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Networking Our World, Connected. networking What is Networking? The action or process of making use of a network of people for the exchange of information,

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1 Networking Our World, Connected

2 networking What is Networking? The action or process of making use of a network of people for the exchange of information, etc., or for professional or other advantage. -Oxford English Dictionary There are lots of people who arent as capable, qualified, talented and nice as you, yet they are advancing simply because they connect with others and make themselves visible. In networking, it is what you know and who knows you!

3 networking Everyone knows other people and therefore has a network. However, networking implies movement beyond ones immediate network and involves tapping into other peoples networks.

4 networking Why Network? 300-1,000 job applicants 10-30 screened interviews 3-5 second interviews 2-3 finalists 1 hired You need to enlist any and all resources to get noticed and hired!

5 networking The Goals of Networking Build relationships that are mutually beneficial Gather information Increase your exposure Obtain referrals Open doors

6 networking Is Not A two-way street A communication skill used in everyday life A learned behavior that becomes second nature once you do it Only effective if used and used properly A short-term fix to an employment challenge Just for finding an internship/job Merely handing out resumes Connecting only with people in your field and friends The number of contacts you make Superficial socializing Asking for an unreasonable favor

7 networking EmployerAdvantagesYou Create a pool of qualified candidates before an opening occurs Reduce time spent finding prospective employees Lower recruitment costs Enhance college recruitment efforts Learn about new trends, events or facts Some people/organizations enjoy giving back and helping others! Keep professionals in your field informed Get leads on opportunities that are never advertised Exposure to terminology specific to your field Improve your interviewing/questioning skills Build confidence

8 networking Build a network when you dont need it, so that it is there when you do.

9 networking You People you know Mutual acquaintances Cold contacts Who Makes Up Your Network

10 networking Determining Your Network Personal: people you dont encounter in your employment capacity Family, friends and other peers Professional: people you encounter at work, who can comment on your work, who understand technical details of your profession Faculty, staff, supervisors, co-workers, conferences Organizational: overlaps with professional network Organizational affiliations, community groups, professional groups, alumni Opportunistic: chance connections, accidental conversations Clubs, sports, commuting, waiting in line, restaurants, social events

11 networking Preparing For Your Network Self Assessment Describe yourself, review experience, update resume/CV Determine exactly what you can do for an employer Practice your professional behavior and questioning skills Brush up on proper etiquette Begin dressing for success Create networking cards Monitor your online presence

12 networking Matching solid-color, 2-piece suit (either pant suit or skirt suit), preferably a dark color such as navy or gray; or tailored dress with jacket Tailored fit, knee-length hem with no extreme slits Shirt with collar, or tailored blouse (no ruffles or lace), white or light color; no cleavage showing Dark, closed-toed shoes with 1-2 heel Minimal jewelry, make-up or scent No visible piercings or tattoos What to Wearwomen

13 networking Matching solid-color, 2-piece suit, preferably a dark color such as navy or gray Tailored fit, including pants length Shirt with collar, white or light color Tie required – no extreme prints or patterns Dark-colored shoes, leather or leather-look, well-maintained and polished Dress socks, dark in color Minimal jewelry or scent No visible piercings or tattoos What to Wearmen

14 networking

15 Everyone is an opportunity and opportunity is everywhere

16 networking Where Do You Network? In classes and at work Social eventsformal and informal Professional, academic and volunteer events Formal networking functions While travelingbusiness or pleasure Career fairs, conferences, seminars Social and professional clubs/organizations Online social and professional communities Everywhere!

17 networking Networking Functions Dress appropriately and be well groomed Smile Firm handshake Stand tall; No fidgeting or other distracting behavior Continuously make eye contact60-70% of the time Dont mistake hors doeuvres for dinner Mingle and know when and how to politely walk away Engage in conversation, not a sales pitch Be curious, ask open-ended questions that yield more than a yes/no answer Actively listen and follow-up as appropriate Use proper grammar; refrain from verbal pauses Avoid politics, religion and personal questions Remember people love to talk about themselves!

18 networking Hi, how are you? Wow, can you believe this weather? Gas prices? Hi, Im _______, with _______ Are you here for the conference? So what brought you _______? … Really, what do you do? How did you become interested in _______? I like your _______ Cold Conversation Starters

19 networking Informational Interviews Best way to gain knowledge about an area of work The interview You are the interviewer Do research on interviewee, career field and company Prepare questions in advance Introduce yourself (elevator speech) with name drop Purpose is to gather information and make contact No bait and switch Seek at least two referrals Observe time limit Leave your networking card Follow up Send a hand-written or typed thank you note within 24 hours. No e-mail

20 networking How did you get to your current position? What advice would you give someone interested in your position? What types of positions/employers do you recommend? What common career paths could your position lead to? What journals/professional organizations/meetings/events do you recommend? What concerns do you have about the field/organization?/What do you think about … (hot topic/relevant current event) Can you recommend two people that I contact for additional insight? I value your opinion, would you review my resume/CV? II Questions

21 networking Pre-planning Determine who will be there that you want to meet What do you want to express to them? At the conference Talk to speakers, people sitting around you Make lunch/dinner plans with new people Get friends, profs, etc. to introduce you Make eye contact and smile; Dont interrupt heavy conversation Follow-up Take notes on what comes next Send related papers to contacts and seek theirs Read their work and share comments Seek joint research/work opportunities Conference Networking

22 networking Organization is the key to success

23 networking Organizing Your Network Establish a database or spreadsheet to track key information Contact names, titles, company names, addresses, etc. Phone and fax #s, e-mail addresses, dates of communication What was discussed and what you learned Organize business cards for contacts Systematically file resumes, cover letters, employment applications, notes and memos Online networking sites usually track information for you

24 networking Professional version of facebook More than 250 million users from 200 countries Post an e-resumé, with recommendations Explore career paths, search for jobs, research employers Join interest organizations and groups Make insider connections Get introduced to others through your network Inform others of your endeavors Extrasblog, Twitter, WordPress, ask questions, reading list

25 networking What medium works for you? Speed networking, online, classes, social or professional setting What needs tweaking? Public speaking, eye contact, elevator speech What additional kinds of resources/help do you need? Resume, networking cards, clothing What contacts/groups are particularly helpful? Professional, educational, religious, social Evaluate Your Networking Strategies

26 networking Keys to Success Start networking with those you are most comfortable with Belong and make acquaintances before you need them Keep your network alive Seek advice, not help Share ways you can contribute when networking Practice makes perfect Be preparedquestions, business cards, resume/CV Thank those who are particularly helpful

27 networking Never Stop Networking People will enter and leave your network Some contacts will add value, some will have no impact You are always being observed so put the best you forward To be effective at networking you must be politely curious about others Networking works best when it is a two-way streetgive and receive When you help others find opportunities, the same will happen to you

28 networking You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people, than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. -Dale Carnegie

29 networking Interact with students in with other majors Meet faculty in your department and related fields Introduce yourself to someone new in this session Its Your Career, So Develop It! Start Networking Today

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