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Design and Technology Design a Space Photo of a bedroom.

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1 Design and Technology Design a Space Photo of a bedroom

2 Design A Space Analysis of the Brief Analysis of Brief: Throughout our unit of Design a Space, we are required to determine a client and re-design a space which the client wants to re-design. After talking to the client about their needs and wants, we are required to re-design the space into a more suitable living space that meets the requirements of the client. My client is, she is a mother of two and would like her daughter’s room to be re-designed into a sunroom/living room. Since her daughter wants to move into a different room, she would like to make the front room a sunroom because of its sunlight. She requires that the design of the sunroom is simple and that she is able to socialize with friends and family in it. She would like it to be a comfort area, with a television and sound system.

3 Design A Space Client Profile Client Profile: Name: Address: George st Sydney, Children: Address of space: George st Sydney Room of space: Daughters room, which is going to become a sunroom. Basic information: lives in Sydney with her two children. is in year 12 and is in year 6. As her daughter’s room is at the front of the house, a lot of sunlight comes into it in the mornings. There is also a view of the water and harbour from the room. Therefore has decided to move her daughter into a spare bedroom, and making the front room, a nice simple sunroom. Since is an artist, she already knows what kinds of colours compliment each other, and what kind of trends she wants. Photo of client

4 Design A Space Evidence of Existing Space Photo of a child’s bedroom

5 Design A Space Photo of a bedroom

6 Design A Space Analysis of Concept Board Analysis of colours, trends and concept boards: Colour Boards: My client has decided that the best colour board to go with the sunroom was the brown colour, the first one. The inspiration picture on this colour board is what has inspired my client’s colour choices. She also liked the aqua colours on the second colour board. She didn’t really like the green and yellow colour board as the colours were too bright and too vibrate for a simple sunroom. Trend Boards: Out of all the trend boards my client, liked the second one. She said that this was because of the simple designs and that there were only one or two main colours. She also liked this trend board better than the other because they suited a sunroom better, and since the children are going to move out soon, she thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to have the fun, kiddy trend board. I also think that this trend board is the best one, but I also like the third one. The third, Mix n’ Match one, is a lot more colourful and using different materials that all stand out. Concept Board: After I showed my client the final concept board, she really liked it. She thought that the neutral colours went really well with the aqua colour. Out of all the materials I showed my client, she chose the one that is on the concept board because they mix both the aqua colour with the neutral brown colours. The two buttons that are on the concept board are two colours that my client really liked. After I showed them to her, she decided that she wanted some cushions made out of material with these two buttons used. She especially likes the blue and white checked one. I think that the ribbon on the trend board really goes with the theme of the room. I like the idea of having a sunroom with neutral colours, and have a couch with different patterned cushions, like in the photo at the top of the concept board.

7 Design A Space Design Specifications Design Specifications: Considerations: The budget – Since the budget is $5,000, we have to consider what kind of furniture we are going to use and how expensive it will be. The amount of furniture – if it will fit in the room and if people can move around the room easily. The colour and furniture compliment each other – we do this by researching and looking around for different designs and colours that suit each other and also by asking the client what kind of trend they would like. I have to consider the amount of space that we have – eg. We can’t put a bed, couch and big dining table in the room as it won’t fit. Consider who the users of the space are going to be – if a little baby or toddler was using the space, then you would have to make the space baby safe by putting locks on the drawers and cupboards. Amount of light and sunlight coming through the windows – we have make sure that the curtains are light and that they can let enough light in to make the room complete. Constraints: Function: The furniture has to all function properly, and the furniture needs to be able to access, for example a couch can’t be put in front of a chest of draws, as you wouldn’t be able to open it. Electrical power points – I have to make sure that they are properly connected and that all the electrical appliances that are going to be in the room, are close to the power points, so that we don’t have extension power cords everywhere.

8 Design A Space Materials: The materials should be durable and strong. If I was to have carpet, the carpet should be a dark colour, so that if something is spilt on it, you can’t see it. The materials must suit the client’s wants and needs, and must suit the trend that you are going for. We can only use the materials that we find, eg. we can’t use materials that are only available in America Appearance: Should have good aesthetics and suit the client’s decision. Must go well with the wall and ceiling colour – comparing the colour schemes to the furniture colours Safety: Make sure that everything in the room is child safe, as the client has children Nothing should get in the way of people’s entry and exits – We can prevent by testing for a clear pathway, also by making an invisible path where no furniture is allowed to be placed. Opportunities: Personal Opportunities: I will develop better skills in interior design. I will also be able to better my skills in drawing floor plans, measuring building space and then drawing the existing furniture. I am also aware of finance and the cost of different materials and furniture. Product Opportunities: A new space will be re-designed for my client. This new room will allow more living area and family space. I think that this new room will let a lot more sunlight in and the contrast of the room will match so that it looks simple but elegant.

9 Design A Space One Current Designer David Brown Photo of a David Brown design

10 Design A Space Area map of the Client’s space Map Street map

11 Design A Space Thankyou

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