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1 Managing a Presentation. 2 No perfect way Be true to yourself.

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1 1 Managing a Presentation

2 2 No perfect way Be true to yourself

3 3 Six Key Steps Six Steps:- Desired Outcome Preparation Structure Delivery Summary and Close Follow-up.

4 4 r Why are you here? r Whats in it for the audience? r What do you want to achieve? r Tangible desired outcomes Desired Outcome

5 5 Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance Preparation

6 6 Audience Who are they? What is the occasion? What do they need to know? What do they want to know? How much do they know already? How long have they got? WIIFM

7 7 Preparation u Environment useating, lighting, noise uaudio-visuals uorganise to suit you and the audience

8 8 rehearse rehearse do not read do not read reduce script to notes reduce script to notes Preparation

9 9 Rehearsal To see if it works Practice, again and again Adjust timing and emphasis Reduce nervousness Check arrangements and equipment

10 10 Introduction Narrative Summary Summarise and Signpost Structure

11 11 Structure A good structure is… Logical sequence Links points Gives control Creates a story Facilitates presenter and audience. A poor structure … Confuses Misleads Complicates Bores people.

12 12 Value & Interest Time Summarise and Signpost Final Summary Introduction Structure

13 13 Create an Opening Pause and make eye contact Memorise the opening Be natural (show your human side) Get attention, create interest Establish credibility Tell em Delivery

14 14 Delivery Language Use short words and short sentences Avoid abstract words e.g. try bus instead of transportation Use active verbs (doing words) e.g. we need your help rather than your help is needed by us Avoid jargon and technical terms (unless you are sure everyone will know them) Shoe Avoid TLAs

15 15 Content Facts Numbers References Examples Quotes Delivery 270 miles

16 16 Interest and Attention humourhumour testimonialstestimonials storiesstories DemonstrationsDemonstrations analogies/metaphorsanalogies/metaphors case studiescase studies Delivery Stories

17 17 Interest and Attention Involve the audienceInvolve the audience Give a taskGive a task Ask questionsAsk questions Ask for feedbackAsk for feedback Name peopleName people Delivery

18 18 Delivery Do not stare at: floor ceiling notes screen outer space Eye Contact Engage people in the audience

19 19 Delivery Movement Do not wander about Feel free to use natural gestures

20 20 Appearance pleasant facial expression, smile good posture professional appearance avoid distractions of dress and mannerisms Think colour? Delivery

21 21 Clear message Added Value Visual Aids Delivery

22 22 Delivery Some reasons to avoid visual aids: Take time and thought to design Can divert your attention away from what you want to say and on how you want to say it Diminish your flexibility during the presentation Cost money

23 23 Delivery Some reasons for using visual aids: A picture is worth a thousand words Create memorable images Can save time Create interest Lend variety Add impact

24 24 Delivery Modern Technology DVD/Video Sound Internet and Web Sites

25 25 coping with nerves notes/cue cards timing voice body language Delivery

26 26 Memorise the close Summarise Tell em, again Ask for … Summary and Close

27 27 Follow-up Answering Questions Paraphrase Answer to the whole audience Expand your answer

28 28 Final Checklist Interruptions Staging Equipment Appearance Last-minute checks.

29 29 Six Key Steps Six Steps:- Desired Outcome Preparation Structure Delivery Summary and Close Follow-up.

30 30 Presenting As a Team:- Problems Co-ordination Control Variable Quality Consistency Maintaining Structure Appearing as a team Timescale

31 31 Presenting As a Team:- Benefits Range of Skills Strength in Numbers Depth and Quality Not reliant on one person

32 32 Good Team Work Clarify everyone's role Agree a party line Delegate questions through Chair Dont contradict others Practice as a team Look like a team.

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