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Mobile Access Amanda Myers, Michelle Walsh, Adriana Marroquin.

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1 Mobile Access Amanda Myers, Michelle Walsh, Adriana Marroquin

2 Problem We are a group of web-services librarians for Baltimore County Public Library. Feedback from our patrons has revealed a heightened interest in being able to access the library remotely. The county commissioners have provided our public library with a $7,000 grant for advanced technology. This grant will be used to address the interest patrons have shown in remote access to library services. It is our goal to integrate mobile technology with the librarys services in order to support our catalog, patrons accounts, and to allow access to our online resources. This will allow our users the opportunity to access the catalog, make changes to their library accounts, and use reference services remotely.

3 Why Mobile Access is Important " If a smartphone can always access a network, content can be continually streamed to the device over the network, providing content on demand... By going mobile, a library takes a giant step toward becoming a round-the-clock service." Timothy Vollmer, ALA, 2010 Libraries are mastering the mobile Web to bring patrons a new set of services-services that their users are coming to expect from communities and content providers. They are leveraging the technology that their patrons are using, such as cell phones and iPods, to deliver robust new services without making users leave their comfort zones. And these portable offerings are serving to integrate library services with patrons' daily lives. Kroski, Ellyssa, "Library Mobile Initiatives," Library Technology Reports, 44.5, (2008): 33

4 Institutions & Solutions Researched University of Mississippi o Mobile Site o Ask-a-librarian North Carolina State University o Mobile Site o Mobile App Cornell University o Text-a-librarian o Mobile Site o iPhone App Why Universities? o Serve diverse populations and provide literature on their projects.

5 University of Mississippi Developed by: Debra Riley-Huff, Web Services Librarian 2011.

6 University of Mississippi What does it fulfill?: Makes the regular library site more accessible. Interface allows for usability with all phones types. Ability to communicate with librarians. Site Development?: Small committee of library employees formed a committee; selected the features most useful for patrons and students. Used jQuery Mobile interface, HTML5, and CSS encoding. Designed by one employee, Debra Riley-Huff. Time and money?: Three months of development, summer 2011. Launched September 2011. Open source, no cost. Estimated at $6,500 with development hours and technology. Server for mobile site?: Mobile site on a separate server from the main library – gained more users when the main server crashed.

7 University of Mississippi Features: Ask-a-Librarian: A chat feature that allows mobile patrons to communicate with a reference librarian on campus.

8 University of Mississippi Features: Search Resources (Catalog, Databases) Grants users access to the library's catalog using a detailed search or with the new program, "One Search" - gives library users an efficient, intuitive and accessible search through the library catalog, local digital collections, and many of databases in addition to the rest of the 534 million items available in its index. Mobile Friendly Databases offers users the ability to access mobile sites of professional and academic databases

9 University of Mississippi Feedback?: Steady increase of hits - Chat and catalog most used A lot of use of Chat feature. Favorite feature by students and researchers The University of Mississippi created its own mobile site and new iPad app due to the success of the library's site.

10 North Carolina State University What it fulfills: Gives users easy access to the library website from their mobile devices. Cost: Not stated, but budget friendly o Used pre-existing web services o $50-$600 for LibraryH3lp Release Time: 3 Months o Mobile website released October 30, 2009

11 North Carolina State University Technology Used o MIT's Mobile Web Open Source Project written in PHP o W3C CSS o HTML 5 o jQuery Mobile for interface jQuery Mobile o QR Codes o LibraryH3lp for ask a librarian services LibraryH3lp o Summon Summon o Existing technology

12 North Carolina State University Search the catalog for books and other materials Search for newspaper and journal articles, eBooks, newsletters etc o Displayed in mobile format

13 North Carolina State University Allow users to see how busy the library is Show computer availability in the library

14 North Carolina State University WolfWalk App/Mobile Site 2010 for mobile / 2011 for tablet Virtual tour of the campus Includes historical digital collection Reviews from the Apple App Store have been good Cons: o Licenses o Fulfilling requirements o Testing o Adding an App to the store can be time consuming

15 Cornell University - Text a Librarian What it fulfills: Mobile reference services; great for ready reference and for library information Cost (approximate): $2000 set up fee, and $2700 yearly maintenance Available from: Mosio and Upside Wireless (Mosio TAL interface)

16 Cornell University - CULite Site What it fulfills: A mobile device-friendly site for users who do not want to download an app Cost: $0 How they did it: Used a site transcoder, Siruna; created special mobile homepage content Of note: Siruna no longer exists

17 Cornell University - CULite App What it fulfills: An iPhone app to access catalog, account information, library information, reference services, etc. Cost: $0 How they did it: Submitted proposal to a computer science class; the students then developed the app

18 Cornell University - CULite App Features include: catalog access Account information Library hours Maps integrated with Google maps Reference services

19 Final Recommendation Mobile Website o Accessible for smartphone and non-smartphone users o Economically friendly o Many programs available to customize website Combination of NCSU and University of Mississippi o Use of jQuery Mobile Interface, CSS, HTML5 and Summons (One Search) from NCSU and UMS o Use of existing API's so app can access catalog, account, and Ask-a- Librarian services o Inter-Library Loan Allocation of funds: o $5,000 for software developer o $2,000 for maintenance and upkeep

20 Modifications for Our Library Account Catalog Article Search Special Collections o Local History Maps News and Events Teens and Kids Webcams and computers may be integrated at a later date

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22 Bibliography - Adriana Marroquin (Cornell) Cole, V., & Krkoska, B. B. (2011). Launching a Text a Librarian Service: Cornell's Preliminary Experiences. Reference Librarian, 52(1/2), 3-8. Connolly, M., Cosgrave, T., & Krkoska, B. B. (2011). Mobilizing the Library's Web Presence and Services: A Student-Library Collaboration to Create the Library's Mobile Site and iPhone Application. The Reference Librarian, 52(1/2), 27-35. Cornell University Library. (2010, April 4). CULite: Cornell University Library Mobile Interface. [Video file]. Retrieved from Glazer, Gwen. (2010, March 10) Mobile site and iPhone app make Cornell library portable. Retrieved from Text a librarian. (n.d.). Retrieved from Weimer, K. (2010) Text messaging the reference desk: Using Upside Wireless' SMS-to-Email to extend reference service. The Reference Librarian, 51: 108–123.

23 Bibliography - Amanda Myers (University of Mississippi) Cole, V., & Krkoska, B. B. (2011). Launching a Text a Librarian Service: Cornell's Preliminary Experiences. Reference Librarian, 52(1/2), 3-8. "How to Create A Mobile Experience." Library Technology Reports 44.5 (2008): 39-42. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 May 2012 Kroski, Ellyssa, "Library Mobile Initiatives," Library Technology Reports, 44.5, (2008): 33-38. Riley-Huff, Debra, Personal Interview, 30 April 2012. Spotlight on One Search (n.d), Retrieved from

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