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Molefi Nyofane & Pavlinka Kovatcheva University of Johannesburg

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1 Using Mobile Technologies @ UJ
Molefi Nyofane & Pavlinka Kovatcheva University of Johannesburg Library & Information Centre 11th Southern African Online Information Meeting (SAOIM) “Innovation in an Age of Limits” 7 June 2012

2 Content: 1. Introduction 2. Why use Mobile Technologies
3. Mobile - UJ Mobi site - AirPac Library Catalogue - The Mobile Sciences librarian playground 4. Mobile Library Projects initiatives for 2012 5. Survey Results from AirPac Mobile use 6. Conclusion Source

3 From computers to the Internet, libraries have successfully met the challenge of adapting their services to changing technologies. Today's challenge is delivering services to smartphones, eBook readers, and tablets to users on the go who now view more content on mobile devices than desktop and laptop computers. Source eBook sales outpace paper books, and users increasingly download music, movies, and books from iTunes and Kindle, storing their purchases in the Cloud. Access by Touch: Delivering Library Services Through Mobile Technologies- June 8, 2012 (Online Conference)

4 The Mobile world at the palm of our hands

5 Why use Mobile Technologies
If Librarians want to hold on to their role as an Information professionals, they need to be able to reach out to users in their preferred method of Communication. (Griffey, 2010)

6 The Mobile Academic Librarian provides:
Library Services on the GO! 24/7 Access to the Library Catalogue, websites, services & resources Social Interactions via Mobile Web 2.0 Applications Current Awareness to Services and Resources Information Retrieval & Reference Services eBook Readers on loan At the PALM of your PATRON HANDS

7 Plan to be a Mobile Library/Librarian!
Develop or Customise Mobile Applications for your University/Library to fit your library users needs: Create Mobile website Create Mobile Library Catalogue Create Portable Instruction Resources Offer Mobile Library Tours Offer Mobile collections Provide SMS services Explore other implementation ideas ALL THE TIME! (Griffey, 2010)

8 Mobile UJ


10 AirPac Library Catalogue
Use your mobile to: Search UJ Library Catalogue Reserve items (place a hold on them) Renew overdue books Download e-books and e-journal articles … and lots more

11 The Mobile Sciences Librarian... playground

12 Mobile Library Projects initiatives for 2012

13 UJ Library Mobile Projects 2012
Project 1: iPads to be available in the library 15 iPads for UJ Kingsway Campus library > 12 iPads will be on stands in the library for students to use with selected applications > 3 iPads will be used by library staff to explore and learn how to use; Sponsor: Core Computer Business - On loan for 2 years - The contract has been submitted to the library for approval

14 UJ Library Mobile Projects 2012 (Cont.)
Project 2: iPads on loan 3 iPads will be purchased Circulated to students Challenges: How ready are we to provide Mobile services? Negotiate licensing for access to resources Mobile disadvantage students Opportunities: Taking the library to the users Mobile experience for students

15 Wireless UJ The University of Johannesburg aims at making available wireless access on all campuses. Currently the UJ Library provides: Kingsway Library. - Purpose: to accommodate the access to the library mobile iPad projects - Initial stage only on Level 1 in the library for 40 users - From May 2012 additional Wi-Fi access is available for 200 students accessible on Level 1 & 2

16 UJoogle: the new integrated Library search engine
Implementation: July 2012 UJoogle (Encore, Innovative) brings true discovery to library users by offering social features, faceted search, advanced relevancy ranking, peer-reviewed articles, digital collections, books and more. Ujoogle/Encore provides a platform that allows for content flexibility and streams information from article sources in real-time

17 Survey on the mobile use of the UJ Library catalogue :AirPac
To get feedback from our library users of the usefulness of the AirPac mobile service; Aim of the study: - whether or not is fulfilling the mission of taking the library to its patrons; Seeks to discover: - whatever or not Mobile technology improves learner support in terms of library services.

18 About the AirPac Library Survey
Pilot study The survey was conducted from 16 August 2011 for two weeks Four campus libraries Focus group: - Walk-in students - Post-graduates and undergraduates Sample: 41 participants Conceptual Framework: Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

19 Survey Demographics

20 Survey Findings Perceived Ease of Use: The extent to which an individual believes that using the system will be free of effort

21 Survey Findings (continue)
Perceived Usefulness - the degree of performance for a person who uses a particular system / technological product. The person believes that his/her performance is enhanced by using the system/technological product

22 What are the students saying about AirPac?
Think it's great & that UJ is transitioning into a more modern institution, accommodating space which appeals to students & also make access to services easier  It cuts out the middle man & avoids one having to go to the library. Good initiative & will probably catch on quickly The programme is absolutely reliable, saves time & money. Convenient, can't wait to use it. I like the catalogue. UJ is doing an awesome job making it easy for students to access certain sites without having to be at campus because majority of students travel to school. The inclusion of database on AirPac will be of great help to all students. Convenient for student who are not around the UJ campus a lot This should be introduced to 1st years at the beginning of the year then sign up for EduLink  A brilliant idea and will help a lot  It's awesome Innovative thinking Very innovative & a good structure for the UJ library.

23 In Conclusion To meet the expectations of students, the libraries should focus on: Developing Mobile library portals Seamless wireless access in the library, to enable free Wi-Fi access for students Making available different mobile devices, such as iPad and Kindle, to enhance users experience with different media To adopt and implement new trends based on users feedback Mobile savvy librarians to carry out the implementation

24 “A level of limitless, a level where there is no impossibility, a level where impossible say I’m possible” Molefi Nyofane

25 References Griffey, J Mobile Technology & Libraries. London: Facet Publ. M-Libraries: Thomas, L.C The state of the Mobile in Libraries Accessed: 30/05/2012. URL: Presentation: Kovatcheva, P. The Academic Librarian on the move: the use of Mobile Technologies in Support to Teaching, Learning & Research. iBala workshop, 28 September Available on SlideShare:

26 We ARE the Mobile Librarians 
Thank you! Q & A We ARE the Mobile Librarians 

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