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Mobile Office Applications Name: SPB Rao Student Id: 59407R

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1 Mobile Office Applications Name: SPB Rao Student Id: 59407R

2 Outline Background What are MOAs? Why are MOAs? Platform & Application Layer of MITA Nokias Series 90 office solutions Example implementations of MOAs Conclusions

3 Background Mobile world challenge Consumers will use different types of devices to access different services through different network mediums Consumer interaction mode is through messaging, browsing and rich call Network environments Mobile networks, the Internet and Intranet Unified service networks Identity and Authentication

4 What are MOAs ? Mobile Office Applications: Standalone applications for organizing office data word, excel etc... Applications in which remote office data is accessed through mobile networks calendar, email, contacts etc...

5 Why are MOAs ? Efficient time utilization while on the move Easy sharing of office data irrespective of being in different locations Anytime anywhere presence Provides the luxury of device independent access

6 Platform Layer of MITA Architecture of symbian OS Base User Library, file server, kernel, device driver Security Cryptography, certificate management Telephony GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA2000 Multimedia Images, sounds and graphics Communications Infrastructure TCP, IPV4&V6, HTTP and WAP stack Personal Area Networking bluetooth, infrared, USB Application Framework GUI framework, text and graphical utilities Application engines Office, SyncML Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS Java (KVM/Personal Java) MIDPJavaPhone

7 Symbians application suite Communications applications email, fax, WAP and web browsing Personal Informaiton Management Applications: contacts, calendar, world map and alarm Office applications: word, spreadsheet, presentation viewer, database and spell checker Connectivity: PC connect, server synch., file conversion and application installation

8 Mobile Internet Business Architecture Consumption Terminal Application Layer Mobile Internet Layer Platform Layer Connection Network Application Layer Mobile Internet Layer Platform Layer Content Server Application Layer Mobile Internet Layer Platform Layer

9 Application Layer of MITA (1/2) Browsing, Messaging and Rich call are the three main interaction modes in MITA Future Mobile Browsing: Service Discovery and Installation New XML content types Java Semantic Web

10 Application Layer of MITA (2/2) Messaging: Message Data Model Messaging entities Messaging in MITA (email application) Rich Call: Application and display sharing during a call File transfer during a call Rich call in MITA (Phone application)

11 Nokia Series 90 office solutions (1/2) Nokia Series 90 The developer platform for series 90 Developer platform technologies Series 90 devices The platform features UI, Skin, Desktop, Telephony, messaging, Internet Browser, Personal Information Management Calendar, To-do, Contacts

12 Nokia Series 90 office solutions (2/2) Two options for creating resident applications Development environment is symbian 7.0 Using C++ Using Java Wireless messaging API, Mobile media API, bluetooth API are the set of available SDKs

13 Data Synchronization in MOAs(1/3) SyncML DS protocol is an open industry specification It is the common language based on XML Supports variety of transport protocols It is based on the server/client architecture Data Synchronization between different devices, regardless of vendor, OS and connection network

14 Data Synchronization in MOAs(2/3) SyncML server handles conflicting entries and updates data SyncML Server Remote Server

15 Data Synchronization in MOAs(3/3) Data synchronization web service enables setting of two versions of data Synchronization service is content- agnostic Example usages: calendar, contact book Provides benefits such as back up for critical data, sharing between different devices

16 Support for Content formats(1/2) Nokia 9210i Video formats: RA7, RA8, RV7 and RV8 Email: supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 protocols Audio formats: WAV, AU, WVE Symbian Word Microsoft Excel: 2/3/4/5/7/97/98/2000 XLS, XLC

17 Support for Content formats(2/2) Microsoft PowerPoint: 3/4/7/97/98/2000 PPT, POT, PPS Microsoft Word: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/97/98/2000 DOC Internet Hyper Text Markup Language: HTML, HTM Rich Text Format: RTF

18 Support for Content formats(3/3) Nokia 7700 Video formats: realmedia, MPEG-4 Audio formats: MP3, AAC, RealAudio 7 and 8, WAV and MIDI Email: supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 Browsing: HTML, XHTML with Opera browser Office applications: word, sheet, presentation viewer

19 File conversion support In Nokia 9210i Symbian OS Rich Text Format, Text (MS-DOS), Text (Windows ANSI), Word 6.0,95, Word 97, Word 2000 Symbian OS MS Excel 5.0, 95, MS Excel 97, MS Excel 2000

20 Example implementations of MOAs (1/2) Nokia 9210i Office the word processor application to write and edit text documents the spreadsheet application data can be stored in a workbook Each workbook contains at least one worksheet A workbook can also contain chartsheets, which are spreadsheet documents containing charts based on data from a worksheet the presentation viewer application can be used to view MS PowerPoint presentations it can be forwarded as a fax, by email, or via infrared

21 Example implementations of MOAs (2/2) Nokia 7700 Office the data input is done through the virtual keypad or through the touch screen to the word processor application it includes the PDA functionality such as to-do list, calendar and contact lists it is equipped with presentation viewer to view power point presentations

22 Conclusions Mobile Office Applications provide true mobility for data and efficiency in data management Data synchronization is possible through SyncML DS Series 90 provides means to develop media applications as well as office applications PDA functionality equipped mobile phones Wide range of PC Office application formats are supported Example implementations Nokia 9210i and Nokia 7700 mobile phones

23 References MITA vol1, vol2 and vol3

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