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Student Activity Training FY15-16 Prepared by: HCISD Accounting Department.

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1 Student Activity Training FY15-16 Prepared by: HCISD Accounting Department

2 What are Activity Accounts?  Campus Activity – Fund 461  Funds raised for entire student body  Student Activity –Fund 865  Funds raised by student groups, i.e. Student Council, Chess Club, etc. Who Manages Accounts?  Principal is ultimately responsible for all Activity Accounts  Campus Secretary/Bookkeeper assists in accounting for funds

3 How Do I Manage Activity Accounts  All activity accounts both Fund 461 and 865 are managed through EPES Online Accounting software  EPES keeps track of all receipts, deposits and checks. Used to reconcile bank statement.  EPES also creates reports to help you see your monthly activity and share with Sponsors.

4 Reports Due the 15th  Student activity bank statement needs to be reconciled in a timely manner  Due date is the 15 th of the month  If your reports are not in by the 15 th of the month, Accounting Staff will be out to your campus beginning on the 16 th  Reports must be signed and dated

5 What Reports are Due  Bank reconciliation report  Copy of bank statement  List of Outstanding checks  General Ledger Report – Total  General Ledger Report –Agency Groups only  Reconciliation Report  Fund 461 Summary Sheet  Sales Tax Report

6 Notes on Reports  Please submit your reports in the order provided in the previous slide  The Fund 461 Summary Sheet MUST be emailed and a hard copy should be attached  Fund 461 Summary Sheet is to be used for:  Providing monthly charges to 461 accounts  Providing info on reimbursements received from your Local budget

7 -cont. Notes on Reports  A revised Fund 461 Summary Sheet will be emailed to you in September  This will be used beginning with September’s Reports

8 Report Snapshots  Bank Reconciliation












20 Fund 461 Summary

21 Journal Entry

22 EPES and eFinance  The Journal Entry created from your Fund 461 Summary Sheet will be posted to eFinance Plus by the Accounting Dept.  This is how we mirror the data on your EPES to eFinance Plus.  Month-end cash balances should always be the same on your EPES and eFinance Plus (Sept’s month end balance in Oct’s eFinance)

23 eFinance Report  You should be running a Detailed Expenditure Status Report for Fund 461 monthly  This report is more like a Budget to Actual report to review your actual month-end and YTD balances to budget  Remember Budget is not your Cash Balance. Your EPES system reflects your true cash balance.


25 Sponsor Training  In September, we will be conducting a short overview on student activity must’s with your campus Sponsors  Coverage will be on:  Receipts  Deposits  Check Requests  Fundraising Applications  Tax Free Days

26 New Items to Look For  It is imperative that you check your cash balances before issuing a check to ensure you are not overdrawn in that pertinent activity account. (This is not new)  Therefore, you must be posting your transactions on a daily basis ….to know what your true cash balance is. (This is new)  As per Mr. Julio Cavazos, we will be monitoring your accounts for any negatives. At that point, a meeting will be called to discuss corrective action immediately.

27 New Items to Look For  Tips and Gratuities are NOT allowed. The only exception to this rule is for a “Service Charge” that is already included on the ticket. An example is a service charge for a table of 6 or more people.  Reimbursements to staff for items purchased through a personal credit card will be limited to $100 AND MUST be pre-approved by the Principal before making the purchase. Please use Attachment #18 to document this process.

28 New Items to Look For  Food purchases for staff only will be coded to object code 6497000 under Fund 461. This object code helps us keep track on how much the District spends on food for staff.  Food purchases should be limited to in-services, staff meetings and staff appreciation. Limit per person is $7.50. Items NOT allowed are food for baby showers, birthday cakes, or food for any individual. Allowable food purchases should be for the betterment of the campus’ total benefit and morale.  Other refreshments for Parents and the Parent Center are to be charged to Function 61, object 6499000.  Student snacks and student banquets should be charged to object code 6499000.  This year we have spent $38k in 6497 in Fund 461 and $128k in Fund 199. $65k of that is in Function 23.

29 New Items to Look For  New Donation Form – See Attachment #12  This will also be found online under Accounting Information  New Activity Fund Pre-Authorization Form – See Attachment #18 (last page)  This will also be found online under Accounting Information

30 Items to Remember  No Raffles are allowed on campus  Background checks on consultants must be done before contract works begins each time. i.e. Feb, Oct  Campuses with HELP must turn in their monthly fees collected by the 10 th of every month. No exceptions.  Review your balances carefully. Its not just to balance your bank statement. Take time to review reports to make sure they are correct.  List of students should be attached to Check requests for Field trips.

31 Items to Remember  Year-end closing will happen as soon as you turn in your August report. You will not be able to log in to FY 15-16 until we close.  Those who wait to turn in their reports to us on the 15 th should be up and running by Sept. 18 th.  Keep an open communication between your campus and Accounting.  And most importantly, keep an open communication between Secretary/Bookkeeper, Principal and Sponsors.

32 Thank you!  A copy of the revised Student Activity Manual has been emailed to you.  Please read!  Any questions, please call us!  Have a great year!!

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