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Dr Teresa Carter Developmental Paediatrician

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1 Dr Teresa Carter Developmental Paediatrician McMaster Children’s Hospital PReschool Pathways and services, need for communication, collaboration, coordination

2 Objectives What can be done in Primary care
Use case examples to illustrate collaboration with community services

3 Complexity ‘Many parts in an intricate arrangement’ influenced by:
Genetics Prenatal environment Specific health needs Physical environment Social environment/cultural environment Learning environment Emotional environment

4 First approach in primary CARE
Promote play Refer to Universal Services

5 Case 1 18 month old boy 2-3 words, not imitating gestures
3-4 temper tantrums per day Fussy when they visit the mall Likes to watch the same DVDs and listen to the same books Mum is very stressed and cannot cope They feel as if their son rules the

6 Case 2 18 month old boy Walking since 14 month
Unable to get up from sitting Did not mobilise prior to walking Picky eater since 15 months, losing weight Severe distress in grocery store very distressed visiting others homes

7 Case 3 18 month old girl No words, points and babbles
Knows several body parts Easily follows a one step command Crawls, not taking weight on her feet Has a fine pincer grasp and holds a spoon

8 Case 4 Team Assessment Girl, 18 months Severe delays Hypotonic
FTT & major feeding challenges Concerns about vision ESL

9 Care Pathways Down Syndrome – Health supervision guidelines AAP 2001
Williams Syndrome AAP 2001 – growth charts Angelman – become overweight at adolescence There is no care pathway for ASD, yet!

10 Conclusion Children with Complex needs should be linked to community based services as soon as possible We need to improve communication and collaboration between community services and primary care Dr R will be talking about Family centred care and it is true particularly for children with rare conditions that their parents do become the expert in the condition as well as the expert in their own child. We should use that expertise to provide their support

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