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Client profile Client Name: Age: 40 Space wanting to design: A large room and kitchen Into a café/ restaurant. Occupation: caterer, homemaker Background.

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4 Client profile Client Name: Age: 40 Space wanting to design: A large room and kitchen Into a café/ restaurant. Occupation: caterer, homemaker Background information: A company director and mother of three leaves little room for other interests, She enjoys cooking and entertaining. believes if you eat well and have a balanced lifestyle, your goals are achievable. I will look after the quality foods for all. Photo of client

5 Functions I am redesigning this space as a whole new make over because I am changing the function fully, it wont be an ordinary family lounge room it will be transformed into a public restaurant. The main function will be to cater for the surrounding community, to entertain them and to provide great hospitality and joy. Materials When choosing certain materials I will have to consider there durability and cost. The cost can affect the budget and the durability can affect maintenance. I will have to choose materials that are suitable and safe to use in a public restaurant. This also includes OH&S, especially in the kitchen. Shape& Size Shape and size will be considered in floor plans and choosing furniture for the seating, tables and food prep areas. The size affects the space used by the public and employees, when choosing furniture I will have to make sure that people can work them ways around it safely especially in the busy hours of opening. Safety Safety is the biggest and main aspect of opening a public place. Every considerable factor relates to its safety. I will have to consider safety when it comes to choosing materials, considering shapes and sizes, and food prep areas as well as many other things. With out considering safety, it is more likely that the place will take longer to open because of legal matters. User By using my client, she will guide me into making correct assumptions and decisions as well as give me details on certain procedures that will be occurring during the opening of the restaurant. Ergonomics Comfort and safety could most definitely affect the end product because as this is going to be a public place, comfort is a factor that attracts costumers and safety affects the legislative side of the project, with out safely assessments it is most likely that the restaurant is running illegally. Cost Cost can have a huge impact on the budget, Cost is considered in nearly every factor used for this project, its used for workman on site, materials, assessments, council applications etc.. Production if hiring professionals who have been highly trained and are experience builders the job shouldnt be very hard, its a matter of knocking out a wall, changing doors and floors, painting walls and inserting food prep equipment (deep fryers etc.) Storage For food storage we are inserting a cool room to replace the pantry. For furniture storage we are choosing furniture that can be easy packed away but also easy to keep clean.

6 Action Process Tools Materials Equipment Safety Initial ideas Having numerous conversation and brainstorming with client. Research different styles and eras, thumb sketch different ideas., analyse the space being redesigned. Research different designers and furnishing companies. Look through design magazines, books and on the internet. Paper and pen. A variety of deign magazines. Design books. Internet. Plans of the space. Graphic design software. Library. Telephone. Folio. Scissors and glue. If an unstable place which is being redesigned– correct attire eg. Building helmet if required, closed in shoes. Sitting at computer correctly– correct posture. Cutting pictures out with care– cutting away from your body. Finance Plan Working out with client what materials are needed and what processes need people that require pay. Researching different furnishing companies, getting quotes. Working out the final payment for everything and trying to fit in in the budget. Quote book. Telephone. Yellow pages. (phone directory) Internet Paper and pen Credit card or money Privacy of bank account– make sure clients personal details or bank details are not public. Colour Boards Collect different materials and colours to create a bored which consists of colours they may be used in the project. The colour board will have a sketch of the space to give examples where these colours may be used. For my colour bored I will have black and white pictures to show that instead if having a wall one colour we can use images on a wall paper. Different materials Different colours Images Led Pencil. Black felt tip Coloured pencils. Scissors. Glue A4 paper. Magazines Computer and printer. Cut materials and images out with care– cut away from your body. Sit with correct posture at computer.

7 Survey I will survey my client first to find out what Im am redesigning and what are her wants and ideas. Because I will be designing a public place I will need to survey the surrounding community and get there thoughts about this new place. A question sheet. Pen Different variety of people My client Research I will research different design companies. I will also research an era they may be used in the style and layout of this space. Internet Design books. History books (different eras) Computer Magazines Telephone Phone directory. Again sitting at the computer correctly. Carrying books with care, (not to many at one time). Production Start getting practical. This is when I will start to put all my ideas into work, I will start to build the model of my chosen design space, using the colours, furnishings and other materials to create a finished designed space. Base board. Cardboard Paints, Images Different materials. Computer edited images Foam Craft glue Scissors Special cutting knives (Stanley ) When cutting with Stanley knife cut away from body, concentrate (dont get distracted). If using hot glue gun make sure the glue is also away from your body as it can be very hot and it also dries very quickly. Evaluation After the model is completed I will present it to my client and find out whether I am successful or not. I will then ask for the pros and cons and evaluate the model according to the feed back I get. Model Client Paper Pen Evaluation form

8 PURCHASESPROPOSED Stainless steal Kitchen (fully installed)$ 20000.00 Cool room$ 4500.00 Pantry (store room)$ 4000.00 Exhaust system,$ 5000.00 Down lights$ 300.00 Grease pit$ 2500.00 Fire extinguishing system$ 1200.00 Industrial first aid kit$ 500.00 Deep fryers x 3$ 7200.00 Dish washes x 3$ 4500.00 Bench top stove$ 5000.00 Commercial oven$ 5000.00 Conveyer belt toaster$ 2000.00 Signage$ 300.00 Telephone + system$ 1000.00 Sinkarator$ 300.00

9 Swinging doors$ 1200.00$ Non slip tiles (kitchen)$ 4000.00$ Non slip mats$ 800.00$ Black and white tiles ( café)$ 7000.00$ Eatery booths x 7$ 13706.00$ Juke box$ 1700.00$ Painting$ 10000.00$ Lounges$ 5000.00$ Bar (fully installed)$ 12500.00$ Industrial Sandwich press$ 500.00$ Plasma TV x 2$ 20000.00$ 4 seated tables with seating$ 15400.00$ total$ 155,106.00$ budget$ 250,000.00


11 café photo


13 MARC NEWSON MARC NEWSON (1963-) is known for his funkily futuristic, but technically exact approach to design. Born in Sydney, he has worked from studios in Tokyo, Paris and, now, London, to design everything from a private jet to a Ford car. For months, Newson pored over automotive books and magazines and peered closely at cars in the street to help him "to figure out ways of doing it better." When the result of his research was unveiled at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, the Ford 021C combined what Newson described as the "totally naïve shape – so simple that its completely unforgiving" of a boxy 1950s saloon with radical detailing. Many of his innovations were in the interior, the part of the car which automotive designers usually ignore. The seats swiveled on pedestals, the dashboard was jewel-like in its detailing and, when the light was switched on, an electro-luminescent film glowed snowy white across the ceiling. The also told Newsons story as a designer. The dashboard dials were reminiscent of his Inkpad watches and the steering wheel to his 1997 Alessi coat hook. The hourglass orgone that had been Newsons favourite motif since the 1986 Lockheed Lounge cropped up in the carpet and tire tread. This inspires my client and I as we like the shapes and designs that Marc newson produces. This helps and inspires us when choosing the lounge area. Picture of Marc Newson chair

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