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2 What is Child Development?
Child development is a process every child goes through. This process involves learning and mastering skills like sitting, walking, talking, skipping, and tying shoes. There are 5 main areas of development: Social and Emotional Development Cognitive Development Speech and Language Development Fine motor skill Development Gross motor skill Development

3 Development Delay Development delay is where a child has not learnt the skills that are expected at that time point. Development delay can occur in any of the 5 areas. For example, a child would be expected to walk between 9 and 15 months, and a child that cannot walk by 20 months would be considered to have a developmental delay.

4 What causes developmental delay?
There are two factors: Biological- such as genetic or chromosomal abnormalities (Downs Syndrome) or illness and disease Social- such as a child’s life experiences or exposure to harmful chemicals or parenting Nature Nurture

5 Factors affecting development
Draw This Mind Map!!! Culture Genotype and Maturation Approval/ interactions Parenting/parenting styles Disability Factors affecting development SOCIAL BIOLOGICAL Education Housing Social Class Disease and illness NATURE/NURTURE DEBATE

6 The Lesson Outline: Today: Look at Education and Culture
Next Lesson look at Parenting: approval, interaction, expectation, styles Before Easter: Housing and Social Class Biological factors: illness and disease, disability, genotype and maturation. > by the end of today’s lesson you must know how education/culture affects our PIES.

7 Education Education affects children’s physical, emotional intellectual and social development. Use the PIES table on the Education worksheet to put the following sentences into the correct place

8 Children benefit from larger play spaces and better equipment
Children benefit from larger play spaces and better equipment. This improves co-ordination and gross motor skills Children learn to mix and socialise with other children Staff are trained to promote cognitive development, introducing concepts like numbers and shape Fine motor skills can be developed through playing with dough, paint and by writing Can promote self-confidence and esteem Esteem is linked to a positive education experience: where children are unhappy because they have not made friends, been bullied or are low achieving this can lead to low esteem Develop a sense of belonging Stimulating activities such as jigsaws, modelling and books can improve development

9 Quick questions How can education have an effect on a persons emotional development? Explain how social development can be affected by school experiences.

10 Culture A child’s culture can affect their development.
Different cultures place different emphasis on different areas of development

11 Children who have a wider supportive network can feel more secure
These may end up in more than one box! In some cultures girls aren’t encouraged to take part in physical play and activities while boys are encouraged to be outside more and boisterous Family may be very important. They may spend a lot of time with family members and friends The importance of play can vary. Some families will place great interest in education and encourage children to do homework Children who have a wider supportive network can feel more secure Boys may develop more gross motor skills while girls develop more fine motor skills Education can be seen as better for boys, or as ‘girlish’. This affects attitudes to learning, concentration and activities children engage in. Children whose culture is a minority can face discrimination and isolation; this leads to lower self-esteem as they don't have friends or may get bullied Families differ in the amount of emphasis they place on physical activity and children sitting being taught

12 Quick questions How does ethnicity affect a child's social development? How do you and your friends define your ethnicity? What factors play a part in this?

13 Possible Exam Question!
Discuss how either education or culture can affect a child’s development. Tips must include at least one way physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially the child is affected. Possible start: “Child development can be split up into several different areas. These are…”


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