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Visitor Orientation Fortier Manufacturing Complex.

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2 Visitor Orientation Fortier Manufacturing Complex

3 We are committed to achieving excellence in safety and to protecting the environment and health of our employees, contractors, visitors and the residents of the surrounding communities. Our Belief

4 Main Gate Procedures No parking allowed on road leading to Main Gate No pedestrian traffic allowed near the vehicle entry/exit point Turnstiles must be used for foot traffic

5 Main Gate Procedures Facility is regulated under Maritime Transportation Security Act TWIC card must be kept on person or in close proximity at all times Escort required for all visitors and anyone without valid gate access

6 NO running or horseplay No drugs or alcohol Smoking permitted ONLY in designated areas Food consumption permitted only in designated areas Drink water from fountains or water coolers Rules and Regulations

7 Safety glasses must be worn when entering units, shops, and other posted areas. Proper footwear is required. Hardhats and goggles required in operating areas.

8 Rules and Regulations Personnel, vehicles & equipment subject to search. Vendors and visitors MUST be escorted. Report to control room and sign visitor log. Vendors and visitors must be clean-shaven if entering a production unit.

9 Rules and Regulations Proper clothing must be worn Cell phones, cameras and other electronics may only be used with permission.

10 Rules and Regulations Report all injuries to your Cornerstone representative. Violation of these rules could result in being banned from Cornerstone property.

11 Truck Drivers Full loading & unloading procedure under direction of Cornerstone personnel only No connections or disconnections unless instructed TWIC card or escort is required to enter facility

12 Seatbelts must be worn at at all times. The speed limit is 19 mph unless otherwise posted. Pedestrians, emergency vehicles & bicycles have the right of way. Come to a complete stop at all railroad crossings; and look both ways. Do not pass moving vehicles. Unattended vehicles must not be left running. Traffic Safety The rules for vehicle safety are as follows:

13 Hazard Communication Acetone Ammonia Carbon Dioxide Caustic Chlorine Raw Materials : Methanol Molten Sulfur Natural Gas Propylene

14 Hazard Communication Diesel Gasoline Landfill Gas Fuel : Intermediates: Acetone Cyanohydrin Acetonitrile Hydrogen Cyanide Urea

15 Hazard Communication Acrylamide Acrylonitrile Melamine Methyl Methacrylate Methacrylic Acid Sulfuric Acid Oleum Fortier Products:

16 Hearing Protection Procedures Active hearing conservation program Posted hearing protection signs Escort will provide hearing protection if necessary

17 Emergency Procedures In the event of an emergency: Site emergency phone extension is 6511 Alarm siren and plant horn will sound Location and level of emergency and wind direction will be announced

18 Emergency Procedures Report to nearest Crisis Assembly Area Stay assembled until all clear sounds Plant siren tested daily at 1 P.M. Complete emergency team on site EMT/Paramedics on duty 24 hours

19 Visible Safety Leadership You may be asked to complete a VSL checklist Together we can play a role in continuous improvement Please return checklist to host or escort Fortier Plant Cornerstone Visible Safety Leadership (VSL) Audit Checklist

20 Thank You! If you have any questions, please ask your Fortier representative. Please click here to take a short test on this presentation. Please click here to take a short test on this presentation.

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