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Travel and Expense Module

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1 Travel and Expense Module

2 Travel and Expense Module
What: PeopleSoft delivered travel and expense module Why: System delivered functionality notifications Electronic approvals Who: Traveler proxies Approvers When: July 2

3 Travel and Expense Advantages
Quicker reimbursement for travelers Proxies may enter on behalf of traveler Electronic approvals notification for approvers No need to remember travel expense accounts No need to remember mileage rates No need to remember meal rates Create reimbursement from travel authorization Expansion of users able to view receipts Helps ensure procedures are followed (no backdated travel auths.) Ability to travelers and proxies to check status of reimbursement

4 What if I don’t have WebNow
What is WebNow? Scanned document storage View documents related to transaction What if I don’t have WebNow All persons will have access Use a link within the T&E module How do I login? Use KU online ID

5 Travel and Expense Module
Roles Travelers Employees who travel Needs a valid employee profile in travel & expense Approved vendor status in AP Employee ID needs to be present on vendor Proxies Authorized department entry users Can only see assigned travelers Approvers Dept. managers (pooled group-all receive notification, but only one will approve) Central audit staff

6 Travel Authorizations
Travel and Expense Travel Authorizations Cash Advances Expense Reports Authorizes out-of-state & international travel Specifies destination Creates encumbrance Must be approved before travel occurs KURES only Requires approved travel authorization Must be repaid Itemized reimbursable expenses Scanned receipts Should be created from travel auth. for out-of-state and international Apply pending cash advances (KURES only) One travel auth. per expense report Relieves encumbrance All three trigger notification for electronic approvals

7 Expense Report Process
Barcode page printed Barcode Form Barcode & Receipts scanned with MFD Scan Scanned receipts viewed from PeopleSoft with ImageNow View Two Buttons in “Mode Memory” T&E KURES T&E UKANS

8 Travel Authorization Dept. Approver Approves Travel permission Funding
Details (dates, description, exp. types) Send back (Returns to entry person) Incomplete or inaccurate information

9 Cash Advance (KURES Only)
Dept. Approver Approves Valid travel Eligible for advance Reasonable amount Verify the travel auth. has been created and approved Send back (Returns to entry person) Incomplete or inaccurate information Central Approver Approves (Final approver for payment of advance)

10 Expense Reports Approves Appropriate expense Verify receipts
Dept. Approver Approves Appropriate expense Verify receipts Validate funding Review comments and adjustments Send back (Returns to entry person) Incomplete or inaccurate information Central Approver Approves (Final approver for payment of reimbursement)

11 Demonstration

12 Frequently Asked Questions
How to process travel authorizations created in the current system? Travel that begins in the old system will be finished in the old system using the current process. Will scanning work with PaperCut installed on my MFD? Yes. What is the process for non-employee travel (ex. students)? These persons will need to be added as vendors with classification of “Stu Travel.” Based on this classification a non-employee ID will be assigned. Is a travel authorization created if I am using the P-card? Yes, if the travel is out-of-state or international. However, the P-card expenses are not entered as expenses on the travel authorization. Only expenses to be reimbursed are entered.

13 Frequently Asked Questions
If I use the P-card and do not know what expenses are going to be reimbursed, do I still create a travel authorization? Yes. Use the expense description “ST-NO REIMBURSABLE EXPENSE” or “RS-NO REIMBURSABLE EXPENSE.” A $1.00 encumbrance will be created with account This will be periodically relieved centrally for completed travel. How do I reduce the meal allowance if meals are provided? Identify the meals provided in the comments, and enter the applicable meals to be reimbursed on the expense report. Can I use one travel authorization for multiple expense reports? No. If an employee submits additional expenses after the travel has occurred, contact central accounting services for direction. What if my traveler did not complete a travel authorization? Instruct the traveler on proper procedures, and contact central accounting services for direction.

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