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Supporting Multimedia in Mobile Handsets Dror Gill, Founder and CEO Gamdala Ltd. – Mobile | Media | Knowledge

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1 Supporting Multimedia in Mobile Handsets Dror Gill, Founder and CEO Gamdala Ltd. – Mobile | Media | Knowledge

2 Outline Mobile Multimedia Market Overview Multimedia Handset Architecture Mobile Multimedia Chips and Software Standards for Mobile Multimedia Q&A

3 Mobile Multimedia Market Overview

4 Scope of Mobile Multimedia Ring Tones Animation Screen Savers Icons Pictures Games Java Audio Video Instant Messaging MMS Browsing Voice

5 Scope of This Presentation Audio Video

6 Mobile Multimedia Applications Download & Play Streaming Recording Messaging Telephony

7 Mobile Multimedia Market Status Korea: 1xRTT: Video download since 2001 1xEV-DO: Video streaming, recording and messaging since 2002 Japan: PDC/PHS/1xRTT: Picture messaging evolved into short video clip messaging in 2002 W-CDMA: Video telephony and streaming since 2001 1.3 megapixel cameras and video recording to memory cards since 2003 Europe: GPRS: Initial video download and messaging services on Smart Phones (Nokia 7650/3650, SE P800) since 2002 W-CDMA: Video streaming and telephony from 2003

8 Multimedia Handset Architecture

9 2G Voice-Only Handset RTOS Baseband Chip GUI & Applications

10 2.5G Video Feature Phone RTOS Baseband Chip GUI & Applications RTOS Video Co- Processor Video Applications

11 2.5G/3G Smart Phone Two Chip Architecture RTOS Baseband Chip User OS Application Processor GUI & Applications

12 Multimedia Handset Architecture BT Baseband Processor Multimedia Processor Analog BB IR RF Data Memory Program Memory Media Storage Keypad SIM Card LCD Screen CMOS Sensor Audio I/O USB BT

13 Baseband/Application Processor 2.5G/3G Smart Phone Single Chip Architecture RTOS Baseband Core User OS Application Processor Core GUI & Applications

14 Chips and Software for Mobile Multimedia

15 Multimedia Application Processors 2.5G Baseband/Application Processors TI OMAP 710/730 Intel Xscale PXA800F Motorola i.250 (BB only) Qualcomm MSM 6xxx 3G Application Processors TI OMAP 1510/1610 Intel Xscale PXA25x/26x Motorola DragonBall MX1 (part of i.300 chipset)

16 More Multimedia Application Processors ST Nomadik Philips Nexperia Hitachi SH-Mobile Emblaze Semiconductor ER4521/25 AlphaMosaic VC01 Atsana Semiconductor J2210 NeoMagic MiMagic 6

17 Mobile Application Platforms SymbianOS Nokia Series 60 UIQ (Ericsson, Motorola) Microsoft Windows CE Microsoft SmartPhone (Windows Mobile) Java Proprietary

18 Mobile Application Platforms - Multimedia Support SymbianOS 7.0s Multimedia Framework Nokia Series 60 RealOne Player MMS Client Microsoft SmartPhone Windows Media Player Java JSR 135 (based on Java Media Framework) Qualcomm Internet LaunchPad QTV MPEG-4 Player, MP3 Player

19 Multimedia Software Vendors Standard (MPEG-4) PacketVideo Philips MP4Net Hantro Emblaze Sasken Proprietary Microsoft Nancy Thin OplayO HelloJava Real Apple

20 Standards for Mobile Multimedia

21 Why are Standards Needed? Enable interoperability between devices from different vendors Enable content to be authored once, in a single format and distributed through various wireless systems Enable development of innovative applications and services based on standard, fully-defined systems

22 Don t We Have Enough Standards? A single standard that defines an end-to-end system of multimedia delivery over wireless channels is required ISO/MPEG defines compression, scene description, control APIs but not transport IETF defines transport only ITU defines multimedia communication only W3C defines standards for web content 3GPP defines standards for GSM systems only

23 Components of an End-to-End Framework Codecs Audio, Video, Image, Text,... Transport protocols Capability Exchange Session Initiation, Media Description Media Control File Format

24 The Standards Gallery


26 3GPP Circuit-Switched Video Telephony Framework (3G-324M) H.223 Circuit-Switched UMTS MPEG-4H.263AMRG.723.1 H.263+H.261H.245User Data

27 The MPEG-4 Standard MPEG-4 Visual Natural Video Simple Profile Simple Scaleable Profile Core Profile Main Profile... Synthetic Video Face Animation Body Animation 2D/3D Mesh Sprites MPEG-4 Audio Natural Audio AAC TwinVQ CELP HVXC HILN Synthetic Audio Text To Speech General MIDI Synthesis MPEG-4 Systems MP4 File Format BIFS Sync Layer FlexMux DMIF MPEG-J IPMP OCI

28 Q&A

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