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ALL DRIVERS MUST COMPLETE THIS INDUCTION BEFORE OPERATING ON THIS SITE Melbourne Home Improvement Distribution Centre Driver Induction.

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1 ALL DRIVERS MUST COMPLETE THIS INDUCTION BEFORE OPERATING ON THIS SITE Melbourne Home Improvement Distribution Centre Driver Induction

2 Welcome! This induction should take approximately fifteen (15) minutes and at the end you will be required to correctly answer a short questionnaire. Updates to this induction will be communicated by hard copy handouts at the gatehouse or the receiving office, as required. Woolworths Ltd reserves the right to re-induct drivers at any time. Everyone who enters our site must complete an induction.

3 Need Help? If you need help to complete the questionnaire, please ask the DC representative, who will assist you. As we will need to record your first and last name, transport company, driving licence number and mobile phone number on a data base, please ensure all your details are printed / written in a clear manner. If you are unable to present any of the required information, please let our team member know now; as you may be required to leave site.

4 Your Safety Responsibility The safety of all employees, contractors agency staff and visitors is essential at Woolworths Ltd Distribution Centres (DC’s). YOU have a responsibility to act and work in a safe manner at all times whilst on site and to follow all instructions, policies and procedures that apply to this site. Audits and spot checks are conducted on our sites to ensure drivers have been inducted to the site.

5 Site Rules No pets allowed on site Use Walkways Passengers under the age of 15 not allowed Speed limit on main roads Speed limit around dock areas Only DC team members can operate machinery Amenities and Driver Haven available Let us know if you require assistance We have 3 assembly points We have 2 designated areas

6 Emergency Procedures This Distribution Centre has an Emergency Evacuation Alarm System. The alarm is a “WHOOP WHOOP” sound. This is the evacuation alarm. Leave what you are doing and proceed to an emergency assembly point and await instructions of a fire warden. There are 3 emergency assembly points in the DC. Our Fire Wardens will direct you.

7 Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol Smoking is ONLY permitted in the designated area. Illicit drugs and alcoholic products for personal consumption MUST NOT be brought onto these premises. No person will be permitted to enter the site if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

8 Incident Reporting If you are involved in an incident whilst you are on site, you will be required to assist one of our team members with an incident report. Please let a team member know if you require first aid on site and they will be happy to assist you. Your safety and the safety of our team members is paramount. Please let us know if you witness anything unsafe.

9 PersonalProtective Equipment (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) All drivers MUST wear Australian Standard personal protective equipment and apparel at all times whilst on site. This includes: - – High visibility shirt/vest (day) – Reflective high visibility shirt/vest (night) – Safety boots

10 Driver Amenities At the driver amenities we provide tea, coffee and user pays vending machines. Tables, chairs and toilets are provided for your comfort and convenience. Please keep these facilities clean and tidy so that others may benefit from using these facilities Distribution Centre Driver Amenities Flush Docks Finger Docks On-Grade Docks

11 Passengers Passengers under the age of 15 years are NOT permitted on site at any time. Passengers MUST NOT remain in vehicles that are being unloaded and are NOT permitted to enter the DC at any time. Where possible, practical and safe, passengers, once inducted are permitted to wait for the driver in the driver amenities building. All site requirements for PPE, health and safety must be followed by passengers remaining using the amenities.

12 Booking in on arrival On arrival at the DC, all drivers must stop and use the intercom system. You must give the following information to the operator: -  Your name and transport company  If you have previously been inducted on this site.  Your truck type i.e. Pan, taut liner, B-double etc.  The total number of purchase orders you have and  The purchase order number of each purchase order.  Vendor Name.  Number of passengers on board  Vehicle registration number  Number of pallets on the delivery  Number of pallets that will remain on the vehicle.  If you are also picking up a load  Your mobile phone number  How many hours that you have left in the current shift before you have to take a “long rest break” Note: It is an offence under Chain of Responsibility Legislation to provide false or misleading information to any person required to obtain such information.

13 Chain of Responsibility - Driver Responsibilities As a truck driver, your responsibilities include making sure that:-  driving hours regulations are adhered to, including time spent driving and working  required rest breaks are taken  driving hours are recorded as required  your vehicle does not exceed mass limits  your vehicle does not exceed dimension limits  your load is appropriately restrained  you do not exceed the speed limit  you do not tamper with the monitoring/recording speed control devices fitted to the vehicle.

14 Dangerous Goods Deliveries If you are delivering dangerous goods…  You must comply with all statutory & legal requirements including (ADG7);  Your manifest and required paperwork for all dangerous goods loaded on your vehicle must be presented before docking.  Your delivery to us must not require us to unload other goods to get to our goods, otherwise we will reject the delivery!

15 Parking Up Before docking; you must park in the marked “short queue” bays or truck parking area and secure your vehicle. Await contact by a DC representative who will instruct you to proceed to a nominated dock or bay. Distribution Centre Finger DocksFlush Docks Short Queue Truck Parking Area

16 After Docking Once you have docked your vehicle, you must apply the handbrake, secure your cab, remove your keys and proceed to the receiving office window walking only on the painted walkways. At the receiving office window, you will need to hand over all required paperwork for your load and the keys to your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle cannot be moved during loading/unloading. (Note: Container deliveries do not require keys to be handed to receiving as this is a drop and swap operation) After reporting to the receiving office window, you may proceed to designated driver haven or driver amenities room. Be ready to assist Woolworths employees by opening vehicle curtains and removing vehicle gates. Do not wander around the Distribution Centre. Distribution Centre Receiving Office Window On-Grade Docks Finger Docks Flush Docks Distribution Centre

17 Traffic Flow The traffic flow around this distribution centre is shown on the reverse side of the site information sheet that accompanies this induction. Please follow the directions at all times. The speed limit on site is 20kph on main roads and 10kph around all dock and parking aprons. Seat belts must be worn and hazard lights must be flashing when driving around the site. Always give way to reversing trucks.

18 Arriving at docking bays 34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42 & 43 Flush Docks All flush docks use a RED/GREEN docking light safety system to assist with safety. You must only REVERSE onto your allocated dock when the docking light is showing GREEN. As safety is essential at this site, any driver reversing onto a dock showing a RED light will be prohibited from entering this site.

19 Arriving at docking bay 26 Finger Dock Only REVERSE into a finger dock when the dock is clear of all obstructions and a traffic cone is present at either side of the rear of the vehicle. Ensure you reverse all the way to the end of the finger dock, regardless of your vehicle type.

20 Arriving at docking bays 28, 30 & 32 Container Destuff Finger Docks Only REVERSE into a container destuff finger dock when the dock is clear of all obstructions. Before unhitching the prime mover, you MUST place the wheel chock in front of a trailer wheel. If you are removing an empty container, remember to remove the wheel chock before driving off.

21 Arriving at docking bays 20,21,22 & 24 On-grade Docks Only reverse into an on-grade bay when the bay and immediate surrounding area is clear of all obstructions and a traffic cone is present either side of the rear of the bay. Ensure you position your vehicle within the marked bay. YOU MUST USE THE PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS AT ALL TIMES.

22 During loading/unloading Drivers must wait in the driver haven area or driver amenities room whilst loading/unloading is in progress. Once loading/unloading is complete, secure your cab, gates and/or curtains and return to the receiving office to get any required paperwork and the keys to your vehicle. Driver Haven Area Distribution Centre On-Grade Docks Finger Docks Flush Docks

23 Departing the dock On flush docks (34,35,36,37,38,39,40 &41), drivers may only depart the dock when the docking light has been set to GREEN. Any driver that departs the dock when a RED light is showing will be prohibited from site. On finger dock 26 and including container destuff docks 28, 30 & 32 and on-grade receiving docks 20, 21, 22 & 24, drivers may only depart when there are no obstructions around the vehicle. If you are removing an empty container, remember to remove the wheel chock before driving off. Always let a DC representative know when you are leaving site and if there are any issues with lights!

24 Exiting the site When you have left the docking bay, follow the exit signs around the DC and exit via the security gatehouse. Please remember to adhere to all signposted speed limits. All drivers are to STOP and report to the security officer before driving past the security gatehouse. For the safety of our Security personnel, please leave a 3 metre gap between the front of your vehicle and the rear of any vehicle that may be stationary in front of you. You must apply your parking brake whilst stopped at the gatehouse. When leaving our DC, please consider our neighbours and local traffic.

25 Completing the Induction Form Thank you for your attention. You will now need to complete the induction questionnaire. This form is designed to ensure you have understood the induction and so that we can record your details on our Driver Induction System for ease of access next time you come to our DC. If you require assistance to complete the induction questionnaire, please do not hesitate to request assistance from a Woolworths representative.

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