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Negoxia in CRM Idol Negoxia in CRM Idol Presentation topics: Company Markets Product Keys to success Q&A … Néstor González Sainz Director 1.

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1 Negoxia in CRM Idol Negoxia in CRM Idol Presentation topics: Company Markets Product Keys to success Q&A … Néstor González Sainz Director 1

2 Negoxia presentation slides 1. Presentation 2. Index 3. Negoxia, a raw diamond Negoxia CRM's... 4. definition & attitude 5. business overview 6. product strategy 7. main objectives 8. all in one solution 9. three funnels model 10. marketing strategy 11. YouTube channel 12. sales strategy 13. tech partners 14. markets examples 1 15. markets examples 2 16. markets examples 3 17. a modular system 18. a flexible system 19. an amazing interface 20. demo 1 21. demo 2 22. demo 3 23. mobile 24. applications 1 25. applications 2 26. applications 3 27. applications 4 28. extras 29. workflows 30. design to help users 31. Negoxia Customer Services 32. SQL Wizard & Exec 33. extras 34. intelligent forms 35. intelligent forms 36. a raw diamond 37. closing x negoxia 2

3 Negoxia, a raw diamond Negoxia focus on quality and professionalism We take care of small details on tech aspects, commercial strategy and customer satisfaction Founded by Néstor González, former technitian, salesman and manager in Argentenian (7yrs), USA (10yrs), and Uruguayan (10yrs) IT corps. We began being a consultancy team Then we created the software factory 5 yrs ago We know international business from the trench The good news: now we are merging with a larger IT company x negoxia 3

4 Negoxia CRM on demand Negoxia CRM on demand A modular and flexible suite with great process automation and an amazing interface. From SOHO to corporate applications. The market is in a hurry, so we move fast! x negoxia Negoxia CRM definition & attitude 4

5 Negoxia CRM business overview Monthly licences payment business model Main focus on SMB: 1 to 500 users (no limit) Five different system's versions Negoxia CRM on demand is in spanish (today) 500 millons spanish speakers 20+ millons target spanish business opps. World wide English version at the end of 2011 Portuguese version at the end of 2011 too French, italian and german in 2012 Customers in education (university, executive's training, schools), pharmaceutical, advertising, IT, commerce, professional asociations, media, consultancy, … UY, AR, CL, MX, EC. Trying hard in ES, CO & CR. x negoxia 5

6 Negoxia CRM product strategy Negoxia CRM is a horizontal designed system With modular and flexible architecture Can be quickly configured or adapted for vertical applications Contact centric -driven- system Good process automation with Workflows For instance the system can interpret incomming SMS messages and respond automatically And/or can look up the entire data base for triggers and execute programmed actions, send outgoing emails, etc. Mobile services for on the road operation x negoxia 6

7 Negoxia CRM main objectives Manage all aspects of the relationship with existing and prospective customers. Also vendors and casual contacts. Integrate all information used by the enterprise personnel in one comfortable interface. Automate as much as possible, providing speed and accuracy, releasing human and material resources to be applied in more creative activities x negoxia 7

8 Negoxia CRM all in one solution Contact Management Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Comm. Center: mail, SMS & chat Knowledge Management Management Intelligence User Management Sales Administration Customer's credits, Inventory Management & Billing ecommerce integration Customer Service Workflows x negoxia All in one solution to increase user's productivity 8

9 Negoxia CRM 3 funnels model 9

10 Negoxia CRM marketing strategy Tree market approachs Massive freemium Portal several free services pay per more Value added enterprise grade solution consultancy customizations partnerships Niche special problems solution coexisting with other systems ie: municipalities in government x negoxia 10

11 x negoxia Multi-validation: avoid duplicates entering contacts See a contact in her/his social networks Business cards quick data entry Schedule an email campaign Send promotion to a targeted set of contacts Sales forecast per month per product / family See contact info from the email inbox before reading Productivity evaluation of deliverymen or money collectors Telemarketing productivity evaluation Sales team ranking in 2 clicks Evaluate campaing responses Negoxia CRM YouTube channel 11

12 Negoxia CRM sales strategy Tree marketing and sales strategies Massive social networks global partnerships digital marketing Value added internal sales force partnerships consultants' education Niche partnerships internal sales force public bids x negoxia 12

13 x negoxia Negoxia CRM tech partners How deep can go a partner inside Negoxia CRM techs? Strong relationship, go deep inside Close relationship, surface contact External partner, "remote" modules 13

14 Negoxia CRM markets Example in the financial market: Usual Contacts and communications management Special automated services for sending SMS messages to credit customers to announce new services, next due date, loan renewal, etc. Special automated service to receive and understand an incomming SMS that includes dates, ammounts, personal identification, … and builds and send a response according to specific business rules. Example in the healthcare market: Send a medical appointment reminder Receive a confirmation/cancel answer Modify doctor's agenda accordingly Update contact's history … and all automatically done in real time x negoxia 14

15 Negoxia CRM markets Example in the pharmaceutical market: Marketing & Sales: Contact history analisys to determine tactics Drugs home delivery Multichannel order entry Good in small and in large pharmacy networks Messaging automation Automatic real time customer segmentation Newsletters' campaign management Sales administration Inventory management Billing Payment 's options management x negoxia 15

16 Negoxia CRM markets Similar cases can be implemented in these target markets (some could be multichannel): Automotive industry, car dealer, car service… Business seminars, college, high school automatic registrations, announcements… House and office appliances stores: warranty expirations, monthly installments, cross-selling, up-selling, delivery dates, customer complains, … Massive media messaging, combining web forms, email and SMS campaigns … with written, radio or TV ads City or county –government- applications, automatically sending tax due dates, public events calendars, … and managing all citizen data, history and pending, changing the vision from tax payer to clients x negoxia 16

17 Negoxia CRM a modular system From one to all functionalities From one to all users Five versions: Personal (smallest set of features, just for 1) Team 5 (same, but for 5) Professional (small business) Enterprise (medium) Corporate (large) x negoxia 17

18 Negoxia CRM a flexible system Adaptable during setup and later on Many processes are table based SQL Wizard for reports, targets, … Modern software architecture Based on Open Source software Web services to interconect to others Table level integration Very fast execution and operation x negoxia 18

19 Negoxia CRM an amazing interface Design focused on user productivity Light Clear Neat Paper like Practical Embeded processes Underlined best practices Role based On demand x negoxia 19

20 Negoxia CRM an amazing interface 20

21 Negoxia CRM applications The advantage fo great integration 21

22 Negoxia CRM applications 22

23 x negoxia Negoxia CRM mobile Contact management Realtime order entry Inventory control User agenda Many services 23

24 Negoxia CRM applications The users can manage: Contacts, vendors, customers, prospects, friends, in a professional way. Also Social interactions Customer current account with collection agenda Vendors current account Purchase orders and customer service including mobile orders entering, mobile billing, mobile data searches for accounts, contacts, agendas, etc. The Mail Center uses its own very intelligent integrated email system with exclusive business features not available in social email clients x negoxia 24

25 Negoxia CRM applications The users can manage The Sales Force with sales services to ease salesmen self management of his/her commitments, quotes, forecasts, commissions, etc. The sales funnel tool helps from the hands shake to the sales close and beyond. The knowledge, with interesting features to automate data and information filtering, saving and recovering. Any kind of documents can be created (text and HTML business editors included), kept and used in an ordered and logic way: templates, videos, images, contracts, price lists, web forms, etc. x negoxia 25

26 Negoxia CRM applications The users can manage Multichannel marketing campaigns via SMS, email, conventional mail, phone (telemarketing module) and cold and warm calls on Real time inventories integrated with real time orders and billing Customer's current account Web sites contents (including intelligent forms) using all the previous services, centrally administered, ie.: web forms combos can have the same options used internally, so there is no need to double data maintenance Main key performance indicators thru a practical dash board with no-touch-needed permanent event and data semaphores x negoxia 26

27 Negoxia CRM applications Not only one of the best software, also good processes implementation and security. All the company managed in one system, with total user control. x negoxia 27

28 Negoxia CRM extras Since we have started the system design from the user point of view, we have added some other useful tools. Board for social interaction One of them is the virtual cork board, a kind of intelligent announcements board where everybody can put his/her results, thoughts and/or help needed and everybody can answer The board has a workflow to be more helpful in users interaction. Very simple and useful at the same time x negoxia 28

29 Negoxia CRM workflows Drag and drop on system and user defined actions, to build unlimited steps' workflows All the triggers and actions can be customized thru forms that update system tables The system can do many things by it self This very powerful feature along with the rest of system functionalities, allows the creation of complete and automated business processes to handle almost everything Marketing and sales bidirectional multichannel campaigns combined with web forms data collection Automatic due dates notification and calendar updates as a result of messages' response interpretation Brochures or document delivery depending on any data base field change Automatic customer profiling and segmentation System's Workflow library ready to use x negoxia 29

30 Negoxia CRM design to help users Systems Professor When nerves or stress becomes an unwanted company, the user can call the Professor for help. Just check a box and on mouseover, big highlighted messages explains in detail system operational features. Negoxia Customer Service center Very powerful Integrated Not email based x negoxia 30

31 x negoxia Negoxia Customer Service center 31

32 Negoxia CRM SQL Wizard & Exec Negoxia CRM has all the necessary reports, most of them one click away. However if the user wants even more, there are two options: prebuilded system's reports and unlimited user's reports. For non technical users, Negoxia CRM has a SQL Wizard that makes it very easy to build a complex SQL set. No matters how complex the search criteria can be or how the user wants the report, SQL Wizard makes it easy. Even it is possible to specify user entry fields in the query for flexible definitions. When the job in done, the query can be saved in catalogs for future one click execution. Same procedure to build targets for multichannel marketing. x negoxia 32

33 Negoxia CRM extras 33

34 Negoxia CRM intelligent forms Any kind of forms, not static but smart, can be easily designed and linked to the CRM. It is possible to use the same combos and documents in the forms, taken from CRM internal usage, meaning only one maintenance is necessary to have everything updated. You can control from the CRM what you show in your forms, including documents you want to expose to the visitors. And more important, you can trace the site visitors' preferences and automatically save them in contacts history giving the opportunity to filter for any criteria, at any time, to do cross selling, up-selling and ad hoc follow ups. x negoxia 34

35 x negoxia Negoxia CRM intelligent forms Deeply integrated with the system Can share some data with CRM screens to facilitate maintenance Change aspect along with user data entry and options Can show documents from Doc Center 35

36 All in one philosophy: simpler, quicker, and more convenient Not only one of the best software, also good processes implementation and security. All the company managed in one system, with total user control. x negoxia Negoxia, a raw diamond 36

37 Negoxia' s gratitude We want to thank all CRM Idol staff, including coachs, vendors, judges and extended judges and of course Paul's leadership. Thank you for the opportunity, we already won. And Negoxia CRM on demand will grow and succeed. It is a life commitment. x negoxia 37

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