access to PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Footprint: –PeopleTools 8.52 –Heavily customized Enterprise Portal –HR/Payroll –Financials

18 Mobile Project Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.52 prior to mobile Enterprise Portal and HRMS first –Employee and Manager Self Service –Payroll –Time Reporting –Benefits Finance – Phase 2 –Expenses Heavy BlackBerry footprint

19 Enterprise Portal –Initial Entry Point –Public Access with deferred logon –Retain look and feel of branding Employee Self Service –Employee Information –Benefits –Payroll / Compensation Manager Self Service HealthSouth Use Cases

20 Metropolitan Holdings Limited Long-term insurance, asset management, investment, healthcare administration and employee benefits. Business units include: Metropolitan Retail Momentum Retail Investments Employee benefits Health and International. Operates in 12 countries outside of South Africa.

21 MMI Holdings Project Mobile Access in 12 countries throughout Africa Employee and Manager Self Service –Personal Information –Benefits –Recruiting –Performance Management –Time Entry –Payroll All Heavily Customized Installed on June 11 th, Approved for Go-Live on July 3 rd

22 The University of Cambridge 1209 – Earliest Record of the University 1284 – Peterhouse, The First College 1535 – Henry VIII founds Trinity College –c1584 – 1 st Europeans settled North Carolina 1838 – Browns Schoolhouse is founded 2009 – The University celebrates its 800 th Anniversary bridge-university/

23 The University of Cambridge Collegiate University with 31 Colleges Over 100 Departments 26,000 Students (18,000 fte) 7,500 Staff bridge-university/

24 Cambridge & Oracle Implemented Campus Solutions 8.0 in 2005 Current architecture –Campus Solutions 9.0 –PeopleTools 8.51.14 (moving to 8.52 04/12/2012) –Oracle database 11g bridge-university/

25 Student Experience Project 2009 Project Instigation –Looking at portal –Google analytics –Student feedback –College administrator feedback –Advisor feedback –Everyones feedback!!

26 Student Experience Project 2009 Project Goals –Meet the students requirements –Clean and up to date look and feel –Platform for change –Intuitive –Corporate

27 Student Experience Project 2009 Student Requirement Findings –Less cluttered – Only student system stuff, not portal –Show me everything I can do –No distractions –Needs to feel like a website –Need reminders to do things –Needs consistent design throughout –Dont step on my social life!!

28 Mobile Enablement Instigation –Google analytics

29 Mobile Enablement Project Goals –Mobile enabled Student Self Service – Yes all of it!

30 Mobile Enablement Approach –Looked at vendor offerings at Alliance –Project with undergraduates –Looked at building our own solution –Found Grey Heller

31 Mobile Project Details Phase 1 - Student Access Heavily Customized –Custom Navigation –Desktop rendering using Jquery UI enhancements –Custom version of most PeopleSoft-delivered pages Needed to leverage existing custom SSO solution Wanted Desktop and Mobile UI to be consistent Custom logic for Administrator Access

32 Peopletools 8.51 PeopleSoft Portal 9.1 Campus Solutions/HCM 9.0 combined –split October 5, 2012 Finance 9.1 TCU

33 What do we want to Mobilize? 2009 ?

34 TCU Mobile

35 What do we want to mobilize? What did we want to mobilize in 2009? What TerriblyClever told us we wanted to mobilize. The Universitys presence –Simply a home in the app store world. Directory, Athletics, News, Events, Map, Classes, Videos Helped us get ahead of the curve briefly

36 What do we want to Mobilize? 2013 Everything

37 What do we want to Mobilize? Business interactions (ERP) Academic interactions (LMS) Basic information (TCU Mobile) Athletics Events Radio Station Dining Hall Menus Shuttle information/Maps

38 Project Overview Primary Driver – Enrollment Firewall was also important factor Limit to 1 web server myTCU iPhone App Surveys to verify results Phase 2 plans –More Portal functions –HR access –Common URL for mobile / non-mobile llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll

39 One email says it all llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll

40 Stony Brook University Situated on 1,000 wooded acres on the north shore of Long Island Undergraduate students: 16,342 Total students: 24,500 More than 1,900 faculty More than 12,000 total employees

41 PeopleSoft Background PeopleTools 8.50 Campus Solutions 9.0 HCM 9.0 Heavy use of PeopleSoft Portal Customized Bolt-ons: What Do I Owe Student communications-focused customizations

42 Requirements User experience is critical –Navigation –Customizations (action and messaging center) –Detailed analysis of each page Focus on key processes in initial phase –Grades, Schedule, Messages, To-Dos, Holds Grey Heller Solutions, Proprietary and Confidential

43 Common Mobile Use Cases Campus Solutions HR / Benefits Procurement Financials Administrative Access

44 User Interface Challenges

45 Mobile Devices are Different Different screen sizes –Phone / Tablet / in-between –Portrait / Landscape Real Estate is critical Zooming and scrolling right/left decreases productivity Fingertips are only means of input

46 Security / Support Challenges

47 Security Authentication Protecting Application Data and processes –Data on device? –Restricting access based on location or device (device not security) Protecting your network Infrastructure Logging and Auditing Security Administration

48 Supporting Mobile End-user Support –Troubleshooting Issues –Training LifeCycle Support –Upgrades –Customizations –Testing Its all about the architecture

49 Managing a Mobile Project

50 Project Management Considerations How will mobile devices connect to your PeopleSoft Development Environment? –What are your wifi access policies? – Will you need to provide access to the public internet? How do you roll mobile out to your users? –Phased vs. Big Bang How do you gather sufficient user feedback? –Surveys

51 GreyHeller Implementation Methodology Plan for several Quick wins Avoid waterfall development model involve end- users early in the process –Day 1 – Review mobile UI immediately –Iterate through configuration changes with continual user review Split implementation into 2 parallel paths –User Interface –Infrastructure and Security –Load Balancer / Proxy Server Soft Launch Student Focus Groups & Surveys

52 Current State of ERP Mobile highlights shortcomings ERP Software –Usability –Flexibility –Adaptability –Security ERP is too expensive –End-user productivity –Implementation –Keeping current –Administration Technology is evolving rapidly

53 The Future Evolve both desktop and mobile user experience –Responsive –Simplify –Streamline –Compel Eliminate 90% of customizations Control and secure Use existing system as starting point PeopleSoft NavigationPresentationInteractivity Defaulting and Validation Process Flow Security and Auditing

54 Questions For more info and a copy of this presentation:

55 History of Mobile Company Directory WAP/WML 2000 Disconnected CRM Mobile Embedded DB2 2002 Disconnected PeopleTools Mobile 2 Never Released 2005 Mobile Inventory Mobile Expenses iPhone Applications 2010 iPad Support 2011

56 Future of Oracle Offerings Strategy –Re-think business processes with a mobile focus –Create mobile versions of targeted transactions Q4 2012 –iScript-based Application stop-gaps Q4 2013 –PeopleTools 8.54 Mobile TBD –ADF-Built versions of Campus Pages

57 PeopleSoft Application Database Mobile Access GreyHeller Architecture PC Access PeopleSoft Web Server App Server App Server Permissions User Interface Transaction Data Retrieval Prompting Logic Transaction Validation Data Processing GreyHeller Mobile Plug-in

58 PeopleSoft Application Database Mobile Access Web Services HTML PC Access PeopleSoft Web Server PeopleSoft Integration Broker Mobile Server Session Mgmt User Interface Security Logging App Server App Server UI Permissions PC Access Only User Interface PC Access Only Transaction Data Retrieval Bus. Logic Prompting Logic PC Access Only Transaction Validation Data Processing

59 Other Projects University of Kansas Amedisys Stony Brook University Frostburg State University

60 Campus Solutions - Students Student Center Grades Enrollment Personal Information Student Financials Financial Aid Holds To-dos Advisor

61 Campus Solutions - Faculty Faculty Center Class Schedule Class Roster Grade Book View Advisees

62 APRIL 7-11, 2014 Sands Expo and Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada COLLABORATE 14- Quest Forum is THE source for PeopleSoft roadmaps & news. It matters where you register! All PeopleSoft education and events run through Quest

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