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Report Format. A4 paper Font: Times New Romans, 12 point Footnotes, captions, figures, tables, equations: 10 point Line spacing: double, in the main body.

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1 Report Format

2 A4 paper Font: Times New Romans, 12 point Footnotes, captions, figures, tables, equations: 10 point Line spacing: double, in the main body text Heading: Chapter: 14 point Body of Text: 12 point in size

3 Report Format Paragraph: Spacing between two paragraphs: 4 points First sentence indented at 1.25cm Margin: Left: 38mm Top: 25mm Right: 25mm Bottom: 30mm Page numbering: Abstract, acknowledgment, table of contents: i, ii, iii, iv, … Main text pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, … Centered at bottom of the page

4 Report Format Paragraph justification: fully justified Figure and table caption following the chapters, eg: Figure 3.1 Comparison of parameters Table 5.1 Simulation parameters Equation: Start from the left Numbered according to its chapter, i.e. (3.1), (4.7) Use Insert Object MS Equation 3.0

5 Report Content 1. Cover 2. Title Page 3. Abstract 4. Acknowledgements 5. Table of Contents 6. List of Tables 7. List of Figures 8. List of Symbols/Abbreviations 9. Body of the Text (Chapters) 10. References 11. Appendices (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc)

6 Body of Text(sample) Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Theoretical Background or Literature Review Chapter 3 Method and Implementation Chapter 4 Results and Discussion Chapter 5 Conclusions and Future Works Note, report content should be clear, concise, straight to the point, and not too much copy paste (plagiarism?) Copy-pasted text could be checked by anti plagiarism software. Remember that if you could find the text in the web, so do the software and/or examiners.

7 Using Styles

8 Styles provide single-click access to specific style and formatting combinations. Word supports two style types: Paragraph styles Character styles Apply styles by clicking a selection from the styles group on the home menu.

9 WHAT IS A STYLE? A style is a set of commands saved with your document that govern the display of the entire document in contrast to specific commands that only control specific items in the document You can change the entire document appearance by changing the style

10 PLANNING A STYLE Creating a style is nothing more than making a template for the structure of your documents You will decide on font type and size and you can modify line and margin settings Plan for the appearance of body text and for the appearance of different header levels

11 STYLES AND FORMAT The format menu is largely self explanatory To create or modify a style, select styles and format from the format menu Explore the current settings for normal style to see what features are available besides font size and type


13 Styles Used in The Templates (ProjectReport.docx) Body Text Heading1 Abstract, Table of Contents, Chapter, References, Appendix A Heading2 Heading3, and so on Figure Figure Caption Equation equation Table Table Caption You can modify and create your own styles

14 Using Endnote For Managing References

15 Why use ? In producing a large research paper, it is highly advisable to record and store all references systematically. EndNote can be used in conjunction with MS Word to insert in-text citations throughout the paper, and to automatically load and format references at the end of the paper. (Note that Word 2007 has now begun to include citation management) Many journals and conferences ask for papers formatted in a particular style, and will sometimes send an EndNote style via . EndNote also has a series of templates which can be used to format the whole document ready for submission to a particular publisher. References can be downloaded from most major databases and catalogs in the world into EndNote directly.

16 What is ? It is a bibliographic database for managing references to be used in the publishing of manuscripts, reading lists, student papers or dissertations, according to a preferred citation style You can establish a library (or many libraries) on different topics, and copy references from one library to another You can store as many as 100,000 references in one library, and can select from hundreds of citation styles, or change or add your own citation style at any time Use EndNote while you are using Word, and automatically add your in- text citations, and your end bibliography

17 EndNote X1: Whats new?

18 EndNote X1: Summary 1.Cite While You Write commands: Word 2007 EndNote TAB is added, and EndNote launches automatically when requested 2.Groups Groups allow you to set up separate sub- libraries, for example select and group only books, or items published 2005… 1.Display field and font preferences (Edit – Preferences)

19 Using EX1 with MS Word 2007 When X1 is installed, the following EndNote option becomes available on your ribbon, giving this toolbar:

20 basics to try … PROGRAMS – ENDNOTE – EndNote Program Create a new EndNote library (set a name for this library, and save to your EndNote folder set up in MyDocs … or to one place that you will remember!) Create a new reference by typing in the details. BEFORE you start, select a citation style from the drop-down box BEFORE you start, select the reference type from the drop-down box Note: multiple authors on separate lines authors – enter the last name first, comma, first name(s) watch capitalization Close the reference window – you will see the summary list

21 Videos How-To Using MS-Word with Styles: Using Endnote:

22 Videos How-To Using Zotero: Zotero Intro Zotero tutorial: ation ation

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