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PeopleSoft T & E Module Challenges and Successes.

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1 PeopleSoft T & E Module Challenges and Successes

2 Challenges Getting workflow set up Training faculty and staff Cash advance module Hanging encumbrances Closing Travel Authorizations

3 Challenges - Workflow Determine workflow and get it set up quickly We use a three tier approval for most. – Budget Manager tier one – VP or President tier two – When grant is involved goes next to Grant approver – The last approver, tier three, is always the AP Auditor before payment is made

4 Solution - Workflow To solve issues with workflow All levels were involved in process Communication is key – Budget office must be in contact with Accounting because Accounting oversees workflow – This is a two way street

5 Challenges - Training We offered several training sessions, but found it difficult to get people to attend We had a mandatory athletics training for all the coaches New employee training

6 Solution - Training We hope to develop an on line training program for use by employees We try to send out Travel Tips for the Week

7 Challenges – Cash Advance Process is confusing for most Multiple dept requester is an issue Confusing for requester when applying to expense report Confusing for Business Office Reconciling cash advances has issues – Zero CA does not always reconcile – Journal entry created from manual recon

8 Solutions – Cash Advance Training is the best solution Multiple dept requester must work closely with approver You only apply amount of cash advance used Have requester print out copy of page showing balance owed DBI is needed when zero CA hangs up Journal entry is corrected manually

9 Challenges – Hanging Encumbrances Encumbrances do not always release correctly Requestors sometimes delete lines Requestors do not always use the entire amt

10 Solution – Hanging Enc Training is important Remind individuals not to delete lines – You enter credit lines or deny the lines There is a process you run to relieve them – BOR_KK_OPEN_TAUTH_ENC_CLS Sometimes it takes more than a day to update Sometimes ITS has to run

11 Challenges – Travel Auth People do not always travel and sometimes miss applying the TAuth to the expense report Date issues with TAuth

12 Solution - TAuth Keeping up with TAuth – I use Cancel Travel Authorizations to know what is out there – Individuals are contacted if travels dates have passed We try hard to catch during expense review When cancelling a TAuth, check accounting date

13 Reconciling We reconcile the Asset accounts related to travel and leave the expense accounts to the budget managers Copies of Hotel Advance payments are provided to expense processor We track Cash Advances to ensure compliance with policies

14 Reconciling Accounts – 132160 – 132170 – 132300 – 133100 – 211500

15 Recon - 132160 We modified BOR_EX_OPEN_PREPAID_BAL to better suit us, 840_EX_OPEN_PREPAID We compare the information from expense module to the general ledger trial balance We review for uncleared items – Manual adjustments are made each month Ex. Registration prepaid with PCard and expensed at that time, but requestor included on expense report

16 Recon - 132170 We do not normally have prepaid travel for non-employees This area would not be included in the expense module We would track the prepaid manually to be sure items were expensed

17 Recon – 132300 Modified BOR_EX_OPEN_CASHADV_BAL to better suit us, 840_EX_OPEN_CASHADV_BAL We compare the information from expense module to the general ledger trial balance This allows you to track outstanding cash advances to ensure policies are followed

18 Recon – 133100 We use general ledger detail, 840_AUD_GL_BAL_SHEET_DETAIL_PR We compare receipts from Banner loads to postings from expense module. Areas to look at – Receipts are posted before expense report is approved and posted to gl – A cash advance may be reconciled but receipt has not posted

19 Recon – 211500 We use BOR_EX_OPEN_LIABILITY_IN_EX and BOR_EX_OPEN_LIABILITY_NOT_FND We compare the information from expense module to the general ledger trial balance It is possible to have timing issues with this query The query has had issues with doubling some amounts in the past If someone puts a cash advance to one dept and then the expense report to another it will show both items all year

20 PeopleSoft T & E Module WRAP UP – Challenges with the expense module – Solutions we found – Reconciliations

21 PeopleSoft T & E Module Questions????? Contact info Lee H. Veal Middle Georgia College 478 934-3513 Questions????? Contact info Lee H. Veal Middle Georgia College 478 934-3513

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