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Fischertechnik LLWin 3.0 By Michael Ashman David Insel.

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1 Fischertechnik LLWin 3.0 By Michael Ashman David Insel

2 Overview History of Fischertechnik Intelligent Interface Compare to Lego's Software / Follow a path Additional Information Questions

3 History In 1965 a creative coworker build a kind of vehicle out of Nylon scrap material. The company decided to distribute copies of this vehicle to their customers in the building sector. They reacted very enthusiastic, and many people wanted to obtain this present. For this reason it was decided to set up a separate division within the company. Since 1966 Fischertechnik has produced and distributed within a moderate scale.

4 History Fischertechnik is a product group of Fischer Werke, which also produces attaching applications. The gray Nylon Fischer plugs are world famous. The budgets for marketing are small, the philosophy is based on "quality sells itself". Moreover the product group Fischertechnik amounts only for 10% of the total Fischer turnover.

5 Intelligent Interface Digital Outputs = 4 motors, or lamps Digital Inputs = 8 sensors Modes – Online Mode – PC performs the actual processing of a program – Download Mode – processed by microprocessor

6 Fichertechnik Vs. Legos Advantages Very strong construction Contains 8 digital Inputs and 4 Outputs Disadvantages Wiring Only One program Gear Ratio Cost More No LCD Display No Remote Control Bugs in the software

7 LLWin 3.0 The fischertechnik software, called LLWIN, provides a flowchart style of programming language, which is ideal for real-time machine control. The language runs under Windows 3.1, 95+ or NT and provides a graphical depiction of the flowchart including; decision blocks for switch inputs, action blocks to control each output and other blocks to increment and test up to 99 variables. Other features include; a terminal block to aid testing and debugging, time delay blocks, one-shot blocks, subprogram blocks and improved aids such as; automatic routing and the ability to add comments and graphics to the program page.


9 Motor Outputs( 1 to 8) The MOTOR function block is used to control motors, lamps, and electromagnets. For lamps and electromagnets, you can select either of the two directions. If a motor doesnt turn in the direction defined in the process, the simplest thing to do is reverse the motor wiring. If only an interface is connected, motor outputs 1 to 4 can be activated and, if an expansion module is connected, motor outputs 1 to 8 can be activated. The LAMP function block is also available to activate lamps and electromagnets. In the passive mode, the current direction of motor rotation is shown in red or green on the TERMINAL function block. To test outputs, go to the passive mode and select the Check Interface command in the Options menu.

10 Variables in LLWin You can employ up to 99 different variables in any given LLWin project. A variable is a whole number (integer). In the run start mode, the value of any variable can be displayed in the function blocks as a number from -999 to 9999 Variables can be used as counters. To differentiate variables from constants, add a V ahead of the variable number.

11 Q: Can fischertechnik-Computing-models be controlled with another software than LLWin? A: Yes. Caused by the diffusion of the PC and Windows, we only develop and support LLWin. But there are drivers available which have been developed by fischertechnk-fans (eg.for Visual Basic, C++, Delphi,...). You will find the links by Links -> Computing. Moreover, Apple-user can get an interface and software developed by the German company Boenig & Kallenbach.Boenig & Kallenbach

12 Is it just a toy? The answer to that is No! Concerns such as Philips, Siemens, Hoogovens and BMW sometimes build a scale pilot model in order to experiment with set-ups and computer programs. In this way expensive investments can be prepared by simulating with Fischertechnik.

13 Additional Information For additional information please go the Fischertechnik webpage in English listed below: Just as a warning most the information you will find on the web for developing Fischertechnik applications will be in German but you can use BabelFish to translate the webpage (use the link below):

14 The End

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