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Alpha Tiny Giants lpha lpha Controller. Alpha Product Overview Programming Overview System sketch Ancillary Items Summary.

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1 Alpha Tiny Giants lpha lpha Controller

2 Alpha Product Overview Programming Overview System sketch Ancillary Items Summary

3 Alpha Product Overview RETURN Basic hardware features Size / Installation Input / Outputs (I/O) devices

4 Alpha Basic hardware features Inputs Outputs Programming from the front of the Alpha (with 8 keys & LCD-display) Power supply Interface for PC-Programming Interface for memory cassette Programmable operator interface (LCD-display) Direct mounting

5 Alpha Inputs Outputs ModelInputsOutputs 6 I/O Alpha42 10 I/O Alpha64 20 I/O Alpha128 Basic hardware features Options - model sizes: Options - power supply model: –24V DC –100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz) Options - expandability: –Network slave cards ex. AS-I (20 I/O Alpha only)

6 Alpha Input / Outputs (I/O) devices Options - Inputs: –Models with 24V DC power supply 24V DC inputs (digital) Up to 8 digital inputs can be re-designated through system software as being analogue inputs –Models with 100 to 240V AC power supply 100 - 240V AC inputs (digital) Options - Outputs: –Relay models - 8A per point at 240V AC / 24V DC –Transistor models - 1A per point at 24V DC

7 Alpha ModelWidthHeightDepth 6 I/O Alpha 10 I/O Alpha 20 I/O Alpha124.6 mm 55 mm90 mm 71.2mm Size / Installation Compact size: –(DC powered and AC powered units are the same size)

8 Alpha Size / Installation

9 Alpha Size / Installation Options - installation: – Directly on to DIN-rail – Directly on to the surface (by screws/bolts through integrally moulded location holes)

10 Alpha Size / Installation Direct mounting - using screws Direct mounting - using DIN-rail

11 Alpha Programming Overview Basic programming features Available instructions Software RETURN

12 Alpha Basic programming features Function (block) based programming Programming directly from the front of the Alpha –Graphic LCD-Display –8 keys –Menu driven operation –System operation available in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian) –All information of one function block is displayed simultaneously Option - Windows based software (95, 98, NT)

13 Alpha Programming directly from the front Monitoring LCD-Display & 8 keys Menu driven operation All function data displayed simultaneously

14 Alpha Digital inputs Digital input Analog input Analog values / special outputs / display outputs Digital output Programming basics Programming is function (block) based Each function is easily selected Each function (block) carries out one task which has a number inputs conditions and resultant outputs Up to 64 function scan be linked together (or up to 1500 bytes - which ever is exceeded first) Each function (block) can be used as many times as required

15 Alpha Software - ALVLS The software is called AL-PCS/WIN (ALVLS - Alpha Visual Logic System) ALVLS works under 95, 98 and NT ALVLS is a graphic based software which is available in 5 different system languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian) Programming is possible with no previous experience –There is a system Wizard (to help create basic programs) –There are on line guides (to help use software functions) Programming is based on selecting graphic icons which represent functions, placing them in a work area and connecting them up with a line. –There is an extensive help system (to provide general support)

16 Alpha Software - ALVLS Icons can be personalised, I.e. users can add or customise their own All programs can be simulated: –On-line simulation and monitoring requires the Alpha unit to be connected to the PC –Off-line simulation requires no Alpha unit as everything is self contained in the ALVLS software ALVLS programs can be completely documented with comments for functions and added generic comments ALVLS has a system sketch mode which allows users to create their own PC based operator interface

17 Alpha Software - ALVLS

18 Alpha Buttons Internal Bits Scroll selection Inputs Input menu selection Software Input signals Automatic identification of digital or analogue inputs depending upon the selected input image

19 Alpha Example, Analog Input Analogue or special signal is represented by green dot Analogue signal is shown with a thicker connection line Software Input signals Analogue signals – Up to 8 inputs can be defined as analogue – Analogue input is 0 to 10V DC – Analogue resolution is 8 bits (0 to 255) – Analogue inputs are only available on 24V DC powered units

20 Alpha Output types Scroll selection Output menu selection Software Output signals Graphical symbols and images make programs easier to understand

21 Alpha Software graphical program simulation Programs written with ALVLS software can be simulated to ensure correct operation. Input/Outputs status is toggled with line and function block status.

22 Alpha AND (And-Link) OR (Or-Link) NOT (Negation) NAND (And-Link negated) NOR (Or-Link negated ) XOR (either/or) Instructions - Logic signals Simple boolean commands

23 Alpha Word or symbol logical operators Simulation Easy to understand sentence construction Instructions - Logic signals Complex boolean instructions can be created using the BOOLEAN function

24 Alpha Instructions - Status control Self retaining command SET-RESET: –SET (set), RESET (set back) –Setting of priority Status alternate (flip) ALT: –It function toggles the output whenever the input signal changes from OFF to ON. When clear input is ON, output becomes OFF irrespective of input status. Time-function ONE-SHOT: –Time range 0.1 s–6553.5 s –This function is used to generate a single pulse with a specific duration

25 Alpha Instructions - Status control Time function DELAY: –T ime range 0.1 s–6553.5 s –Switch on-delay (on-delay) –Switch off-delay (off-delay) –Switch on- and off-delay timer, duration's can be set separately Pulse generator function FLICKER: –Time range 0.1 s–6553.5 s –Pulse generator asymmetric (T-on, T-off individually adjustable) –Number of pulses adjustable or continuously –Total time of pulses adjustable or continuously Time function PULSE: –Generates a pulse for one cycle when the following are selected: leading edge of one input trailing edge of one input leading and trailing edge of one input

26 Alpha Instructions - Event monitoring Maintenance function HOUR-METER: –Next maintenance time is set - when reached an output is activated – Counting of working hours and minutes up to 32767 hrs and 59 min (1365 days, 3.7 years) – Counter value kept for 20 days after power is removed – Can be cascaded to increase time base Counter function COUNTER: – Counting range up to 32767 – Output set when Count value reached – Count can be reset by input at any time Counter function UP/DOWN-COUNTER: – Counting range: -32767–+32767 – Up/Down inputs are separate – Output set when Count value reached – Count set value can be manual setting, analogue input or fixed value triggered by digital input – Count can be reset by input at any time

27 Alpha Example : Tuesday, 08.02.1999 10h30 Example : Tuesday, 08.02.1999 10h30 08.02.1999 02.08.1999 1999.02.08 08.02.1999 02.08.1999 1999.02.08 Instructions - Event monitoring Real time clock function CLOCK: –Data available from the real time clock: hours, minutes, day of the week, day of the month, month, year –3 Formats to display the date: mm.dd.yyyy –Direct adjustment of the clock on the unit –Automatic adjustment of day and week –Automatic summer time/daylight saving time (US, UK, EU presets plus user configured option) –Max. 350 time events

28 Alpha Instructions - Value processing Analogue value processing GAIN: –Adjust Gain/Offset of read analogue values –Apply scaling to analogue input values Compare-function with words COMPARE: –Comparison of 2 values (could be analogue, counter or timer values) –Types of comparison: =, <>, >, >=, <, <= Schmitt-Trigger SCHMITT – Comparison of a value to 2 set points triggering different actions Zone Compare (range on/off) ZON-CMP –Comparison of a value to a range (could be analogue, counter or timer values) –Types of comparison: =, <>, >, >=, <, <=

29 Alpha Instruction - User Interaction HMI-Function DISPLAY: –LCD-Display on Alpha: 4 lines x 10 characters –The contents of display can be freely programmed with text and/or values from programmed functions –Displayed values can be easily changed/edited using the keys on the front face of the unit

30 Alpha Instruction - User Interaction To change a value through the HMI/Display option: –Press key: –First value is signaling –+1 at value, key –-1 at value, key –Confirming of change, key –Should the display consist of several values, selection of values with or with

31 Alpha System sketch RETURN

32 Alpha System sketch ALVLS software, Monitoring in System Sketch: –In the ALVLS software it is possible to carry out monitoring and/or simulation –Within the System sketch area, users can create a visual representation of their application (effectively creating a low function SCADA system) –Images can be imported (BMPs) and links to standard Windows programs can be made –Users can copy any of the inputs/outputs or functions used in the Alpha program to the System sketch area –By placing the devices in the System sketch and then activating either the simulation or the monitor modes - the users program can be controlled directly E.g………………..

33 Alpha System sketch

34 Alpha Ancillary Items RETURN

35 Alpha Ancillary Items The ALVLS software communicates to the Alpha unit through the computers serial port. This is connected to the Alpha unit with the AL-232CAB cable as shown below.

36 Alpha Ancillary Items Memory cassettes: –By insertion of an EEPROM-cassette a new Alpha program can be directly inserted without a programming tool Alpha has been designed to suit users needs: –Industry (IEC 1131.1, 2) –House- and building technique (EN 60730) –CE EMC –CE low voltage –UL/cUL.

37 Alpha Summary RETURN

38 Alpha SUMMARY Mitsubishi Electric, world leader in the sector of small PLCs launches something new on the market: The Alpha-Controller Smaller and cheaper than a PLC, but with a lot of perfomance and new possibilities: A totally innovative way of programming via the Alpha software A big range of integrated functions –Display-Function –Outputs for up to 8 A –Real-time clock function –Standard analog inputs and corresponding functions. Alpha, Leader of the Function Controller Generation

39 Alpha Questions? Alpha

40 Tiny Giants lpha lpha Controller

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